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Parental Depression Tied to Offspring Depression in Teen Years

Exposure to maternal depression both during pregnancy and postpartum strongly associated with depressive symptoms in offspring

Relapse Risk Up With Antidepressant Therapy Discontinuation

Relapse occurred in fewer patients who maintained their antidepressant treatment versus those with discontinuation

Insulin Resistance Linked to Risk for Major Depressive Disorder

Three surrogate measures of insulin resistance linked to increased risk for incident major depression

Neurocognitive Effects of Ketamine for Depression Examined

Findings based on a systematic literature review of studies reporting the use of ketamine, esketamine for treatment-resistant depression

Psoriatic Arthritis Worsens QoL in Patients With Psoriasis

Individuals with psoriasis/PsA have decreased ability to participate in social roles and activities, more depression symptoms

Pain, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety Prevalent After MS Diagnosis

Most patients had co-occurring symptoms: 21.3, 19.1, and 17.4 percent had two, three, and four symptoms, respectively

Depression, Anxiety Up in Children, Teens Worldwide During Pandemic

Pooled prevalence estimates 25.2 and 20.5 percent for clinically elevated depression and anxiety symptoms, respectively

One in Four Survivors of COVID-19 Have Symptoms at Six Months

Fatigue, shortness of breath, and depression are the most common long COVID-19 symptoms

Depression, Suicide Concerns Up Among Teens During Pandemic

Increase seen in percent of teens screening positive for depression, positive suicide risk screening, and recent suicidal thoughts

Acne Negatively Impacts Emotional Health of Adult Women

Adult women with acne describe disruption to their personal and professional lives