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Treatment Success Seen With Antibiotics for Uncomplicated Appendicitis

Seven days of oral antibiotics noninferior to two days of intravenous followed by oral antibiotics

Allergic Reactions to COVID Vaccines Are Rare

Laws Promoting Flu Shot for Hospital Workers Can Cut Deaths

2.5 percent drop seen in monthly pneumonia, flu mortality rates with implementation of state laws requiring hospitals to offer flu shot

AKI Common in U.S. Veterans Hospitalized With COVID-19

Virtual Kidney Transplant Evaluation Possible

Telehealth platform enabled maintenance of wait-list evaluation volume in large kidney transplant program during COVID-19 pandemic

ACA Protects Coverage for Pediatric Cancer Patients

Affordable Care Act Reduced Income Inequality in United States

Income inequality reduced within and across groups based on race/ethnicity, age, family educational attainment

HealthDay Reports: Plan in Place to Up Production of Prefilled Syringes for Future COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccine Rollout Slows as Many Health Care Workers Balk at Shots

In nursing homes and to some degree in hospitals, employees are refusing shots, expressing fears of side effects


Post-Hip Fracture Mortality Higher in Patients Living Alone

Findings independent of age, education level, number of children, and degree of urbanization

Adverse Events Up With Tourniquet Use in Knee Replacement

Rehospitalization Down With Remote Monitoring After Arthroplasty

Findings show significant reduction in rehospitalization rate for patients undergoing hip or knee arthroplasty

Age at Vasectomy Reversal Not Tied to Achieving Pregnancy

Shorter obstructive interval and female age associated with achieving pregnancy

Good Outcomes Reported With Single-Position Lumbar Surgery

Bone Quality Linked to Complications After Spinal Fusion

Patients who developed complications had lower trabecular vBMD, fewer and thinner trabeculae at radius and tibia

U.S. Health Care Spending Increased 4.6 Percent in 2019

Growth rate similar to that experienced in 2018 and consistent with growth rate since 2016