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One in Four Female Internal Medicine Residents Experience Sexual Harassment

Yet, fewer than four in 10 report the experience

Only 10 Percent of U.S. Counties Have a Pediatric Ophthalmologist

Disparities seen in geographic distribution tied to socioeconomic status

Parents Do Not Always Prepare for Well-Child Visits

Only one in four parents prepare questions in advance for their provider

Underserved Patients Report Positive Experience With Telehealth

High satisfaction reported for addressing medical and social concerns in primary care

Ob-Gyn Preventive Care Often Skips General Services

Lipid testing provided in only 2.8 percent of ob-gyn preventive visits

PCP-Specialist Cotraining Improves Patient Experiences

Adjusted composite patient rating of specialist care higher in association with cotraining of PCPs and specialists

Ransomware Attacks on Health Care Organizations on the Rise

Nearly twofold increase in annual number of attacks seen from 2016 to 2021, exposing information of nearly 42 million patients

1990 to 2019 Saw Improvement in Women’s Representation in Academic Medicine

However, representation of underrepresented minorities only increased modestly overall

2001 to 2021 Saw Decline in Physician Work Hours

However, trend offset by increase in advanced practice professionals weekly work hours

Satisfaction With Physician Relationship Tied to Bariatric Surgery Completion

However, no association seen between racial/ethnic group and patient satisfaction