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Food Elimination Diets Compared in Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Histological remission rates similar with one-, six-food elimination diets for adults with eosinophilic esophagitis

Infant Death Linked to Contaminated Breast Pump: CDC

Genetic sequencing linked the infection to bacteria from a breast pump used at home

AAN: Mediterranean Diet Score Linked to Cognition in MS

Higher MEDAS score independently predicted lower risk for cognitive impairment; link stronger for those with progressive disease

Almond, Soy Drinks Can Be Called Milk, FDA Proposes

Products do not pretend to be from cows, the FDA guidance said, and American consumers are not confused by the 'milk' name

Another Infant Formula Recalled Over Bacterial Contamination Concerns

Recall was announced out of an abundance of caution; no illnesses have been reported in connection with the formula

Many Children Not Eating Enough Vegetables, Consuming Too Many Sweet Drinks

About one-third of children did not eat a fruit daily and about half did not eat a vegetable daily in preceding week

Plant-Based Diet Linked to Reduced Risk for Prostate Cancer Progression

Men in highest quintile of plant-based dietary index had significantly lower risk for prostate cancer progression and recurrence

Most Infant Formula Products Have at Least One Health, Nutrition Claim

Scientific reference to support the claim was provided by 26 percent of products with one or more claims

Fasting in Pregnancy Linked to Lower Birth Weight

Dietary composition outside of fasting hours during Ramadan modifies association, which is no longer seen for those with high-fat diets

Diet-Induced Inflammation Not Linked to Psoriasis

Dietary inflammatory index not linked to psoriasis in participants with different population settings