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Chronic wasting disease has been found in wild deer

Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Deer in 24 States

No evidence disease can spread to humans, but hunters should be careful around potentially infected animals
More than half of hospitalized patients who die or are terminally discharged have sepsis

Sepsis Common in Terminal Hospitalizations, Discharges

Most common underlying causes of death in sepsis are solid and hematologic cancers, chronic heart disease
Sinks next to toilets in hospital patient rooms may be reservoirs for Klebsiella pneumonia carbapenemase

Sinks by Toilets in ICU Patient Rooms Harbor Harmful Bacteria

Klebsiella pneumonia carbapenemase more common in sinks near toilets
Hospitalization for vaccine-preventable infections occurs in more than 15 percent of pediatric solid organ transplant recipients in the first five years after surgery

Vaccine-Preventable Infections Common After Peds Transplant

These infections in organ transplant recipients associated with significant morbidity, mortality, costs
Omadacycline is noninferior to moxifloxacin for community-acquired bacterial pneumonia and noninferior to linezolid for acute bacterial skin infections

Omadacycline Noninferior to Moxifloxacin for Pneumonia

Second study shows noninferiority to linezolid for acute bacterial skin and skin-structure infections

January 2019 Briefing – Infectious Disease

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Infectious Disease for January 2019. This roundup includes the...
For patients being treated for bone or joint infection

Oral Antibiotics Noninferior to IV for Bone, Joint Infection

Noninferiority in intention-to-treat analysis; supported by complete-case, per-protocol, sensitivity analysis
Most children younger than 2 years with bronchiolitis seen in U.S. emergency departments and prescribed antibiotics have no documented bacterial coinfection

Antibiotics Often Inappropriately Prescribed for Bronchiolitis in ED

In almost 70 percent of bronchiolitis cases, antibiotics prescribed with no concomitant infection
Among persons who inject drugs

Nine Cases of Wound Botulism ID’d in Injection Drug Users

All patients used injection drugs; seven reported using black tar heroin and six practiced skin popping
For extremely preterm infants

Single-Family Rooms May Benefit Very Preterm Infants

Reduced sepsis, increased breastfeeding rates observed; no difference in neurodevelopment vs. open bay units