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Antibiotic Dispensing Decreased After COVID-19 Restrictions

36 percent reduction seen in antibiotic dispensing after COVID-19 restrictions; large reduction found in antibiotics for RTIs

Most Preprocedural Urinalyses Represent Low-Value Care

Between six and 28 percent of preprocedural urinalyses that were not indicated were followed by an antibiotic prescription

Shorter Course of Antibiotics Noninferior for UTI in Afebrile Men

Seven days of antibiotics noninferior to 14-day course for resolution of symptoms among afebrile men with urinary tract infection

Non-Antimicrobial Drugs Tied to Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infection

Proton pump inhibitors, beta-blockers, antimetabolites linked to infection with antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Outpatient Antibiotic Prescribing Down in VA System

Annual percent decrease for all outpatient antibiotic use averaged 3.9 percent; largest decrease seen in ciprofloxacin use at 12.6 percent

Respiratory Virus Detections Decreased During COVID-19

Monthly antibiotic prescriptions for respiratory tract infections decreased 79 percent during pandemic period

Early-Life Exposure to Antibiotics Linked to Atopic Dermatitis

Exposure in utero and during first year of life linked to increased risk for atopic dermatitis; attenuated in sibling-control analysis

ACP Offers Guidance on Antibiotic Duration for Common Infections

Best practices recommend limiting antibiotics to five days for COPD exacerbations, acute uncomplicated bronchitis

Rates of Macrolide Resistance in S. pneumoniae High Across the U.S.

Clinicians should consider alternatives to macrolide monotherapy as empiric therapy for suspected community-acquired bacterial pneumonia

Short-Course Antibiotics Noninferior for Pediatric Pneumonia

Short-course antibiotic therapy comparable to standard care for community-acquired pneumonia