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AI Plus Wearable Sensor May Detect Presymptomatic COVID-19

AI algorithm interpreting data from a wearable sensor bracelet that monitors changes in physiologic parameters might allow early detection

More African-Americans Screened for Lung Cancer With USPSTF 2021 Criteria

Expanding lung cancer screening criteria is step toward greater equity for high-risk populations

Progress Seen in Proportion of Pregnant Persons With Hep C Screening

Percentage undergoing HCV screening test increased from 16.6 percent in quarter 1 of 2011 to 40.6 percent in quarter 2 of 2021

COVID-19 Testing Requirement Lifted for Travelers Flying to the U.S.

CDC has determined the regulation is no longer necessary, but will reevaluate the need every 90 days

Breast, Cervical Cancer Screening Decreased From 2018 to 2020

Prevalence of CRC screening remained stable with increase in stool testing offsetting decrease in colonoscopy

Oncological lung cancer disease concept. Doctor holding medical lung body x-ray photo with pinned white ribbon as a symbol of lung cancer on white isolated background

Follow-Up Often Delayed After High-Risk Findings on Lung Cancer Screening

Patients with more severe findings less likely to have prolonged delays; current smokers had more delays than former smokers


Using New Guidelines Would Increase Diabetes Screening Eligibility

Screening eligibility would increase overall and among those with prediabetes with USPSTF 2021, ADA 2022 guidelines

Nutrient-Laden Snacks Can Meaningfully Cut Cholesterol

Screening Could Help Identify Familial Hypercholesterolemia

For adults aged 20 to 39 years, clinical criteria alone would yield 1.3 cases per 1,000 screened; adding genetic testing would increase the yield to 4.2 cases


Sexual Minority Status Linked to Lower Odds of Pap Screen

Odds of ever undergoing pap testing lower for non-Hispanic White and Hispanic SM participants versus non-Hispanic White heterosexuals

Big Rise in Esophageal Cancers Among Middle-Aged Americans

DDW: ‘Alarming’ Rise in Esophageal Cancer, Barrett Esophagus Seen in Middle-Age

Number of endoscopies performed not increasing, despite increased prevalence