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Physicians boarded in both medicine and psychiatry can offer a way to address some of the challenges associated with caring for medical patients with psychiatric comorbidities

Physicians With Medicine/Psych Training Can Help Complex Cases

Dually trained med/psych physicians can effectively care for hospital patients with psychiatric issues
Clinicians report that knowing patients' social needs changes care delivery and improves communication for many patients

Knowing Patients’ Social Needs Helps Clinicians Tailor Care

Primary care physicians report changes in care delivery, patient interactions
More than half of women who have a baby during surgical residency express some type of career dissatisfaction

Childbearing Surgical Residents Often Feel Career Dissatisfaction

Perceived pregnancy stigma, no formal maternity leave, altered training tied to dissatisfaction
The American Medical Association House of Delegates has adopted a new policy to study

AMA Adopts Policy to Advance Gender Equity in Medicine

AMA House of Delegates has adopted policy to study, act for, advocate gender equity in medicine
Women are underrepresented among physician first authors of perspective-type articles in prominent pediatric journals

Gender Gap for First Authors of Perspectives in Peds Journals

For perspective-type articles, 41.7 percent of physician first authors of known gender were women
Spine surgeons are more likely to receive favorable online reviews for factors pertaining to outcomes and likeability/character and negative reviews based on ancillary staff interactions and office environment

Most Online Reviews for Spine Surgeons Are Surgeon-Dependent

Just 10 percent of reviews are related to surgeon-independent factors; these more likely to be negative
Building cohesive teams in teaching clinics can help blend clinical care with education for residents

Cohesive Teams Can Help Blend Clinical Care With Education

Team-based care includes stable team structures, co-locating workers, sharing care, and increasing staff
Female internists earn less than men

Female Internists Consistently Earn Less Than Men

Women earn less than men in every internal medicine specialty; higher differential for older docs
Pediatricians have an important role to play in the coordination of care for hospitalized children

Doctors Key in Care Coordination for Pediatric Inpatients

Pediatricians should direct systems to coordinate care at admission, during hospital stay, on discharge

July 2018 Briefing – Family Practice

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Family Practice for July 2018. This roundup includes the...