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FDA Warns of Amoxicillin Shortage

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists said it started hearing about shortages about three weeks ago

Early Anti-Anaerobic Antibiotics May Worsen Outcomes in Critically Ill

Patients receiving anti-anaerobic antibiotics had decreased gut bacterial density; domination by Enterobacteriaceae spp

Patient Belief About Success of Antibiotics Tied to Appendicitis Outcomes

Beliefs about likely success of antibiotic therapy linked to lower risk for appendectomy, resolution of signs and symptoms by 30 days

Topical Antibiotics Shorten Duration of Conjunctival Symptoms

Findings based on randomized trial and meta-analysis combining data with three previous trials in children with acute infective conjunctivitis

Multidose Antibiotic Prophylaxis No Better for Breast Implant Surgery

Multiple-dose regimen not superior to single-dose regimen among women undergoing implant-based breast reconstruction

Outpatient Antibiotic Management of Appendicitis Feasible for Selected Adults

Outpatients miss fewer workdays, have similar frequency of return health care visits, high satisfaction

CDC Report Addresses Impact of COVID-19 on Antimicrobial Resistance

Increases in resistant infections from 2019 to 2020 seen for carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter, antifungal-resistant Candida auris

Azithromycin Improves Outcomes in Poorly Controlled Child Asthma

Better control, fewer exacerbations seen with addition of oral azithromycin to standard therapy in children with poorly controlled asthma

B 5/13 -- Heavy Antibiotic Use Tied to Development of Crohn's

DDW: Antibiotics Up Risk of Older-Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Findings regardless of antibiotic class and with a dose-response relationship


Diagnostic Stewardship Cuts Blood Cultures, Antibiotic Use in PICU

Relative reductions of 33 percent in rate of blood cultures, 13 percent in rate of broad-spectrum antibiotic use seen postimplementation