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Incidence of Scleritis Down in the United Kingdom

Patients with scleritis have increased risk for prior diagnosis of infectious/immune-mediated inflammatory disease

ASA: Endocarditis, Related Strokes Up During Opioid Epidemic

Authors say known IV drug users who have infective endocarditis should be screened carefully for symptoms of cardiovascular disease

Fauci Given $1 Million Award for ‘Defending Science’

The prize from the Dan David Foundation in Israel was announced Monday

[EMB 11/18 @00:01] Final Diagnosis Often Differs From Referral Diagnosis for EIS

Skin Infections in Early Childhood Linked to Pediatric Psoriasis

Independent associations with pediatric psoriasis also seen for atopic dermatitis, family history of psoriasis

B 12/21 -- Certain Cancer Patients at Higher Odds for Severe COVID-19

Secondary Bloodstream Infections Tied to Poorer COVID-19 Outcomes

Altered mental status, ICU admission, higher in-hospital mortality more likely in hospitalized patients with severe COVID-19 and sBSI

HealthDay Reports: Good Outcomes Seen in Hospitalized Pregnant Women With COVID-19

Timing of Antimicrobial Prophylaxis Examined for C-Section

Risk for surgical site infection not increased for surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis after cord clamping versus before incision

COVID-19 Infection Higher Among Support Staff Than Doctors

Long-Term Care Workers Often Hold Multiple Jobs

Movements from first to second jobs, often in health care or other essential work, may spread COVID-19

COVID-19 Infection Higher Among Support Staff Than Doctors

Localizing Signs, Symptoms of Infection Described in Seniors

Fever, hypothermia, hypotension, hyperglycemia, delirium should prompt further evaluation for infection in nursing home residents

'Smell Training' Might Speed the Sense's Return After COVID

Parosmia Tied to Smell Recovery After Olfactory Training

Parosmia linked to clinically relevant recovery in patients with postinfectious smell loss receiving olfactory training

Could the First Drug That Slows Arthritis Be Here?

FDA-Authorized Alpha-Defensin Lateral Flow Test Highly Accurate

Test demonstrates good performance for rapid diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infection around joint implants