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An artificial intelligence program outperforms pathologists for differentiating ductal carcinoma in situ from atypia

AI Program May Aid in Pathologic Evaluation of Breast Biopsies

Computer-based automated approach promising for differentiating ductal carcinoma in situ from atypia
Use of a deep learning artificial intelligence system for digital breast tomosynthesis images can improve cancer detection efficacy and reduce image reading time

AI Assists in Reading of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Images

Concurrent use of AI system improves cancer detection, reduces reading time and recall rate
Red meat consumption may increase the risk of invasive breast cancer

Red Meat Consumption May Up Risk of Invasive Breast Cancer

Findings from prospective cohort study of sisters or half-sisters of women diagnosed with breast cancer
Patients undergoing surgery for breast cancer

Breast Cancer Surgery + Another Procedure Ups Complications

Findings for women undergoing additional plastic or gynecological procedure at time of breast cancer surgery
Delay in initiation of chemotherapy is associated with poorer overall survival for breast cancer

Delay in Time to Chemo Impacts Survival in Breast Cancer

Time interval from diagnosis to surgery has largest impact on time from diagnosis to chemo initiation
The odds of diagnosis of triple-negative breast cancer are increased for non-Hispanic black and Hispanic women and for younger women

Racial Disparity Shown in Odds of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Odds of TNBC diagnosis increased for black, Hispanic, and younger women
Higher consumption of sugary drinks is associated with an increased risk for overall cancer and breast cancer

Sugary Beverage Consumption Linked to Increased Cancer Risk

In prospective cohort study, consuming 100 percent fruit juice also tied to increased cancer risk
Adoption of 3-D mammography expanded rapidly in the United States in just a few years

Use of 3-D Mammography Rapidly Expanded 2015 to 2017

Adoption varied widely by region; uptake more rapid in areas with greater socioeconomic resources
Morning preference seems to have a protective effect on breast cancer risk

Morning Preference Has Protective Effect on Breast Cancer Risk

Findings suggest adverse effect for increased sleep duration on breast cancer risk
Physicians need more education about breast density and breast cancer screening

Physicians Unaware of Breast Density Laws, Cancer Risk

Half of physicians unaware of increased breast cancer risk among women with dense breasts