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Tesamorelin reduces liver fat content in patients with HIV and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Tesamorelin May Aid Patients With HIV, Fatty Liver Disease

Tesamorelin significantly reduced hepatic fat fraction compared with placebo
California is the first state to allow pharmacists to dispense HIV prevention pills to patients without a doctor's prescription.

California Pharmacists Can Dispense HIV Prevention Meds Without Rx

Medications include both preexposure prophylaxis and postexposure prophylaxis
Initiation of isoniazid preventive therapy during pregnancy is associated with increased risks versus initiation during the postpartum period

Isoniazid Tx to Prevent TB Ups Risks During HIV+ Pregnancy

Deferring treatment until after delivery appears to be safer option

September 2019 Briefing – HIV & AIDS

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in HIV & AIDS for September 2019. This roundup includes...
HIV testing in South African emergency departments shows a high prevalence and incidence of HIV

Emergency Departments Need to Up HIV Testing, Linkage to Care

Just under half of HIV-positive patients in South African emergency departments virally suppressed
Considerable racial/ethnic disparities exist in HIV preexposure prophylaxis awareness

Racial/Ethnic Disparities Seen in PrEP Awareness, Discussions

Black and Hispanic men who have sex with men less likely to be aware, have discussed PrEP than whites
HIV infection is independently associated with an increased risk for atrial fibrillation

HIV Infection May Raise Risk for Atrial Fibrillation

Risk similar to known factors such as hypertension and diabetes
The first attempt to use the gene-editing tool CRISPR to cure HIV infection was unsuccessful but the approach does show promise.

Scientists Use Gene-Editing Tool CRISPR in Attempt to Cure HIV

Attempt failed, but tool appears precise and safe and holds promise

August 2019 Briefing – HIV & AIDS

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in HIV & AIDS for August 2019. This roundup includes...
The mean age at death increased for patients with HIV infection from 1984 to 2016

1984 to 2016 Saw Increase in Age of Death for HIV-Infected

Autopsy data trends include increase in prevalence of atherosclerosis, drop in opportunistic infections