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After adjustment for nonbiological differences

Black Race Not Tied to Worse Prostate Cancer Mortality

Findings seen in cohorts of men with nonmetastatic disease after adjusting for nonbiological differences
The rates of prolonged opioid prescribing remain high for older cancer survivors five or more years after cancer diagnosis

Long-Term Opioid Prescribing Up Among Older Cancer Survivors

Cancer survivors diagnosed 2004 to 2008 have higher rates of opioid prescribing versus those diagnosed earlier
For cancer drugs ultimately approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Approving Children’s Cancer Drugs Takes 6.5 Years Longer

Gap reflects time from first clinical trial in humans to the first trial in children
Nitrate pollution of drinking water has serious health and economic consequences

Nitrate Pollution of Tap Water May Cause Thousands of Cancer Cases

Annual nitrate-attributable cases of CRC, ovarian, thyroid, kidney, bladder cancer ranged from 2,300 to 12,594
The number of cancer survivors is projected to increase to more than 22.1 million by Jan. 1

Number of Cancer Survivors Set to Top 22 Million by 2030

Fifty-six percent of cancer survivors diagnosed within past 10 years; 64 percent aged ≥65
Cancer survivors have significantly higher annual out-of-pocket medical expenditures than individuals without a cancer history

Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenditure Up for Cancer Survivors

More than 1 in 4 survivors report material hardship; more than 1 in 3 has psychological hardship

American Society of Clinical Oncology, May 31-June 4

The 55th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology The annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology was held...
While oncology providers are aware of the link between obesity and cancer

Few Oncologists Refer Patients to Weight Management Programs

Providers need more support to refer patients to weight management, physical activity programs
Fragmentation profiles of cell-free DNA can differentiate between patients with cancer and healthy controls

Fragmentation Profiles of Cell-Free DNA Can Detect Cancer

Combined with mutation-based cell-free DNA analyses, 91 percent of cancer patients identified
For young adults

Young Male Adults Have Lower Cancer Burden Than Women

Incidence of all invasive cancers decreased among men aged 20 to 49 years, increased in women