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MRI Techniques Compared for Assessing Hydrops in Meniere Disease

3-D real IR has better image quality than 3-D FLAIR sequence for assessment of endolymphatic hydrops in Meniere disease

Proteomic Analysis Used to ID Fecal Biomarkers for IBD

Biomarkers linked with severity of intestinal inflammation in IBD patients, with higher sensitivity and specificity than calprotectin

Photon-Counting Detector CT Helps ID Multiple Myeloma Lesions

Use of PCD CT images with convolutional neural network denoising improves viewing of pathologic abnormalities, detects lytic lesions

ASTRO Offers Guidance on RT for IDH-Mutant Diffuse Grade 2, 3 Glioma

Guideline recommendations support reduction in volume of brain irradiation while attempting to maximize disease control

Physician Burnout May Raise Risk for Patient Safety Events

Burnout also associated with decreased job satisfaction, low professionalism, patient dissatisfaction

Tumefactive Demyelinating Lesions, Sentinel Lesions of PCNSL Compared

Age of onset younger for tumefactive demyelinating lesions than for primary central nervous system lymphoma

Prevalence of Adrenal Tumors Studied in Adults in China

Prevalence of adrenal tumors is 1.4 percent; about 70 percent of adenomas were nonfunctioning with proportion constant across age groups

OOP Costs for Cancer Treatments Increased From 2009 to 2016

Total costs increased for breast, lung, prostate cancer; OOP costs increased for these cancers and colorectal cancer

Biden Makes Another Push for Cancer Moonshot Initiative

President likened JFK's space race to his own effort to slash cancer rates by 50 percent in the next 25 years

Telemedicine, In-Person Visits Show High Diagnostic Concordance

Variance seen by specialty, with lower concordance for primary care