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Delayed treatment of upper respiratory tract infections with antibiotics is associated with an increased risk for hospital admissions

Delayed Treatment of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Tied to Hospitalization Risk

However, delayed antibiotic prescribing was used similarly between high- and low-risk patients
A suspected bubonic plague case in the Bayannur district of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China has been reported by local officials.

Suspected Plague Case Reported in China

While largely eradicated in China, there are still occasional cases in the country
The distribution of infectious disease physicians in the United States is geographically skewed

Many U.S. Counties Lack Infectious Disease Specialists

Among 785 counties with highest quartile of COVID-19 burden, 66.4 percent have no ID physicians
About 22 percent of the global population has at least one underlying condition that places them at increased risk for severe COVID-19

22 Percent Worldwide at Increased Risk for Severe COVID-19

Those at increased risk ranged from <5 percent of those <20 years to >66 percent for those ≥70 years
Statewide stay-at-home orders are associated with decreases in COVID-19 hospitalizations

Stay-at-Home Orders Tied to Slowing of COVID-19 Hospitalizations

12 days after stay-at-home orders started, hospitalization growth began to deviate from projected numbers
For children and young adults receiving CD19 chimeric antigen receptor T-cell infusion

Infection Risk Up in Month After CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy

Infection rates increase in patients with ALL aged ≤26 years in first month, then decrease at days 29 to 90

April 2020 Briefing – Infectious Disease

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Infectious Disease for April 2020. This roundup includes the...
Contact tracing can reduce the time to case isolation of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2

Contact Tracing Can Cut Time to Case Isolation in SARS-CoV-2

Household contacts had higher risk for infection; children were as likely to be infected as adults
In 2019

Incidence of Enteric Infections Due to Pathogens Up or Stable

Compared with 2016 to 2018, incidence in 2019 was increased for infections caused by five pathogens
The rate of infection with influenza

Infection Rate Up Prior to Detection of Malignant Cancer

Increased odds of influenza, gastroenteritis, hepatitis, pneumonia seen one year before detection