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Severe Mental Illness Tied to Higher Risk for Heart Attack Death

Those with severe mental illness also less likely to receive revascularization

Psilocybin Compared With Escitalopram for Depression

No difference seen in change in depression scores at six weeks for psilocybin plus placebo versus psilocybin plus escitalopram

ASA: Women at Greater Risk for Poststroke Depression

Additionally, patients with acute ischemic stroke at higher risk for developing depression than patients with acute myocardial infarction

Over Half Have Symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder After COVID-19

Presence of headache and greater overall severity linked to increased odds of moderate or greater depression symptoms

One in Five Health Care Workers Reports Mental Health Conditions

Review shows high prevalence of depression, anxiety, and PTSD during the COVID-19 pandemic

Patients’ Mental Health Impacts Rating of Psoriasis Severity

Likelihood of a patient overestimating their psoriasis severity versus physician increased for those with depression, anxiety

Layperson-Delivered Phone Intervention Eases Loneliness for At-Risk Adults

Reductions seen in loneliness, depression, and anxiety; improvement seen in mental health among at-risk adults

Si la escuela comenzara más tarde

Patients With RA Have Increased Anxiety During Pandemic

Anxiety during pandemic correlated with Health Assessment Questionnaire, biologic drug use, and previous anxiety point

'Diseases of Despair' Skyrocket in America

Childhood Insulin Levels Linked to Later Psychosis Risk

Additionally, major increase in body mass index during puberty tied to increased risk for depression as young adult


Anxiety, Depression Remain High Following Initial Lockdown

Depression more likely among men; anxiety more likely for women