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Long COVID Definitions, Care Models Are Evolving

Care models are informed by five key principles, including multidisciplinary expertise, patient-centered approach

Prehospital Reduction in BP Does Not Improve Stroke Outcomes

Findings seen in patients with suspected acute stroke with elevated systolic blood pressure

Semaglutide Reduces Need for Diuretics in Heart Failure

Medication also has beneficial effect on change in body weight across diuretic use categories

Aficamten Beneficial for Obstructive Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Significantly greater improvement seen in peak oxygen uptake with aficamten versus placebo for symptomatic HCM

Male, Female V1421 Carriers Face Similar Risk for Heart Failure Hospitalization

Carriers face similar and substantial risk for heart failure hospitalization, mainly with reduced ejection fraction

Activity Tracker, Scale Plus Phone App May Aid Weight Loss

Weight loss at six months noninferior to same wireless feedback system + human coaching

Radial Access for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Now Dominant Method

Radial access tied to lower mortality, bleeding, and vascular complications

Women, Black and Hispanic Adults Have Lower Angiography/PCI Use in NSTEMI

Second study shows STEMI incidence and mortality are higher in the lower-income population

Childhood Weight Status May Stratify Mortality Risk in Adults With Obesity

All-cause mortality risk highest for adults who were slim/underweight in childhood before having obesity in adulthood

AI-Informed Health App Aids Diabetes Outcomes

App gives tailored nutrition and health recommendations, which are linked to decreases in HbA1c and heart disease risk