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For infants with uncomplicated

Low Recurrence With Shortened IV Abx Course in GBS Bacteremia

Some infants with late-onset GBS bacteremia treated with shortened course of IV antibiotics
In a direct-to-consumer telemedicine setting

Telemedicine RTI Visits Shorter When Antibiotic Prescribed

Finding may highlight physician difficulty explaining to patients why antibiotics are not required
The cumulative incidence of appendicitis recurrence within five years is 39.1 percent among patients with uncomplicated acute appendicitis initially treated with antibiotics

Initial Abx Feasible Alternative for Uncomplicated Appendicitis

At five years, cumulative incidence of appendicitis recurrence 39.1 percent with antibiotic treatment
Antibiotic use rates in neonatal intensive care units are declining

NICU Antibiotic Use Rates Declined From 2013 to 2016

Variance in rates mostly unexplained by proven infections, other clinical indications
Very young children with urinary tract infections who receive parenteral antibiotics before emergency department discharge do not have lower rates of revisits leading to admission than children receiving oral antibiotics

Pediatric Revisits, Admissions for UTI Similar With Oral or IV Meds

Findings support ED discharge with oral antibiotics for children with urinary tract infection
Changing from intravenous to oral antibiotic treatment is non-inferior to continued intravenous antibiotic treatment among patients with endocarditis on the left side of the heart

Partial Oral Abx Non-Inferior in Endocarditis on Left Side of Heart

Changing to oral antibiotics was non-inferior to continued intravenous antibiotic treatment
Emergency department visits for antibiotic adverse drug events (ADEs) in children account for 46.2 percent of emergency department visits for ADEs resulting from systemic medication

Many ED Visits for Antibiotic Adverse Drug Events in Children

Antibiotic ADEs among children account for 46.2 percent of ED visits for ADEs tied to systemic meds
In pretreatment isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

MICs of Isoniazid, Rifampin May Predict Tuberculosis Relapse

Higher MIC in pretreatment M. tuberculosis isolates linked to relapse risk
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning patients with cancers of the blood or lymph nodes who undergo a donor stem cell transplant not to take azithromycin

FDA Warns Against Long-Term Azithromycin Use for Some

Warning for blood cancer patients who have undergone donor stem cell transplant
Individuals with bicuspid aortic valve and mitral valve prolapse have a higher risk of developing infective endocarditis than the general population

Infective Endocarditis More Common with Valve Issues

Antibiotic prophylaxis should be reconsidered with bicuspid aortic valve, mitral valve prolapse