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Higher Red Meat Intake Tied to Worse Imaging Measures of CV Health

Adverse ventricular remodeling, poorer cardiac function, and higher arterial stiffness linked to greater intake of red, processed meat

FDA to Set Limits on Toxic Elements in Baby Food

Agency said it will assess the science, set maximum acceptable levels, and monitor baby food makers' compliance

Healthful Plant-Based Diet Linked to Lower Total Stroke Risk

Vegetarian diet not associated with increased risk for total stroke

Plant Protein Consumption Tied to Lower Risk for Death

Findings for all-cause, cardiovascular, and dementia-related mortality in women

Umbrella Review Reveals Links Between Diet, Colorectal Cancer

Review of meta-analyses of prospective observational studies reveals lower risk with higher intakes of dietary fiber, dietary calcium, yogurt

Mortality Lowest With Five Servings of Fruit, Vegetables/Day

Lowest mortality seen with two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables; no additional risk reduction seen with higher intake

High Glycemic Index Diet May Up Risk for CV Disease, Death

Diet with a high glycemic index linked to increased risk for major CV event, death for those with, without preexisting cardiovascular disease

More Than Two-Thirds of Adults Consume Any Fruit on a Given Day

Fruit consumption higher for women than men and increases with income; 95 percent of adults consume vegetables

High Refined Grain Intake Ups Risk for Mortality, Major CVD Events

Highest category of total intake linked to increased risk for total mortality, major cardiovascular disease events, their composite

Los confinamientos podrían estar manteniendo a raya a los ataques de asma de los niños

EPA, DHA Intake From Fish May Reduce Childhood Asthma Risk

Higher intake at age 7 years linked to lower odds of incident asthma at 11 or 14 years among FADS minor G allele carriers