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Testosterone Therapy Tied to Better Mental Health

Findings seen for transgender and gender-diverse individuals desiring testosterone therapy

California Legislature First to Pass Ban on Four Food Additives Linked to Health Issues

The chemicals are already illegal in the European Union and other places around the world

Evening Chronotype Linked to Increased Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Positive association seen after accounting for all measured lifestyle and sociodemographic factors

Racial, Ethnic Disparities Seen in Type 2 Diabetes After GDM

Associations between education, Medicaid, WIC participation, body mass index with T2DM were more pronounced among White individuals

Obesity-Linked CV Mortality Increased From 1999 to 2020

Highest age-adjusted mortality rates seen for Black individuals, and greatest temporal increase found in American Indian and Alaska Native individuals

Major Discharge Barriers Present for One in 10 Hospitalized Patients

Prolonged length of stay is often due to need for skilled therapy or daily living support in medically ready patients

EASD: Low-Dose Aspirin Tied to Lower Risk for New Diabetes in Older Adults

Findings show low-dose aspirin also slows the increase in fasting plasma glucose over time among initially healthy older adults

Mitotane Not Needed With Low- to Intermediate-Risk Adrenocortical Carcinoma

No significant improvement seen for relapse, but treatment was associated with side effects

Erectile Dysfunction May Be Marker for Prediabetes, Diabetes

Authors urge glycemia screening in younger men presenting with ED

Even Five Years Postapproval, Many Drug Studies Remain Nonpublic

Authors urge greater transparency of study results for drugs approved by the FDA