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A total of 9.5 percent of persons were uninsured from January through June 2019

9.5 Percent Uninsured in U.S. From January Through June 2019

Overall, 13.7 percent of adults aged 18 to 64, 4.4 percent of children aged 0 to 17 were uninsured
There are extensive financial relationships between leaders of U.S. professional medical associations and industry

Links Found Between Leaders of Medical Associations, Industry

Most leaders have ties to industry; considerable variation seen among 10 medical associations in U.S.
Adults with severe chronic disease or with fair or poor general health have a higher prevalence of edentulism and severe tooth loss

Tooth Loss More Prevalent in Adults With Chronic Disease

Prevalence of edentulism, severe tooth loss ≥50 percent higher for adults with RA, asthma, diabetes
In 2018

Only One in Four U.S. Hospitals With ICUs Have Tele-ICU Services

Wide regional variation seen for availability of telehealth outpatient visits, tele-ICU services
Reacting to skyrocketing prices for insulin

New Medicare Benefit Would Limit Insulin Copays to $35 a Month

Benefit will be voluntary; Medicare recipients must pick an insurance plan that provides it
Primary aldosteronism is prevalent and increases in parallel with hypertension severity

High Prevalence of Primary Aldosteronism Observed

Adjusted prevalence estimates of aldosteronism increase in parallel with hypertension severity
Obesity in adolescence significantly increases the risk for incidence of type 2 diabetes in early adulthood in both sexes

Weight in Adolescence Tied to Early-Onset Type 2 Diabetes

Higher risk for type 2 diabetes during young adult years tied to body mass index during adolescence
The antiobesity medications phentermine and topiramate may help mitigate weight regain after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery

Antiobesity Meds May Curb Weight Regain After RYGB

Statistical models suggest phentermine, topiramate, combination can slow, prevent weight regain
Older age

Age, Sex, History of Diabetes Predict Intubation in COVID-19

Only factors independently associated with time to extubation are age and body mass index
Pregnancy loss is associated with subsequent type 2 diabetes

Higher Number of Pregnancy Losses Tied to Subsequent Type 2 Diabetes

Women who never achieve pregnancy have increased odds of T2DM versus ever-pregnant women with loss