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Structured Program of Diet, Exercise Can Cut BP in Resistant HTN

Reduction in clinic systolic BP and reduction in 24-hour ambulatory systolic BP greater with Center-Based Lifestyle Intervention

Walnut Intake Linked to Modest Decrease in LDL Cholesterol in Seniors

Significant decreases in total cholesterol, LDL-C, intermediate density lipoprotein cholesterol, with no increase in weight

Higher Flavonoid Intake May Lower Systolic Blood Pressure

Higher consumption of berries, red wine linked to lower SBP; association partly explained by microbial factors

Vitamin K Inversely Linked to Risk for Atherosclerotic CVD

Participants with diets high in vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 have reduced risk for atherosclerotic CVD in adjusted analyses

Biden Administration to Greatly Expand Food Stamp Program

Enrollment in SNAP has more than doubled since the early 2000s, and about 43 percent of beneficiaries are children

Consumption of Ultraprocessed Food Up Among Youth

Findings show that from 1999 to 2018, ultraprocessed food made up the majority of youths' total energy intake

Nonrecommended Milk Types Often Provided to Young Children

63 percent of caregivers of infants provided only breastmilk and/or commercially prepared infant formula

Red Meat Tied to Higher Risk for Ischemic Heart Disease

Meta-analysis shows higher heart disease risk tied to higher consumption of both processed meat and unprocessed red meat

Studies Show Lower CVD Risk With Adherence to Plant-Based Diets

Benefits seen for young adults with adherence to A Priori Diet Quality Score, for postmenopausal women with Portfolio Diet

Dietary Flavonoids May Lower Odds of Subjective Cognitive Decline

Associations strongest for flavones, flavanones, anthocyanins; dose-response curve steepest for flavones, then anthocyanins