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ENDO: Fracture Risk Up With Insulin Compared With Metformin in T2DM

Risk for major osteoporotic fractures up for insulin versus metformin for those with HbA1c <7 percent, BMI <25 kg/m2

Medicaid Expansion Buffered Health Coverage Loss During Pandemic

Workers who lived in Medicaid expansion states were 5.4 percent more likely to enroll in Medicaid after job loss during pandemic

Youth Trampoline Injuries More Severe at Sports Center Than at Home

Likelihood of musculoskeletal and/or orthopedic injuries, lower extremity injuries, sprains, and need for surgery greater at trampoline centers

Early Identification Cuts Costs for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Among treated patients, costs were lower for those identified by newborn screening versus presentation of symptoms

Meta-Analysis: Smoking Linked to Increased Fracture Risk for Men

Increased risk seen using frequentist approach and Bayesian approach; significant association also seen in subgroup analyses

Spinal Anesthesia Tied to More Severe Pain After Hip Fracture Surgery

Greater worst pain in first 24 hours and more prescription analgesic use at 60 days reported with spinal versus general anesthesia

Hospital Interns Spend Only 13.4 Percent of Time in Patient Rooms

Real-time locating systems may be used to improve the training experience, authors say

Half of Hospitals Have Implemented No Price Transparency

Only 5.7 percent of hospitals meet both requirements -- a machine-readable file for required price types and an accessible display for at least 300 shoppable items

New Drug Launch Prices Increasing Exponentially Each Year

Findings among newly marketed brand-name prescription drugs launched in 2008 to 2021

Walking for Exercise Beneficial for Knee Osteoarthritis in Over 50s

Those who walked for exercise had reduced likelihood of new frequent knee pain and medial joint space narrowing