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Racial, Ethnic Disparities Seen in ED Discharge Against Medical Advice

In unadjusted analyses, Black and Hispanic patients have increased odds of emergency department discharge against medical advice

Mortality Higher for Black Patients Receiving Neoadjuvant Chemo for Breast Cancer

Black patients have increased mortality in refractory, sensitive disease; Asians have lower risk in refractory, sensitive, very sensitive disease

Increasing Generational Status Linked to Elevated Risk for Liver Cancer

Increased risk in second- and third- versus first-generation Mexican Americans mainly seen in men

Experiencing Racism May Increase Stroke Risk in Black Women

Trend exists for both self-reported and definitively confirmed stroke incidence

Receipt of Guideline-Concordant Care Lower for Black Colorectal Cancer Patients

Disparity explained by health insurance among those with colon and rectal cancer

Orthopedics Not Viewed as Diverse Field

Black patients consider race of surgeon as more important in provider selection than White patients do

Black Men More Likely Than Whites to Have Prostate Cancer at Any Given PSA...

Black men more likely than White men to receive a prostate cancer diagnosis on their first prostate biopsy

Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Diversity Lacking in Surgical Leadership

Furthermore, women and underrepresented racial, ethnic groups are clustered in roles that may not lead to future promotions

Moderate, Heavy Use of Chemical Hair Relaxer Linked to Uterine Cancer

Among postmenopausal women, moderate and heavy use associated with increased risk versus never/light use

Retinal Capillary Perfusion Tied to Cerebral Small Vessel Disease in Black Patients

Significant correlations seen for worse information processing, fluid cognition, and MRI biomarkers