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Azithromycin Improves Outcomes in Poorly Controlled Child Asthma

Better control, fewer exacerbations seen with addition of oral azithromycin to standard therapy in children with poorly controlled asthma

B 5/13 -- Heavy Antibiotic Use Tied to Development of Crohn's

DDW: Antibiotics Up Risk of Older-Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Findings regardless of antibiotic class and with a dose-response relationship


Diagnostic Stewardship Cuts Blood Cultures, Antibiotic Use in PICU

Relative reductions of 33 percent in rate of blood cultures, 13 percent in rate of broad-spectrum antibiotic use seen postimplementation

FDA Postpones Decision on Pfizer COVID Vaccine for Kids Under 5

Antibiotic Use in Under 2s May Reduce Antibody Response to Vaccines

Possible negative association of history of antibiotic prescriptions with vaccine-induced immunity seen in young children

Azithromycin Therapy Does Not Reduce Recurrent Wheeze After RSV

Azithromycin therapy during RSV bronchiolitis does not reduce the risk for post-RSV recurrent wheeze over two to four years

Treatment Strategy Studied for Drug Use-Linked Infective Endocarditis

Clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness of simulated treatment strategies for injection drug use-linked IE compared in modeling study

Early-Life Antibiotics Alter Infant Gut Microbiome

Major shift seen in composition and in antimicrobial resistance gene profile directly after treatment, which normalized over 12 months

Nonantibiotic Prophylaxis Noninferior for Recurrent UTI

Incidence of antibiotic-treated UTI during 12-month treatment period noninferior for methenamine hippurate versus prophylactic antibiotics

AHA Issues Advisory for Penicillin Reactions in Patients With Severe RHD

Strongly consider oral prophylaxis for patients at elevated risk for cardiovascular compromise following IM injection of benzathine penicillin G

4.95 Million Deaths Linked to Antimicrobial Resistance in 2019

Lower respiratory infections accounted for >1.5 million deaths associated with resistance, making it the most burdensome syndrome