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Two subanesthetic dosages of ketamine appear to provide significant symptom relief to patients with treatment-resistant depression

Dose Range of IV Ketamine for Adjunct Tx of Depression Tested

Single IV doses of 0.5 or 1.0 mg/kg better than active placebo at cutting depression symptoms
The age-standardized prevalences of symptoms of anxiety and depression among adults with arthritis are 22.5 and 12.1 percent

Prevalence of Anxiety, Depression Up for Adults With Arthritis

Age-standardized prevalences of anxiety, depression symptoms 22.5 and 12.1 percent with arthritis
Autism spectrum disorder is associated with increased risk of depression in young adulthood

Risk of Depression Up in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Individuals with ASD had more than two-fold higher risk of depression diagnosis vs. non-autistic siblings
Many Americans aged 35 and older are not being assessed for depression

Many Americans Not Being Assessed for Depression

Men, people aged 75 and older, minorities, and uninsured are less likely to be screened
An intervention targeting depression in very young children can be effective in community settings

Parent-Child Interactive Intervention Cuts Depression

Intervention focuses on enhancing the child's emotional competence and emotion regulation
Variations in manager reactions and support for those with depression are as important as gross domestic product for absenteeism and presenteeism due to depression

Manager Support Can Impact Absenteeism Due to Depression

Living in country with more managers offering help for depression tied to higher presenteeism
The prevalence of depression is 4.4 percent among fathers of children age 15 months or younger attending a well-child care clinic visit

Prevalence of Depression 4.4 Percent Among Dads of Infants

Overall, 4.4 percent of fathers attending well-child care visits screened positive for depression
For patients with depression following recent acute coronary syndrome

Escitalopram Cuts MACE Risk in Depressed Patients With ACS

Higher risk of major adverse cardiac events with concurrent depression after acute coronary syndrome
High depressive symptom scores were found to be more common among young pregnant women today than in their mothers' generation

Prenatal Depression More Common in Young Moms Today

Depressed mood more common in young pregnant women today than in their mothers' generation
Problem-solving education is effective at preventing depressive symptoms among low-income mothers

Problem Solving Helps Prevent Depression in Low-Income Moms

Problem-solving education appears to work by decreasing perceived stress in low-income mothers