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Even with access to specialized forensic evidence collection

Many Sexual Assault Victims Don’t Complete Evidence Kits

Even fewer sexual assault victims seen in emergency departments release evidence to police
The rate of naloxone administrations by emergency medical services providers increased 75 percent from 2012 to 2016

CDC: EMS Administration of Naloxone Up From 2012 to 2016

Monitoring non-fatal overdose events from EMS data may aid in developing emergency response

July 2018 Briefing – Emergency Medicine

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Emergency Medicine for July 2018. This roundup includes the...
An increase in inpatient volume is associated with a greater increase in diversion hours for ambulances when the volume increase occurs among inpatients versus emergency department visitors

Inpatient Volume Greater Driver of Ambulance Diversion

10 percent increase in patient volume resulted in seven-fold greater increase in hours on diversion
Practices and physicians should prepare for emergency situations

Physicians and Practices Should Prepare for Emergencies

Helpful strategies include developing a plan, knowing who will implement the plan, and staying flexible
Use of the Safety Planning Intervention plus follow-up phone calls for suicidal patients presenting in the emergency department cuts suicidal behavior and increases the likelihood of outpatient mental health treatment over the next six months

Brief Safety Plan Intervention in ER Can Cut Suicidal Behavior

ER-based intervention plus follow-up phone calls can also up outpatient mental health visits
Successful resuscitation teams share common

Factors Identified That Affect Resuscitation Teams’ Success

Team design, roles, communication, training all affect in-hospital cardiac arrest outcomes
The emergency medicine workforce comprises many non-emergency medicine trained physicians

Many Non-Emergency Medicine Trained Physicians in ER Care

Higher proportion of emergency medicine trained clinicians in urban versus rural counties
The U.S. military has reinvented trauma care

Recent Years Have Seen U.S. Military Reinventing Trauma Care

Redesigned tourniquets supplied to front-line soldiers; surgical teams positioned far forward
Following a blood shortage triggered by the Fourth of July holiday week

Red Cross Issues Nationwide Call for Blood Donations

While all blood types are needed, type O negative and positive are especially crucial