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Cryoablation is effective for controlling cancer pain without many side effects

Cryoablation Efficacious for Cancer Pain, Review Finds

Cryoablation also cuts the need for opioids at 24 hours post-treatment and at three months
For patients with active cancer and venous thromboembolism (VTE)

Rivaroxaban Linked to Low VTE Recurrence in Active Cancer

Lower rate of VTE recurrence, but higher clinically relevant non-major bleeding versus dalteparin
For patients with advanced cancers

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Efficacy Varies by Sex

Magnitude of benefit of immune checkpoint inhibitors sex-dependent for patients with advanced cancers
Many oncologists recommend medical marijuana clinically despite not feeling sufficiently knowledgeable about its utility

Many Oncologists Discuss, Recommend Medical Marijuana

But majority of oncologists don't feel knowledgeable enough to make these recommendations
Among women with metastatic cancer and dependent children

Parenting Fears Harm Well-Being of Women With Metastatic Cancer

Findings based on survey of women with advanced cancer and dependent children
The cancer burden among persons living with HIV is projected to shift by 2030

Cancer Incidences and Burden Expected to Shift in HIV-Positive

Prostate and lung cancer expected to emerge as the most common types by 2030
Specific demographic groups have lower cancer genetic testing

Gender Disparity Observed in Cancer Genetic Testing in the U.S.

Unaffected men have rate of breast/ovarian cancer testing that is one-tenth that of unaffected women
Five major strategies exist for reducing acute care for patients with cancer

Five Strategies to Reduce Acute Care for Cancer Patients ID’d

Findings include enhanced care coordination, early palliative care, and new loci for urgent cancer care
Oculo-visual problems among adult retinoblastoma survivors are associated with patient-reported vision-targeted health-related quality of life

In Retinoblastoma Survivors, Oculo-Visual Issues Tied to QoL

Oculo-visual problems associated with functional status, vision-targeted health-related quality of life

April 2018 Briefing – Hematology & Oncology

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