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ACS: Surgery May Benefit Men With Stage IV Breast Cancer

Clinical Support Software May Aid Medication Tasks in the OR

Mean total task time less for those using clinical decision support software prototype versus current standard electronic health record workflow

AI Can Help Predict Complications of Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Outcomes of Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Compared by Surgeon Rank

Long-term hernia recurrence rates similar for abdominal wall reconstruction performed by surgical fellows, faculty

Despite Improvements

Newly Certified General Internists Mainly Choose Hospital Practice

Most hospitalists in 2013 had the same practice type five years later; rate of retention similar for early-career, more senior physicians

Doctors pushing emergency stretcher bed in corridor

Emergency Residents Lacking in Rural Areas of United States

New training programs from 2013 to 2020 were disproportionately added to states with already high number of programs

New-Onset Depression Common During Surgical Internship Year

Among surgical interns with no depression at baseline, 32 percent had high enough scores on mood surveys to be considered depressed


Physicians Accept Remote Auscultation Alternative for Quarantined Patients

Remote digital auscultation of heart and lungs acceptable alternative to standard physical examination for COVID-19 patients in quarantine wards

Health Care Employee Turnover Recovering

Physician Assistants Commonly Employed in Dermatology

Mean annual increase of 11.6 percent in number of PAs in dermatology reported compared with 7.8 percent in all other specialties

Women Working as Family Docs Report High Career Satisfaction Overall

Affirmative Action Bans Cut Percent of Underrepresented Med Students

Percentage of students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups reduced with state affirmative action bans

Female doctor sitting on the chair in the hospital corridor.

Sexual Minority Students Perceive Medical School Less Favorably

Bisexual, lesbian, or gay students have less favorable perceptions of the medical school learning environment, are more likely to report burnout