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Permanent hair dye use is associated with an increased risk for breast cancer

Permanent Hair Dye Use Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Risk

Significantly increased risk seen in black women; risk also increased with application of dye to others
Compared with annual screening

RSNA: Biennial Mammo Returns More Advanced-Stage Cancers

Annual mammography screening, used by most patients, yields smaller and less advanced cancers
For women with extremely dense breast tissue and normal results on mammography

Fewer Interval Cancers Diagnosed With Supplemental MRI for Dense Breasts

Use of supplemental MRI results in diagnosis of fewer interval cancers than mammography alone
Patients with breast or prostate cancer who are obese score higher in psychosocial problem-related distress than nonobese patients

Cancer Patients With Obesity Show Poorer Psychosocial Health

Among breast cancer and prostate cancer patients, scores for distress higher for obese than nonobese
Endocrine therapy reduces the quality of life of breast cancer patients

Endocrine Therapy Lowers QOL for Breast Cancer Patients

Effects of chemotherapy found to be more transient in comparison
The Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score is associated with mortality at a lower threshold for men versus women with breast cancer

Threshold for Breast Cancer Recurrence Score Differs by Sex

Increased mortality seen at lower ranges of Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score for men versus women
There is no significant difference in breast cancer detection rates with dense breast ultrasound screening following digital mammography versus digital breast tomosynthesis

Cancer Yield Similar for Dense Breast Ultrasound After DM, DBT

Detection rates for additional cancers similar after digital mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis
At least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity physical activity is associated with lower all-cause mortality among postmenopausal breast cancer patients

Physical Activity After Cancer Diagnosis Improves Survival

Findings seen among postmenopausal breast cancer patients regardless of activity level prediagnosis
For patients with obesity

Bariatric Surgery in Obese Patients May Lower Cancer Risk

Among genetically predisposed, breast cancer rate higher in those who did not opt for bariatric surgery
Anticipated future shortages of oncology providers may have a serious and specific impact on women's health care

U.S. Oncologist Shortage May Impact Women’s Health

Major U.S. cities are expected to have a shortage of oncologists