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Insurance status and access to care play an important role in racial disparities in stage of breast cancer at diagnosis

Lack of Insurance Tied to Later Stage of Breast Cancer at Diagnosis

Almost half of higher stage of disease at diagnosis in racial/ethnic minorities explained by insurance status
State dense-breast notification laws are not associated with increased understanding of the clinical implications of breast density

Notification Laws May Not Increase Knowledge of Dense Breast Risks

Women with lower education may be less likely to gain awareness of breast density due to the laws
Being a resident in a state with a dense breast notification law does not appear to help women know more about breast density

More Education Needed on Breast Density and Screening Choices

Women largely do not know breast density ups risk for breast cancer even in U.S. states with notification
A new device allows plastic surgeons to perform three-dimensional nipple tattoos as part of breast reconstruction

3-D Tattoo Device Aids With Nipple Reconstruction

New device expands accessibility of technique to plastic surgeons as an in-office procedure
An artificial intelligence system can reduce false positives and false negatives in prediction of breast cancer and outperforms human readers

AI System Outperforms Radiologists in Breast Cancer Prediction

Reduction seen in false positives, false negatives in datasets from the United Kingdom, United States
While dense breast notifications are mandated legislatively in more than 35 states

Dense Breast Notifications May Not Be Having Intended Impact

Few differences seen between women residing in states that require notifications and those who do not
Use of antioxidants and other dietary supplements before and during chemotherapy is associated with worse survival outcomes for patients with breast cancer

Antioxidant, Supplement Use May Worsen Breast Cancer Outcomes

Disease-free, overall survival poorer with vitamin B12 use before and during chemotherapy
Obesity is associated with an increased risk for cardiotoxicity among patients receiving treatment for breast cancer

Obesity May Up Cardiotoxicity Risk From Breast Cancer Therapy

Obesity independently associated with treatment-related cardiotoxicity in breast cancer patients
For women with primary ductal carcinoma in situ

RT for DCIS Ups Mortality Risk in Invasive Second Breast Cancer

Rates of mortality for invasive second breast cancer higher in those with prior radiotherapy for DCIS

CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, Dec. 10-14

The 42nd Annual CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium The annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium was held from Dec. 10 to 14...