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People with HIV are more likely to have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and are diagnosed with the disease at a younger age than people who are HIV-negative

COPD Incidence Higher in People With HIV

People with HIV have 34 percent higher rate of COPD than those without; smoking may be to blame
Few adolescent men who have sex with men have had an HIV test

Few Adolescent Men Who Have Sex With Men Have Had HIV Test

Most have regular doctor, but few have had conversations about same-sex sexual behaviors, HIV testing
For patients initiating therapy for advanced HIV

Adding Maraviroc to c-ART No Better in Advanced HIV

Incidence of severe morbidity similar for addition of maraviroc versus placebo to standard c-ART
Initial regimens recommended for most people with HIV are priced above $36

Costs of ART Regimens Increasing, Outpacing Inflation

Annual average wholesale price of initial ART regimens recommended for most persons with HIV >$36,000

January 2020 Briefing – HIV & AIDS

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in HIV & AIDS for January 2020. This roundup includes...
A clinical trial for an HIV vaccine has been halted after it was concluded that it did not prevent infection with the AIDS-causing virus

HIV Vaccine Ineffective, Clinical Trial Halted

NIH-sponsored trial was being conducted in South Africa
From 2010 to 2017

CDC: HIV-1/HIV-2 Differentiation Test Increasingly Used in U.S.

Number of HIV-2 diagnoses remains low; more false positives seen with greater use of differentiation test
The prevalence of neural tube defects is 7.0 per 10

Neural Tube Defect Prevalence 7.0 Per 10,000 in HIV-Exposed

Prevalence of 7.0 per 10,000 HIV-exposed pregnancies similar to prevalence in general population
Starting antiretroviral therapy for HIV-infected infants within hours of birth does not seem to result in a higher proportion of infants who attain and sustain viral suppression on antiretroviral therapy

Early Antiretroviral Therapy May Not Achieve HIV Remission in Infants

Similar proportion of infants attain, sustain viral suppression when starting <48 hours, two to 14 days after birth
HIV-infected patients lose immunity to smallpox despite childhood vaccination and immune reconstitution with antiretroviral therapy

HIV+ Patients Lose Immunity to Smallpox Despite Vaccination

Among HIV+ patients, there was a significant loss in vaccinia-specific CD4+ T cell memory