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Patients using QT-prolonging drugs have an increased risk for cardiac events in association with azithromycin versus amoxicillin

Some Patients Have Increase in Cardiac Events With Azithromycin

Risk for cardiac events higher with azithromycin versus amoxicillin in those using QT-prolonging drugs
Intravenous antibiotics do not achieve greater sustained eradication of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in patients with cystic fibrosis compared with oral therapy

IV, Oral Antibiotics Comparable for Treating P. aeruginosa in CF

Results do not support use of IV antibiotics to eradicate P. aeruginosa in cystic fibrosis, authors say
Antibiotics are noninferior to appendectomy for treatment of appendicitis

ACS: Antibiotics Noninferior to Appendectomy for Appendicitis

However, complications occurred more often in the antibiotics group than in the appendectomy group
Early empiric antibacterial therapy use is high in patients hospitalized with COVID-19

Early Use of Empiric Antibacterial Therapy Common in COVID-19

Likelihood of receiving antibiotics higher for more severe illness, at for-profit hospitals
Higher cumulative exposure to antibiotics is associated with an increased risk for new-onset inflammatory bowel disease

Antibiotic Exposure Linked to Risk for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Patients receiving one, two, three or more antibiotic dispensations have increased odds of IBD
The efficacy of hormonal contraceptives may be reduced with use of antibiotics

Antibiotics May Reduce Efficacy of Hormonal Contraceptives

Unintended pregnancies seven times more commonly reported with antibiotics than control medicines
Primary care physicians generally do not recognize antibiotic resistance and inappropriate prescribing as issues in their practice

Physicians Do Not See They Are Part of Antibiotic Rx Problem

Providers do not recognize their own inappropriate prescribing, want incentives for stewardship
For patients with gonorrhea

Serine 91 Genotype of gyrA Gonorrhea Successfully Treated With Ciprofloxacin

Efficacy of single-dose oral ciprofloxacin treatment in the per-protocol population was 100 percent
A distance learning program is effective for reducing outpatient prescribing for pediatric acute respiratory tract infection visits

Program Cuts Outpatient Antibiotic Rx for Peds Respiratory Infections

Distance learning program includes online tutorials, webinars; video vignettes; individualized feedback
A 90-second animated video can reduce parents' interest in receiving antibiotics for their child's respiratory infection

Short Video May Lower Parent Interest in Antibiotics for Child

Even bigger impact seen among parents with highest baseline interest in antibiotics