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Cognitive behavioral therapy should be the first line of treatment in younger patients with major depressive disorder before clinicians prescribe medication

Psychotherapy Alone First Line of Treatment for Depressed Youth

Adding fluoxetine to cognitive behavioral therapy did not further reduce depressive symptoms
Online symptom self-management plus clinician telecare can be effective for individuals with pain

Online Symptom Self-Management + Telehealth Aids Pain, Mood

Collaborative care led by a nurse-physician team with web-based self-management better than self-management alone
Increases in time spent on social media

More Screen Time Ups Risk for Depression in Adolescents

Social comparison and reinforcing spirals likely to blame
Primary care doctors can detect and treat most cases of depression

Many Patients With Depression Do Not Need a Psychiatrist

With proper guidance, primary care physicians can screen, diagnose, and treat depression
Symptoms of depression are common among patients diagnosed with hematological malignancy

Depression at Time of Diagnosis May Worsen Survival in Blood Cancers

Risk for death higher even with depression remission versus never experiencing depression
Biases in emotional processing may contribute to depression in individuals with inflammatory bowel disease who have active disease

Negative Cognitive Bias May Be Key to Depression in Active IBD

Emotional recognition bias may partially mediate the link between IBD activity and depression
Continuous positive airway pressure treatment reduces depression symptoms in patients with coexisting obstructive sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease

CPAP Alleviates Depression Symptoms in Sleep Apnea Patients

In large trial and literature review, benefit seen for depression but not anxiety symptoms
The use of most types of antidepressants is associated with significantly reduced mortality among patients with diabetes mellitus and comorbid depression

Treating Depression May Reduce Mortality in Diabetes Patients

Mortality risk lower in patients with diabetes and depression who received antidepressants
Heart attack survivors with persistent emotional distress -- depression or anxiety -- are at a higher risk for death

Chronic Distress After Heart Attack Ups Risk for Death

Findings observed among patients with persistent emotional distress for more than one year, not short-term distress
Women with eating disorders experience persistently greater depressive symptoms across the life-course

Depression Symptoms Greater in Mothers With Prior Eating Disorders

Findings based on long-term follow-up from 18th week of pregnancy to 18 years postnatal