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A deep learning algorithm can successfully assess mammographic breast density

Deep Learning Algorithm Can ID Mammographic Breast Density

Implementation of DL algorithm in routine clinical practice has agreement with radiologists
Postmenopausal women with weight loss have a reduced risk for breast cancer

Weight Loss May Cut Breast CA Risk in Postmenopausal Women

Postmenopausal women with weight loss have lower breast cancer risk than those with stable weight
Exome sequencing-based screening may identify pathogenic and likely pathogenic BRCA1/2 variants that might otherwise remain undetected

Genomic Screening Can ID Undetected BRCA1/2 Cancer Risk

82 percent of variant carriers identified in exome sequencing had not undergone prior testing
For breast cancer survivors

Treatment Linked to Cognitive Scores in Breast Cancer Survivors

For older survivors, those receiving chemotherapy have increasing worse APE scores
Almost 43 percent of patients diagnosed with breast cancer presenting to a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center for a second opinion have a change in diagnosis

Second Opinion at NCI Center Valuable for Breast CA Patients

Almost 43 percent of those presenting to NCI center for second opinion have change in diagnosis

Most Breast Cancer Diagnoses Given Over the Phone

This represents a reversal, with in-person diagnoses more common before 2006
Molecular markers of breast cancer tumors can be identified by focusing on parameters of a cell's nucleus

Promising New Way to Identify Breast Cancer Tumors

Technology can be used to identify the molecular markers of breast cancer tumors
Risk of cardiotoxicity is higher for patients receiving trastuzumab and/or anthracyclines for the treatment of breast cancer

Cardiac Monitoring Needed for High-Risk Breast Cancer Patients

Trastuzumab, certain chemo treatments increase patient risk of heart failure
At least 15 men who worked near Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks have been diagnosed with breast cancer

At Least 15 Men Near Ground Zero Have Breast Cancer

Many exposed to the WTC site appear to experience a greater cancer burden
A single multiorgan donor transmitted breast cancer to four transplant recipients

Case Report Describes 4 Breast Cancer Cases Post Transplant

Single donor transmitted cancer to four recipients; one survived after transplant nephrectomy