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Higher consumption of nuts

Eating Nuts Tied to Reduced CVD Incidence, Death in T2DM Patients

Reduced risk seen for total CVD, coronary heart disease incidence for men and women
Chronic wasting disease has been found in wild deer

Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Deer in 24 States

No evidence disease can spread to humans, but hunters should be careful around potentially infected animals
Among postmenopausal women

Artificially Sweetened Drinks Linked to Stroke After Menopause

Risk for all stroke, ischemic stroke, CHD, all-cause mortality up with highest level of consumption
Fruit and vegetable intake is very low in the hemodialysis population

Fruit, Vegetable Intake Very Low in Hemodialysis Population

Higher consumption of fruit and vegetables linked to lower risk for all-cause, non-CVD mortality
Ensuring a short duration between dinner and bedtime has no effect on hemoglobin A1c levels in middle-aged and older Japanese adults

Short Duration Between Dinner, Bed Has No Effect on HbA1c

Duration of two hours or shorter between dinner and bedtime did not influence HbA1c changes
Among postmenopausal women

Fried Chicken, Fish Linked to All-Cause, Cardiovascular Death

For postmenopausal women, mortality risk increased with one serving fried chicken/fish per week
Achieving a healthy diet from sustainable food systems is feasible but will require considerable shifts toward healthy dietary patterns

Achieving Healthy Diet From Sustainable Food Feasible

Global adoption of healthy reference diet would reduce morbidity, environmental degradation
Intermittent fasting with restricted energy intake may provide better outcomes than daily continuous diet restriction for health and weight loss in obese women

Intermittent Fasts Plus Energy Restriction Best for Weight Loss

IF with 70 percent energy intake has better outcomes versus continuous diet restriction in obese women
Routine inspections of riskier foods will resume as early as today

FDA to Resume Inspections of Riskier Foods

Agency is bringing back about 150 unpaid employees for the inspections of riskier foods
The Escherichia coli outbreak linked to California-grown romaine lettuce appears to be over

CDC: E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Romaine Lettuce Is Over

25 people were hospitalized, including two who developed kidney failure; no deaths reported