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For children with acute respiratory infections

Telemedicine Leads to More Antibiotic Rx for Pediatric Respiratory Infection

More antibiotics prescribed with less guideline-concordant antibiotic management versus other settings
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposal to allow use of the antibiotic streptomycin to treat citrus disease should be withdrawn because it poses a risk to human health and the environment

EPA Proposal Will Allow Antibiotic Spraying of Citrus Crops

Consumer Reports warns of '26-fold increase in the use of streptomycin in plant agriculture'
Recommendations have been developed for use of polymyxins

Guidelines Developed for Polymyxin Antibiotic Use

Polymyxin B recommended for routine use in invasive infections; colistin preferred for lower UTI
Delaying or withholding antibiotics for older patients with a urinary tract infection is associated with an increase in bloodstream infection and all-cause mortality

Antibiotic Delay Leads to Increased Risks in Seniors With UTI

No antibiotics, deferred antibiotics tied to increase in bloodstream infection, all-cause mortality
Fluoroquinolone stewardship interventions at hospitals are associated with less fluoroquinolone prescribing during hospitalization but not at discharge

Stewardship Programs Decrease Inpatient Fluoroquinolone Rx

Interventions tied to less prescribing in hospital but did not impact fluoroquinolone discharge treatment
Plazomicin is noninferior to meropenem for patients with complicated urinary tract infections

Plazomicin Noninferior to Meropenem for Complicated UTI

In second study, plazomicin may be beneficial for carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae infections
Although there has been progress in the development of new antibacterial drugs

Progress Made in Developing New Antibacterial Agents

But most recently approved agents have been modifications of existing chemical classes of antibiotics
Omadacycline is noninferior to moxifloxacin for community-acquired bacterial pneumonia and noninferior to linezolid for acute bacterial skin infections

Omadacycline Noninferior to Moxifloxacin for Pneumonia

Second study shows noninferiority to linezolid for acute bacterial skin and skin-structure infections
For patients being treated for bone or joint infection

Oral Antibiotics Noninferior to IV for Bone, Joint Infection

Noninferiority in intention-to-treat analysis; supported by complete-case, per-protocol, sensitivity analysis
Less than half of all outpatient antibiotic prescription fills by privately insured nonelderly adults and children in the United States are appropriate or potentially appropriate

Inappropriate Antibiotic Rx Common in Privately Insured

Only 12.8 and 35.5 percent of fills were appropriate, potentially appropriate in outpatients