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Emergency Help for Suicide-Related Issues Up During Pandemic for Some Youth

Rates higher for female youth, those with no psychiatric history, and individuals with existing psychiatric diagnoses at time of encounter

Risk for Hospitalization, ED Use Up With SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant

Risk increased for being admitted to the hospital or attending emergency care within 14 days with delta variant

Mishaps Common During Patient Transport From Emergency Care

Common risk events during intrahospital patient transport from ED included limb trapping/displacement, collisions, IV line or catheter issues

Workplace Mistreatment Reported Frequently by Emergency Medicine Residents

Patients and/or patients' families are a frequent source of mistreatment; 2.5 percent of residents report suicidal thoughts

Regional Stroke Triage by EMS Ups Endovascular Therapy Rate

Implementation of a prehospital transport policy tied to sharp and sustained change in endovascular therapy rates

Doctors More Likely to Test for Conditions Recently Diagnosed in Other Patients

When seeing patients with shortness of breath, testing for pulmonary embolism increases for 10 days after diagnosing a patient with the condition

Child Injuries, Deaths Spur Recall of 10 Million Magnet Balls, Cubes

Products sold online at Neoballs.com and ZenMagnets.com beginning in January 2009

Impact of June 2021 Northwestern U.S. Heatwave on ED Visits Explored

Mean daily number of heat-related illness ED visits in HHS Region 10 was more than sevenfold higher for June 2021 than June 2019

High-Dose Buprenorphine Induction in ED Seems Safe for Treating OUD

High-dose buprenorphine protocol well tolerated in patients with untreated opioid use disorder; no reports of respiratory depression or sedation

Blood Shortages Causing Surgery Delays Across the United States

Some U.S. blood centers have only a one-day supply