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Researchers Compare Race-Based, Race-Neutral Lung Function Equations

Similarly accurate prediction seen for respiratory outcomes, but occupational eligibility and disability compensation differed

Offering Choice of CRC Screening Increases Completion Rates

Rate of CRC screening improved within six months for those offered FIT only or a choice of coloscopy or FIT

Adding Cardiovascular Biomarkers to Established Risk Factors Increases Risk Prediction

C-statistic is improved with addition of each single biomarker to a model that includes established risk factors

Clinical Practice Guideline Developed for Age-Related Hearing Loss

Recommendations include ID of sociodemographic factors, patient preferences that influence access to and use of hearing health care

Early Neurodevelopmental Assessments Can ID Cerebral Palsy

Neurodevelopmental assessments at corrected age of 3 to 4 months can reliably predict cerebral palsy and its severity

2020 Cancer Screening Rates Low at Federally Qualified Health Centers

Rates for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening well below the general population in 2020

Osteoporosis Screening Rates Low for Asian American Medicare Beneficiaries

Among Asian American beneficiaries, rates higher for women, those with higher household income

USPSTF Recommends Breast Cancer Screening for Women Aged 40 to 75 Years

Insufficient evidence seen for screening older women and for supplemental screening for women with dense breasts

Home Vision Tests Offer Limited Diagnostic Accuracy for Neovascular AMD

Hospital eye service follow-up clinics maintain better diagnostic accuracy for active lesions

Serum Biomarkers Predict Knee OA Before Radiographic Abnormalities

Six serum peptides reached AUC probability of 77 percent for identifying those who developed OA eight years later