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17 Percent of Patients Seeing Neurologist Travel Long Distance

Factors associated with long-distance travel include low neurologist density, rural setting, and visits for ALS, nervous system cancer

Patients May Not Have Choice in Behavioral Health Visit Modality

Nearly half of patients report they do not believe their clinician considered their modality preferences when deciding on in-person versus virtual visit

Half as Many Internal Medicine Residents Pursuing General Internal Medicine

Simultaneously from 2009-2011 to 2019-2021, interest in hospital medicine gained popularity

Female Surgeons Have Lower Rates of Adverse Postoperative Outcomes

Findings persist for common surgeries when accounting for patient, procedure, surgeon, and other characteristics

Residents Trained During First Wave of Pandemic Experienced Less PTSD

Work hours, workload, and medical errors may be targets for preventing PTSD among residents

Rates of Primary Care Physician Vision Testing Examined in Children

Estimated 30.7 percent of children aged 3 to 17 years received PCP vision testing, with reduced odds for uninsured, publicly insured

Percentage of Women Mohs Fellows, Program Directors Has Increased

Significant positive trend seen between percentage of female representation and year since 1996

Menopause Curriculum Lacking in Most Ob-Gyn Residency Programs

Yet, program directors overwhelmingly say a standardized curriculum would be beneficial

Exercise Intervention Beneficial for Health Care Workers

12-week app-based intervention reduced depressive symptoms, burnout, and absenteeism

Drug Overdose Death Risk Increased for Specific Health Care Workers

Significantly increased risk observed for social or behavioral health workers, registered nurses, health care support workers