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Longer emergency medical service response times are associated with higher rates of motor vehicle crash mortality

Delayed EMS Response Time Tied to Mortality After Car Accident

Longer emergency medical services response increases motor vehicle crash mortality in urban, rural settings

January 2019 Briefing – Emergency Medicine

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Emergency Medicine for January 2019. This roundup includes the...
Among emergency medical service providers

Hand Hygiene Compliance Low Among EMS Providers

Use of hand rub or hand wash seen in 3 percent before, 29 percent after patient encounters
More than 5 percent of seniors visit emergency departments more than six times in one year

Older Adults With Comorbidities Identified as Frequent ED Users

~5 percent of older adults account for ~20 percent of emergency department visits
Helmet use is low among patients presenting to the emergency department with injuries associated with standing electric scooter use

Helmet Use Low Among Standing Electric Scooter Riders

10.8 percent of riders presenting to ED with injury were younger than 18; 4.4 percent wore helmet
The risk for arrhythmic conditions can be identified quickly among patients with syncope presenting to the emergency department

Canadian Syncope Risk Score IDs ED Monitoring Time Postsyncope

Half of arrhythmias identified within 2 hours in low-risk patients, within 6 hours in medium-, high-risk patients
The introduction of emergency department- or community-based pharmacists with an expanded scope of practice may cut emergency department overcrowding

Expanding Pharmacist Practice Scope Could Reduce ED Overcrowding

Benefits could be seen for frequent complaints like cough, dermatitis, and inflammation of ear, nose, throat
The holidays

Red Cross Issues Emergency Call for Blood Donations

People nationwide, especially those with type O blood, are urged to donate as soon as possible
Many patients with chronic fatigue syndrome do not receive proper care in the emergency department

Chronic Fatigue Patients May Not Receive Proper ED Care

41 percent of patients did not go to ED, felt they would not be taken seriously or nothing could be done
Most emergency visits by children occur at nonpediatric emergency departments

Antibiotics Prescribed for Children More Often at Nonpediatric EDs

Frequency of guideline-concordant prescribing for respiratory conditions lower at nonpediatric EDs