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Risk for Existing, Incident T2D High in Children With NAFLD

Risk factors for incident T2D include female gender, BMI z-score, and more severe liver histology, including steatosis grade, fibrosis stage

Medicare Could Have Saved $3.6 Billion on Generic Drugs in 2020

Authors say Medicare could have saved up to $3.6 billion by purchasing generics at Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company prices

Medicaid Expansion Buffered Health Coverage Loss During Pandemic

Workers who lived in Medicaid expansion states were 5.4 percent more likely to enroll in Medicaid after job loss during pandemic

Disparities in Life Expectancy by Race, Ethnicity, County Persist

In the U.S., increases in life expectancy were seen for Black, API, Latino, White populations, but no change seen for AIAN

ENDO: Fracture Risk Up With Insulin Compared With Metformin in T2DM

Risk for major osteoporotic fractures up for insulin versus metformin for those with HbA1c <7 percent, BMI <25 kg/m2

ENDO: Coffee Does Not Impede Bioavailability of LT4 Solution

Bioavailability is equivalent for levothyroxine oral solution administered five minutes prior to coffee or under fasting conditions

Little Difference Seen in Weight Changes Before, After COVID-19 Shutdown

Significant increases seen in weight during preshutdown and postshutdown years, but no significant difference noted between the two

ENDO: Disparities Seen in Access to Insulin Pumps for Youth With T1D

Likelihood of insulin pump use for T1D increased for Hispanic youth, but not for youth of Black and other races compared to non-Hispanic Whites

Older Adults With Type 1 Diabetes Have Lower Grip Strength

Additionally, lower diastolic blood pressure seen with type 1 diabetes versus matched controls

ENDO: Guidelines Updated for Hospitalized Adults With Hyperglycemia

Guidelines address glycemic management in noncritically ill hospitalized adults with diabetes or newly recognized hyperglycemia