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Women with peripheral artery disease have a higher burden of depressive symptoms compared with men

Women Have More Depression With Peripheral Artery Disease

Depressive symptoms associated with worse disease-specific health status
Treatment with vitamin D3 versus placebo does not result in a significant difference in the incidence and recurrence of depression or clinically relevant depressive symptoms or in a change in mood scores among adults aged 50 years or older without clinically relevant depressive symptoms

Vitamin D3 Does Not Reduce Depression Incidence, Recurrence

Incidence and recurrence of depression, change in mood scores did not differ from placebo for adults ≥50
Botox injections

Botox Injections May Ease Depression

An FDA database revealed that people who receive Botox injections report less depression
New evidence shows that depression and anxiety are increasing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

Rising Number of People Report Anxiety, Depression During COVID-19

Since pandemic began, number of people seeking mental health screening, showing symptoms up substantially
Pre/probiotic therapy may be useful for patients with depression and/or anxiety disorders

Review: Pre/Probiotics May Be Useful for Depression, Anxiety

All seven studies demonstrated significant improvements in one or more of the outcomes measured
From 2007 to 2016

Treatment Up for U.S. Adults Who Screen Positive for Depression

Likelihood of receiving treatment increased in association with having any health insurance
There was a considerable increase in self-reported maternal depression and anxiety from prepandemic to current times

Depression, Anxiety Up for New Moms During COVID-19

Scores for both depression, anxiety significantly lower for women engaging in physical activity
Depressive symptoms are associated with an increased risk for incident cardiovascular disease and mortality in economically diverse settings

Depressive Symptoms Linked to CVD Risk, Mortality

Associations stronger in urban versus rural communities and in men versus women
For older adults

Low-Dose Aspirin Does Not Prevent Depression in Older Adults

No significant difference seen in incidence rate of new CES-D-10 scores of ≥8 for aspirin, placebo
A coach-supported platform composed of a suite of apps is effective for treating depression and anxiety among primary care patients

Mobile Platform Useful for Treating Depression, Anxiety

Engagement with apps high; effects sustained for two months