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During the last 18 years

No Change Seen in Processed Meat Consumption by U.S. Adults

During same period, mean consumption decreased for unprocessed red meat, increased for poultry
Yogurt consumption is associated with a reduced risk for colorectal adenomas in men

Yogurt Consumption Linked to Reduced CRC Adenoma Risk in Men

Men with two or more servings of yogurt per week have reduced risk for conventional adenoma
Higher soy consumption is linked to fewer osteoporotic fractures in younger breast cancer survivors

High Soy Intake May Cut Fracture Risk in Younger Breast Cancer Survivors

Findings seen among pre-/perimenopausal survivors of stage 0 to III breast cancer
Increases in red meat consumption over eight years are associated with an increased mortality risk during the subsequent eight years

Increases in Red Meat Intake Linked to Increased Mortality

Increase of at least half a serving a day of red meat, especially processed meat, linked to greater risk
Inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption may account for a considerable proportion of cardiovascular disease deaths each year

Inadequate Fruit, Veggies Explain Many Cardiovascular Deaths

Globally, suboptimal fruit, vegetable intake causes millions of CHD, stroke deaths per year
Fewer new type 2 diabetes cases are seen in adults who eat more plant-based foods

Fewer New T2DM Cases Seen in Adults on Plant-Based Diet

Intake of vitamins B2, B6 linked to reduced risk for T2DM; B12 intake from food linked to higher risk
Ultra-processed food consumption is associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality

Ultra-Processed Food Intake Linked to Increased CVD Risk

Second study shows consumption associated with all-cause mortality with significant dose-response link
Fish and shellfish consumption should be encouraged for children

Pediatricians Should Encourage Fish Consumption for Children

Fish have favorable nutrient profile versus other animal proteins; for most types, benefits outweigh risks
In 2015

Suboptimal Diet Accounted for >80,000 Cancer Cases in 2015

Low intake of whole grains, dairy products, high intake of processed meats account for highest burden
A low-fat dietary intervention is associated with reductions in deaths after breast cancer and deaths from breast cancer among postmenopausal women after long-term follow-up

ASCO: Low-Fat Dietary Pattern Cuts Breast Cancer Deaths

Significant reduction in deaths from breast cancer after cumulative follow-up of 19.6 years