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Nasal Swab Test for COVID-19 Risky for Sinus Surgery Patients

Online information needed to warn those with history of sinus, pituitary surgery to avoid nasopharyngeal swab testing, use alternative testing

USPSTF Urges Prediabetes, T2DM Screen for Overweight Adults

Physicians should screen overweight, obese adults aged 35 to 70 years and refer those with prediabetes to preventive interventions

One-Step Approach IDs More Cases of Gestational Diabetes

No significant difference in perinatal or maternal outcomes found with one-step versus two-step screening approach

USPSTF Expands Eligibility for Annual Lung Cancer Screening

Adults aged 50 to 80 years with 20 pack-year smoking history who currently smoke or quit within last 15 years should be screened with low-dose CT

U.K., U.S. COVID-19 Symptom Checkers May Delay Health Contact

Symptom checkers for U.K., U.S. consistently failed to identify severe COVID-19, bacterial pneumonia, sepsis

Adding Measures of Kidney Function Helps Predict CVD Risk

Adding eGFR, urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratio increases C statistic for risk prediction in overall population, those with diabetes

Racial/Ethnic, Educational Barriers ID’d for DBT Screening Access

Use of digital breast tomosynthesis lower for Black versus White women, those with lower educational level, in lowest income quartile

FDA Authorizes First T Cell-Based Test to Detect Prior SARS-CoV-2

The T-Detect COVID Test is useful for patients with previous symptoms or exposure who did not test positive with diagnostic test

Nonprescription At-Home COVID-19 Test Receives Emergency Approval

The FDA also issued emergency use authorization for prescription at-home test kit for those suspected of COVID-19 within six days of symptom onset

New Algorithm Can Predict Advanced Liver Disease

The CIRRhosis Using Standard tests algorithm could use results of routine blood tests to identify those at high risk for advanced liver disease