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Women Working as Family Docs Report High Career Satisfaction Overall

Affirmative Action Bans Cut Percent of Underrepresented Med Students

Percentage of students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups reduced with state affirmative action bans

Female doctor sitting on the chair in the hospital corridor.

Sexual Minority Students Perceive Medical School Less Favorably

Bisexual, lesbian, or gay students have less favorable perceptions of the medical school learning environment, are more likely to report burnout

Hospital Outcomes Worse With Suboptimal Treatment of Hypothyroidism

Patients with clinical hypothyroidism and a high prehospitalization TSH level had longer length of stay, increased risk for readmission

One in Six Older Patients Have Reoperation for Hernia Recurrence

Medicare Advantage Plans Often Deny Coverage for Eligible, Necessary Care: Report

About 28 million older Americans have Medicare Advantage plans

A professional ophthalmologist performs eye surgery with a microscope. The doctor inserted the dilator into the eye

Providers, Patients Differ in Satisfaction With Anesthesia for Eye Surgery

Provider satisfaction is not a good predictor of patient satisfaction with anesthesia during ocular surgery

Hyperreactivity to Standing Linked to Cardiovascular

Racial Disparity Seen in Use of Epidural Blood Patches for Postdural Headaches

White patients more likely than Black, Hispanic, other race patients to receive patch sooner

Group of doctor with tablet and graphic network

Use of Extrapolation Common in FDA New Drug Approvals

Extrapolation of the findings from pivotal clinical trials to the approved indication most common for disease severity

Local Interventions Can Reduce Opioid Rx After Urologic Surgery

A systematic review and meta-analysis show direct interventions have a greater impact on opioid prescribing than indirect interventions

Health Care Employee Turnover Recovering

However, recovery is uneven, particularly among historically marginalized racial and ethnic groups

Less Than Half of U.S.-Based Clinical Trials Report Race/Ethnicity

Median combined enrollment of minority race/ethnicity groups was below corresponding population demographics based on census estimates