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Certain Dietary Patterns May Raise Risk for Developing IBD

Carnivorous pattern linked to increased risk for ulcerative colitis; Western dietary pattern linked to increased risk for Crohn disease

Flavonoid Intake Linked to Mortality Risk in Parkinson Disease

Higher flavonoid intake after diagnosis of Parkinson disease linked to reduced risk for all-cause mortality

Nutrient-Laden Snacks Can Meaningfully Cut Cholesterol

Consumption of a suite of ready-to-eat bioactive foods tied to 8.8 percent drop in LDL cholesterol in four weeks

Preschool Intervention Can Achieve Sustained Lifestyle Changes

Achieving sustained changes requires multidisciplinary teams, multidimensional educational programs, multilevel interventions

USPSTF: Individualize Counseling for Primary Prevention of CVD

For adults without known CVD risk factors, individualize the decision to refer to behavioral counseling to promote healthy diet, physical activity

Consuming Olive Oil May Reduce Mortality Risk in U.S. Adults

Replacing butter, margarine, mayonnaise, dairy fat with olive oil linked to reductions in total, cause-specific mortality

10 Percent of U.S. Adults Meet Vegetable Intake Recommendations

12.3 percent meet fruit intake recommendations, ranging from 8.4 to 16.1 percent in West Virginia and Connecticut

Heterogeneity Identified in Global Kidney Nutrition Care

Dietitians and nephrologists only communicated sometimes on kidney nutrition care in 60 percent or more of countries

Low Inflammatory Diet in Early Pregnancy May Cut Risk for GDM

Greater adherence to healthier diet among pregnant women with overweight or obesity linked to lower risk for gestational diabetes mellitus

Fiber, FODMOP, Micronutrient Intake Lower in Patients With Active IBD

Individuals with inflammatory bowel disease have lower food-related quality of life