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Critics Slam Updated Infection Control Recommendations for Hospitals

Health care workers worry whether the guidelines are protecting a hospital's bottom line rather than worker health

Higher Rate of Bladder Neck Incompetence in Mixed Urinary Incontinence

Significantly higher rates of BNI, urethral incompetence seen in patients with OAB symptoms after anti-incontinence surgery

Affording Health Care Now a Struggle for Half of Americans: Poll

More than half delayed or skipped care because of concerns about costs

Health Care Workers Reported More Days of Poor Mental Health in 2022

2018 to 2022 saw increase in days of poor mental health and in percentage reporting feeling burnout very often

Unique Workplace Concerns Tied to Health Worker Depression, Anxiety During Pandemic

Associations seen for working on the hospital unit, mood disturbances, and sleep disturbances with depression, anxiety

Septoplasty Effective for Nasal Obstruction Linked to Deviated Septum

Mean Sino-Nasal Outcome Test-22 scores were significantly lower in septoplasty versus medical management arm

Side-by-Side Utility Terrain Vehicles Tied to More Significant Hand Injuries

Riders experience significantly more mutilating hand injuries, amputations than riders of all-terrain vehicles

Breast Satisfaction Increased for Women Undergoing Autologous Reconstruction

Higher levels of breast satisfaction and psychosocial and sexual well-being reported compared with alloplastic breast reconstruction

Kaiser Permanente Reaches Tentative Deal With 75,000 Health Care Workers

Workers are demanding the nation's largest nonprofit, private health care provider address low staffing levels

Burnout Increasing Among Physicians in the United States

Burnout highest in women, primary care physicians, and physicians with ≤10 years of experience