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Subsequent Breast Cancer Risk Higher for Child Cancer Survivors Receiving Doxorubicin

More than twofold increase in risk seen for those treated with ≥200 mg/m² cumulative doxorubicin versus no doxorubicin

Use of AI Plus One Radiologist Noninferior for Detecting Breast Cancer

Double reading by one radiologist plus AI noninferior to standard-of-care double reading by two radiologists

Diet, Exercise Intervention May Aid Chemotherapy Outcomes in Breast Cancer

Although relative dose intensity similar, pathologic complete response higher with intervention

Interventions Can Increase Adjuvant Endocrine Treatment Adherence

Findings based on meta-analysis involving more than 360,000 breast cancer survivors

Fine Particular Matter Linked to Increase in Breast Cancer Risk

Significant increase in risk seen for ER-positive breast cancer, but not ER-negative tumors

Combined AI, Mammography Texture Model Improves Breast CA Risk Prediction

Combination model achieved higher AUC for interval and long-term cancers grouped together

Common Cancer Screenings May Not Extend Life Longevity

Meta-analysis only shows a 110-day survival benefit for colorectal cancer screening with sigmoidoscopy

Cancer Screening Has Provided Significant Value to U.S. Population

Single-site cancer screening could save an additional 3.2 to 5.1 million life-years with perfect adherence

Low Recurrence Seen With Omission of Radiation in Some Breast Cancer Cases

Finding seen among women aged at least 55 years with T1N0, grade 1 or 2, luminal A breast cancer receiving breast-conserving surgery, endocrine therapy

Alcohol Linked to Lower Breast Cancer Mortality in Women With Obesity

Possible higher risk of recurrence in association with drinking seen for women with lower body mass index