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Patient Mortality Lower for Hospitalists Working More Days

However, no differences seen in readmission based on number of physician days worked

Learning Environment Issues Tied to Medical School Burnout

Those reporting mistreatment may also experience exhaustion, disengagement, and career regret

Significant Gender Pay Gap Persists in Anesthesiology

Women anesthesiologists receive an average of $32,600 less per year; gap exists even when adjusting for differences in age, hours worked, geographic practice region

Workplace Mistreatment Reported Frequently by Emergency Medicine Residents

Patients and/or patients' families are a frequent source of mistreatment; 2.5 percent of residents report suicidal thoughts

Blacks Remain Underrepresented in U.S. Medical School Faculty

No medical specialty has Black faculty representation in proportion to current U.S. population estimates

Doctors More Likely to Test for Conditions Recently Diagnosed in Other Patients

When seeing patients with shortness of breath, testing for pulmonary embolism increases for 10 days after diagnosing a patient with the condition

Cannabidiol Relieves Burnout for Health Care Workers During Pandemic

Emotional exhaustion reduced, but five participants in treatment group experienced serious adverse events

Americans Have High Trust in Health Care Providers: Poll

Trust in health care providers could be an important factor in efforts to boost COVID-19 vaccination rates

Female Surgeons Face Increased Fertility Issues, Pregnancy Complications

Findings both compared with female partners of male surgeons and the general population

All Health Care, Long-Term Care Workers in California Must Get COVID-19 Shots

Order issued as the most populous state in the country struggles to slow infections caused by the highly contagious delta variant