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Routine Cancer Screenings Declined Significantly at Start of Pandemic

However, mammography and colonoscopy rates rebounded substantially by the end of July

AAN: Neurological Manifestations Common in Children With PIMS-TS

Children with neurological involvement have higher peak inflammatory markers, are more likely to be ventilated

Neighborhood Disadvantage Tied to Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

Cortical thinning partially mediates the association between neighborhood-level disadvantage and cognitive decline

New Symptoms Common Four Months After COVID-19

Half of patients declared at least one symptom that did not exist before COVID-19, most commonly fatigue, cognitive symptoms, dyspnea

Socioeconomic Deprivation Linked to Worse Survival in Cancer Trials

Overall, progression-free, and cancer-specific survival worse for participants from areas with highest socioeconomic deprivation

Characteristics of COVID-19-Related Encephalopathy Detailed

Of nine patients with CORE, six had movement disorders, seven had frontal syndrome, four had brainstem impairment

US Breast Cancer Centers Recommend Earlier Initiation of Screening

Of the 431 centers that recommended a starting age, 87.2 percent gave recommendations different from those of national societies

Pooled Analysis Shows Men Have Higher Mortality Than Women

Effect size varies across countries; smoking and cardiovascular disease substantially attenuate effect size

COVID-19 Impacting Caregivers of Children With Cancer

Changes to medical care, financial disruptions, and emotional distress reported

Guidelines Provided for Unilateral Lymphadenopathy After COVID-19 Vaccination

In most clinical settings, ipsilateral UAL after recent COVID-19 vaccination is benign finding; clinical follow-up recommended