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There is a bidirectional association between depression and heart rate variability

Depression-Heart Rate Variability Link Is Bidirectional

Study performed in twin pairs found associations between HRV, Beck Depression Inventory score
Diagnoses of major depression have increased since 2013

Rates of Major Depression Up Among U.S. Insured, Esp. Youth

Rate increased 33 percent from 2013 to 2016; rate increased faster among millennials, adolescents
Electroconvulsive therapy may be effective and cost-effective for U.S. patients with treatment-resistant depression

ECT Effective for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Third-line electroconvulsive therapy also cost-effective in base case, and in a range of sensitivity analyses
Resistance exercise training is associated with reduced depressive symptoms among adults

Resistance Exercise May Reduce Depressive Symptoms in Adults

Meta-analysis shows reduction in depressive symptoms with RET, with considerable heterogeneity
Greater depressive symptoms are associated with episodic memory and markers of brain aging in older Caribbean Hispanic patients

Depressive Symptoms Tied to Memory, Aging of the Brain

However, baseline depressive symptoms not tied to cognitive changes over five years
For individuals with major depression and bipolar disorder

Grip Strength Indicative of Cognition in Major Depression

Positive association with performance on cognitive tasks for those with depression, bipolar disorder
The prevalence of depression and anxiety are increased among survivors of colorectal cancer

Increased Prevalence of Depression, Anxiety After CRC

Older age, being male linked to less anxiety, more depression; less anxiety, depression with marriage
The presence of depressive symptoms can predict improvement in self-efficacy and adherence to diabetes management

Depressive Symptoms Tied to Diabetes Self-Management

Weaker effects of social, emotional support seen in self-efficacy of diabetes management
Ceasing regular exercise increases depressive symptoms in healthy adults

Stopping Exercise Found to Increase Depressive Symptoms

Findings particularly in women; depressive symptoms associated with decreased CRP and IL-6
Children with high irritability and depressive/anxious mood have increased suicidality risk during adolescence

Childhood Irritability, Depressive Mood Linked to Suicidality Later

Increased suicidality in adolescence for children with high irritability, depressive/anxious mood