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Green-Mediterranean Diet Boosts Intrahepatic Fat Loss

Diet amplified in Mankia, green tea, walnuts achieves greater intrahepatic fat loss than other nutritional strategies

More Diabetes Remission in T2DM Seen With Low-Carb Diets for Six Months

Large clinically important improvements observed in weight loss, triglycerides, and insulin sensitivity, which decreased at 12 months

Outcomes Vary for Depression Collaborative Care Programs

Food Insecurity Increasing Among Older U.S. Adults

Food insecurity also tied to lower-quality diet in older adults

Vitamins E, C Inversely Linked to Risk for Parkinson Disease

Comparing individuals in highest versus lowest tertile of exposure, inverse link seen for both vitamins C and E; no link for beta-carotene, NEAC

USDA, HHS Update Dietary Guidelines for Americans

2020 to 2025 guidelines recommend customizing nutrient-dense food and beverage choices to reflect personal preference, cultural traditions

Los confinamientos podrían estar manteniendo a raya a los ataques de asma de los niños

Dietary Advanced Glycation End-Product Intake, Wheezing Linked

Higher AGE intake associated with wheeze-disrupted sleep and exercise, wheezing requiring prescription meds in children

Maintenance Peanut Oral Immunotherapy Effective for Preschoolers

Majority of children reach tolerance great enough to protect them from accidental exposure to peanuts

More Plant Foods, Less Red Meat May Cut Heart Disease Risk

Substituting whole grains, dairy, eggs for red meat also might reduce risk for coronary heart disease

Vegans Have Increased Risk for Total, Main-Site Fractures

Association attenuated slightly with adjustment for dietary calcium and/or protein but still significant

Food Insecurity Tied to Higher Cardiovascular Mortality

Findings independent of changes in demographic, economic, and health care access