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Survivors of childhood cancer have a lower prevalence of suicidal behaviors and mortality

Suicidal Behaviors, Deaths Lower for Childhood Cancer Survivors

But prevalence of suicidal ideation similar for childhood cancer survivors, general population
Cancer patients treated one to three months prior to COVID-19 diagnosis and those treated with chemoimmunotherapy have the highest 30-day mortality

Study Examines Effect of Cancer Treatment on COVID-19 Mortality

Highest 30-day mortality seen with cancer treatment one to three months before COVID-19 diagnosis
For patients with advanced urothelial cancer treated with atezolizumab

PPI Use Is Negative Prognostic Marker in Urothelial Cancer

PPI use linked to significantly worse progression-free, overall survival in advanced urothelial cancer
Smokeless tobacco is used across the globe and poses a major public health threat

Smokeless Tobacco Poses Global Health Burden

Greatest burden of smokeless tobacco-related disease found in South and Southeast Asia
The rates of adults with high-grade soft tissue sarcoma who receive chemotherapy may be lower than expected

Few High-Grade Soft Tissue Sarcoma Patients Receive Chemo

Percentage of STS patients receiving chemo driven by factors such as tumor size, income, facility type
Use of permanent hair dye is not associated with the risk for most cancers or cancer mortality

Permanent Hair Dye Not Linked to Cancer Risk, Mortality

Risk increased slightly for basal cell carcinomas; positive link found for some breast cancers, ovarian cancer
Severe hearing impairment in childhood cancer survivors is associated with neurocognitive deficits

Child Cancer Survivors’ Hearing Loss Linked to Cognitive Deficits

Findings seen in survivors of childhood cancer independent of the neurotoxic treatment received
There is no association between treatment type for hyperthyroidism and later risk of solid cancer mortality

No Link Between Hyperthyroidism Treatment, Solid Cancer Death

Association between radioactive iodine treatment and solid cancer mortality is dose dependent

August 2020 Briefing – Hematology & Oncology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Hematology & Oncology for August 2020. This roundup includes...
The Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer and the International Society of Oral Oncology have issued updated recommendations for the management of mucositis; a summary of these updates was published online July 28 in Cancer.

MASCC/ISOO Update Guidelines for Management of Mucositis

Topics include basic oral care, photobiomodulation therapy, cryotherapy, natural interventions