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Some High-Priority Groups More Likely to Stop Taking PrEP

Younger individuals, African American and Latinx, those with substance use disorders more likely to discontinue PrEP

Among Persons With HIV, More Finish Short-Course TB Prophylaxis

Treatment completion 90.4 percent for three months of rifapentine-isoniazid versus 50.5 percent for six months of isoniazid

Cabotegravir Bests TDF-FTC for HIV Prevention in Those at Risk

Long-acting injectable cabotegravir superior for preventing HIV infection in men who have sex with men, transgender women

PrEP HIV Prevention Pills to Be Free for Insured Americans

HIV prevention advocates say the new guidance is a game changer

Mortality Rates for Those Entering HIV Care Reduced Over Time

Difference in five-year mortality decreased between those entering HIV care and matched population during 1999 to 2017

Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention Up in African Region

By 2019, prevalence was 90.2 percent among males aged 15 to 24 years, but remained below 80 percent for older men

HIV Incidence Remains Low With PrEP in Real-World Setting

Study of mainly gay or bisexual men shows low incidence of HIV, even when PrEP was mostly purchased rather than provided free

2014 to 2019 Saw Increase in HIV Testing, but Rates Remain Low

But in 2019, rates remained below 6 percent among males and nonpregnant females ≥13 years with commercial insurance and Medicaid

Presumed Sudden Cardiac Death Rates Up for Individuals With HIV

Among individuals with versus without known HIV infection, sudden cardiac death due to occult drug overdose was more common

United Nations: Urgent Global Action Needed to End AIDS

Assembly's 193 member nations commit to efforts such as reducing annual new HIV infections, annual AIDS-related deaths