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Breast Cancer Surgery Feasible for Most Fit Older Women

1999 to 2018 Saw Decrease in Cancer-Related Suicide

Largest decreases seen among high-risk populations, including men, older patients, patients with prostate and lung cancer

Scheduled E

Virtual Care Maintains Quality Cancer Care

Majority of patients, physicians report satisfaction with virtual care

B 1/5 -- Type of Mouth Bacteria May Raise Lung Cancer Risk for Nonsmokers

Risk for Developing, Dying From Second Cancer Higher for Survivors

Adult-onset cancer survivors have greater risk for subsequent primary cancer; majority of these incidences are cancers associated with obesity or smoking

Breast Cancer Surgery Feasible for Most Fit Older Women

Overall Cancer Death Rates Decreased From 1991 to 2018

Pace of annual decline in lung cancer mortality increased from 2009-2013 to 2014-2018 for men, women, overall

TAVR Volumes in the U.S. Have Risen Each Year Since 2011

Predicted Heart Age Higher Among Cancer Survivors

Excess heart age 8.5 years for men and 6.5 years for women; varies by age, race/ethnicity, education, income

HealthDay Reports: White House Announces Payment Plan for Uninsured COVID-19 Patients

2014 to 2019 Saw Drop in Oncologists Accepting Industry Payments

Annual per-physician payment value decreased for those receiving less than $10,000, increased for those receiving more than $10,000

SARS-CoV-2 Infection Rate Low in Patients Receiving Antitumor Therapy

Less than 1 percent of patients receiving antitumor treatment between Jan. 15 and May 4, 2020, developed COVID-19

Kids With Cancer Not at Greater Risk for Severe COVID

Risk for Severe COVID-19 Not Increased for Children With Cancer

In children with cancer younger than 16, the estimated incidence of hospital-identified SARS-CoV-2 infection was 3 percent

Breast Cancer Surgery Feasible for Most Fit Older Women

Risk for COVID-19 Infection Increased With Common Cancers

Risk for COVID-19 elevated for individuals with recent cancer diagnosis; those with cancer and COVID-19 have worse outcomes