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2016 to 2020 Saw Increase in Medical Cannabis Licensure

Percent of patients with conditions that had substantial or conclusive evidence of therapeutic value decreased from 2016 to 2020

Hospital Interns Spend Only 13.4 Percent of Time in Patient Rooms

Real-time locating systems may be used to improve the training experience, authors say

Lutein/Zeaxanthin in AREDS2 May Slow Progression to Late AMD

No increased risk for lung cancer, reduced risk for progression to late AMD seen with lutein/zeaxanthin as replacement for beta-carotene

Half of Hospitals Have Implemented No Price Transparency

Only 5.7 percent of hospitals meet both requirements -- a machine-readable file for required price types and an accessible display for at least 300 shoppable items

New Drug Launch Prices Increasing Exponentially Each Year

Findings among newly marketed brand-name prescription drugs launched in 2008 to 2021

Actions Against Physician Licenses Due to Substance Use Down

However, despite declines from 2004 to 2020, substance use-related actions remain much higher than actions for physical, psychological impairment

Despite Improvements

Hispanic, Black Physicians Underrepresented in the United States

With sustained doubling of Hispanic and Black medical students, it would take 92 and 66 years to correct deficit of physicians

fundus camera use for  examination eye  in hospital

Retinal Layer Thickness Linked to Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

Thinner baseline total macular retinal nerve fiber layer thickness associated with larger decline in cognitive function test scores during follow-up

Medical technology concept. Doctor working with mobile phone and stethoscope in modern office

AMA Survey Shows Lack of Progress on Prior Authorization Reforms

Results show little progress across all five reform areas outlined in 2018 consensus statement

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Survey IDs Challenges of Health Care Environmental Hygiene

50 of 51 health care facilities surveyed lacking in some or all of the five components of the WHO multimodal hand hygiene strategy