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HIV Care Services Resilient During COVID-19 Pandemic

Decrease seen in HIV tests performed, persons prescribed PrEP, HIV diagnoses in quarter 2 of 2020, but partial rebound observed in Q3

On World AIDS Day, White House Announces Plan to End Epidemic by 2030

Global goals include reaching UNAIDS targets for reducing new infections and reaching targets for all age, gender, and population groups

Manifestations of Hospitalization With Severe Monkeypox Described

47 of 57 patients had HIV infection; 95 percent were men and 68 percent were non-Hispanic Black

IDSA: Three-Dose Hepatitis B Vaccine Highly Protective in Persons With HIV

Seroprotection rate increased from 94.4 percent at eight weeks after second dose to 98.5 percent at week 24

IDSA: Long-Term Follow-Up Reported for Early Initiation of ART in HIV

Excess risk for AIDS, serious non-AIDS conditions, death for those deferring treatment reduced soon after initiation of ART

Median Stigma Score 31.7 for Hispanic Persons With HIV

23 percent of Hispanic persons with HIV report experiencing health care discrimination, which was more common among men, Black Hispanics

HIV + Hep C Coinfection Not Tied to Increased Type 1 MI Risk

However, with increasing age, risk for type 1 myocardial infarction increased for people with HIV with versus without hepatitis C virus infection

Prevalence of Concurrent HIV, STIs High in Persons With Monkeypox

Higher proportion of monkeypox patients with versus without HIV infection hospitalized

Texas Judge Says ACA Cannot Require Coverage for PrEP

U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor made the ruling Wednesday about Truvada and Descovy

Dolutegravir Compared With Other Regimens for HIV in Pregnancy

Viral suppression at delivery less frequent with atazanavir-ritonavir, raltegravir than dolutegravir; no difference in adverse birth outcomes