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Negative COVID-19 Test to Be Required for People Flying to U.S.

Passengers without proof of a negative test will not be allowed to board flights to America

Vinculan a ciertos antibiĆ³ticos con un mayor riesgo de aneurismas aĆ³rticos letales

Ischemic Heart, Hypertensive Disease Deaths Up During COVID-19

Second study shows reduction in cardiovascular diagnostic testing across the world during pandemic

Routine COVID-19 Testing Improves Safety of Elective Surgery

Saliva, Nasopharyngeal Samples Equally Sensitive for SARS-CoV-2

Incremental cost of $8,093 per additional detection found with nasopharyngeal swab among individuals without previous SARS-CoV-2

Your Corneas May Be Safe From COVID: Study

Drive-Through IOP Screening Clinic Feasible During COVID-19

Intraocular pressure screening clinic allows for continued management, including necessary changes in management

AKI Common in U.S. Veterans Hospitalized With COVID-19

Virtual Kidney Transplant Evaluation Possible

Telehealth platform enabled maintenance of wait-list evaluation volume in large kidney transplant program during COVID-19 pandemic

Maternal Use of Valproic Acid Linked to ASD

Machine Learning Models Can Predict Gestational Diabetes

Effective discrimination achieved with 73-variable model, seven-variable logistic regression model in early pregnancy

Breast Cancer Surgery Brings Drug Addiction Danger: Study

Pandemic Has Disrupted Lung Cancer Screenings

Once operations resumed, decrease seen in new patients screened, proportion of suspicious nodules increased

CDC: Travelers From the U.K. Must Have Negative COVID-19 Test

If a traveler opts not to take a test, the airline must deny boarding the passenger

More Brain Issues Among COVID Patients Cited

Out-of-Pocket Costs Rising for Neurology Tests, Visits

Annually, out-of-pocket costs paid by 86.5 to 95.2 percent of patients for evaluation/management visits

HealthDay Reports: ACE Inhibitors

Cardiac Risk Assessment Low After Noncardiac Surgery

6.8 percent of those undergoing noncardiac surgery from January 2013 to December 2017 had preoperative natriuretic peptide screening