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AAP Issues Low-Carb Diet Recommendations for Pediatric Diabetes

Safety concerns to consider for youth with diabetes who are restricting carbohydrates include growth deceleration, poor bone health

Minimally Processed Red Meat Can Work in Weight Loss Diet With Diabetes

High-protein, lean beef diet achieved similar weight loss, glucose control as normal-protein diet with no red meat

Improvement Seen in Reproductive Hormone Levels With Keto Diet in PCOS

LH/FSH ratio and serum free testosterone reduced, while serum sex hormone-binding globulin increased with ≥45 days of diet

California Legislature First to Pass Ban on Four Food Additives Linked to Health Issues

The chemicals are already illegal in the European Union and other places around the world

Company Pulls ‘One Chip Challenge’ From Store Shelves After Teen Dies

Hospitalizations from the One Chip Challenge have been reported across the country

Fresh Produce Rx Tied to Improvements in Food Security, Cardiometabolic Outcomes

Clinically relevant improvements seen in glycated hemoglobin, blood pressure, and BMI for adults

Lifestyle Risk Factors, Cardiometabolic Diseases Prevalent in Young Adults

In a recent study, prevalence of having two or more lifestyle risk factors 45.2 percent

Is There a Link Between Dietary Patterns and Infertility Treatment Outcomes?

Adherence to AHA dietary pattern inversely linked to pregnancy loss during infertility treatment with IVF, intrauterine insemination

Patients Say Ketogenic Diet Aids Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Even after ketogenic diet trial ended, most patients maintained a diet shift toward fewer carbohydrates and added sugar

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Kills Three People in Connecticut, New York

Vibrio vulnificus bacteria can be found in seawater and in raw or undercooked seafood, such as oysters