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Dolutegravir-Based ART Superior for Children, Teens With HIV

Rate of serious adverse events similar for participants receiving dolutegravir, standard care as first-, second-line treatment for HIV-1 infection

First Long-Acting Injectable Approved for HIV PrEP

Apretude, administered every two months, is approved in adults and adolescents at risk for HIV infection

Pediatricians Can Play Key Role in HIV Testing, Prophylaxis

All youth ages 15 years or older should be offered routine screening at least once; those at increased risk should be rescreened

Number of Older People With HIV on ART Projected to Increase

Simulation model of people with HIV using ART in the U.S. projects increase in overall median age from 50 years in 2020 to 52 years in 2030

WHO Approves First Long-Acting Device to Shield Women From HIV

Vaginal ring made of silicone elastomer releases antiretroviral drug dapivirine into the vagina slowly over 28 days

Biden’s New HIV/AIDS Strategy Calls Racism a Roadblock to Victory

Strategy outlines the direction of the White House's policies, research, programs, and planning for the next three years

Some High-Priority Groups More Likely to Stop Taking PrEP

Younger individuals, African American and Latinx, those with substance use disorders more likely to discontinue PrEP

Among Persons With HIV, More Finish Short-Course TB Prophylaxis

Treatment completion 90.4 percent for three months of rifapentine-isoniazid versus 50.5 percent for six months of isoniazid

Cabotegravir Bests TDF-FTC for HIV Prevention in Those at Risk

Long-acting injectable cabotegravir superior for preventing HIV infection in men who have sex with men, transgender women

PrEP HIV Prevention Pills to Be Free for Insured Americans

HIV prevention advocates say the new guidance is a game changer