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Prescribing macrolide antibiotics during the first trimester of pregnancy is associated with an increased risk for major fetal malformation

Major Malformations Up With Macrolide Prescribing in Pregnancy

Macrolide prescribing during any trimester linked to increased risk for genital malformations
One in three children are prescribed antibiotics at children's hospitals

One-Quarter of Antibiotic Prescriptions at Children’s Hospitals Suboptimal

21 percent of these orders are suboptimal by antimicrobial stewardship program standards
Large proportions of antibiotic prescriptions for Medicaid patients are filled without evidence of infection-related diagnoses or clinician visits

Many Antibiotic Rx Filled Without Infection-Related Diagnosis

More than one-quarter of antibiotic fills for Medicaid patients not associated with a clinician visit
The outpatient antibiotic prescribing rate for children was 1

Level of Antibiotic Prescribing High for Children in Tennessee

Nearly 25 percent of overall, broad-spectrum antibiotic prescriptions written by 1.7 percent of providers
Fewer than half of California pharmacies provide correct information about disposal of antibiotics and opioids

Few Pharmacies Provide Correct Info on Medication Disposal

Only 11 percent of California pharmacies reported on-site take-back programs for antibiotic, opioid disposal
Most children with non-β-lactam antibiotic allergy can be delabeled

Most Children Do Not Have Positive Results to Antibiotic Challenge

Positive results for only 18 percent of challenge tests to non-β-lactam antibiotics
Exposure to certain types of oral antibiotics may be associated with an elevated risk for Parkinson disease

Antibiotic Exposure May Be Tied to Risk for Parkinson Disease

Link between exposure and diagnosis may be due to disruption of gut microbiota, authors say
A considerable proportion of antibiotics are prescribed without a documented indication

Antibiotics Often Prescribed Without Documented Indication

Of 130.5 million prescriptions in 2015, 18 percent had no documented indication
Progress has been made in slowing antibiotic resistance-associated deaths

Some Progress Made in Slowing Antibiotic Resistance-Linked Deaths

Deaths decreased 18 percent since 2013 report, but more than 2.8 million infections occur each year
Many older adults do not follow instructions related to antibiotic use

Poll: Many Seniors Do Not Follow Instructions Related to Antibiotics

65 percent of those with leftover medication report keeping it, mainly in case of another infection