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Risk-Based Approach Developed to Triage Mammography Use

Clinical indication and individual risk factors linked to breast cancer detection and could help triage mammography use

US Breast Cancer Centers Recommend Earlier Initiation of Screening

Of the 431 centers that recommended a starting age, 87.2 percent gave recommendations different from those of national societies

Many Women Feel Left Out of Decisions on Breast Cancer Care

Large proportion of women believe their surgeon effectively made the decision on their reconstructive surgery options

Racial/Ethnic, Educational Barriers ID’d for DBT Screening Access

Use of digital breast tomosynthesis lower for Black versus White women, those with lower educational level, in lowest income quartile

Weight Loss Tied to Worse Breast Cancer Outcomes

Baseline body mass index tied to outcomes, with obesity linked to poorer outcome

Risk for Breast Cancer Death Increased With Missing Mammogram

Serial participants have significantly lower risk for death compared with those who missed one or both of two screenings before diagnosis

Axillary Adenopathy Reported After Recent COVID-19 Vaccination

Management approach to these findings includes axillary ultrasound if clinical concern persists six weeks after final dose of vaccine

Mammography Guidelines Developed for Older Breast Cancer Survivors

Discontinuation of routine mammography recommended for breast cancer survivors when life expectancy is less than five years

Study Looks at T2DM, Metformin Use, and Breast Cancer Risk

Links between T2DM with metformin use and breast cancer risk appear to be affected by hormone receptor status

Breast Cancer Mortality Rates Have Stopped Declining for Women Under 40

After 2010, nonsignificant increases per year seen in breast cancer mortality rates for those aged 20 to 29, 30 to 39 years