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Doxycycline Tied to Lower Risk for C. Difficile in Pneumonia Patients

Incidence of C. difficile infection reduced by 45 percent with doxycycline among patients with prior history of CDI

New Antibiotic Tackles Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea in Trial

Zoliflodacin was seen to cure uncomplicated gonorrhea infection as effectively as the current go-to treatment

IDSA: Piperacillin-Tazobactam, Cefepime Comparable for Suspected Infection

Incidence of acute kidney injury or death did not differ among those receiving cefepime and piperacillin-tazobactam

Adding Vancomycin to Cefazolin Prophylaxis Does Not Prevent Surgical Site Infections

Addition of vancomycin not superior to placebo for preventing surgical site infections in arthroplasty

Ceftobiprole Noninferior to Daptomycin for Complicated Staph Infection

Ceftobiprole noninferior for overall treatment success; findings consistent in key subgroups and for secondary outcomes

Fine Particulate Matter Linked to Antibiotic Resistance Globally

If air quality guidelines set by WHO are reached in 2050, antibiotic resistance will decline by 16.8 percent

Antibiotics Show Little Benefit in Children Without Nasopharyngeal Bacterial Pathogens

Findings show greater benefit in symptom resolution with detected bacterial pathogens but not color of nasal discharge

Direct Oral Penicillin Challenge Noninferior to Standard of Care

Direct oral challenge noninferior to skin testing followed by oral challenge for patients with low-risk allergy

Pay for Performance Programs Cut Antibiotic Rx at Safety-Net Hospitals

Five Choosing Wisely-based interventions were launched in combination and resulted in a decrease in antibiotic prescribing for ARTI

Pfizer Warns of Shortage of Antibiotic Used to Fight Syphilis

Reasons for scarcity of Bicillin L-A include increasing demand because of the rising number of syphilis infections