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Significant racial and ethnic differences have been identified in late-life depression severity

Late-Life Depression Severity Varies by Race, Ethnicity

Differences identified in depression severity, symptom burden, and depression care

Race, Insurance Status Linked to Lower Cancer Survival

Reduced survival seen in HPV-associated head and neck cancer for nonwhite, uninsured patients
Less than one-quarter of infants exposed to hepatitis C virus receive testing

Less Than 1 in 4 Perinatally Exposed Infants Tested for Hep C

Rate of testing significantly lower among African-American infants
Since the implementation of coverage expansions associated with the Affordable Care Act

Racial/Ethnic Insurance Coverage Disparity Down Since ACA

From 2013 to 2017, drop seen in unadjusted, adjusted black-white gap, Hispanic-white gap in uninsurance
Nearly 14 percent of children aged 3 to 17 years had ever been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or a learning disability in 2016 to 2018

CDC: ~14 Percent of Children Have ADHD, Learning Disability

Likelihood of having ever been diagnosed with ADHD, learning disability highest for non-Hispanic blacks
Mistreatment of medical students remains common for women

Mistreatment, Discrimination Still Common for Medical Students

Women, racial/ethnic minorities, sexual minorities experience disproportionate mistreatment
Despite benefits in quality of life

Regular Exercise Tied to Better Quality of Life in Cancer Survivors

Yet study shows few African-American cancer survivors meet recommended activity goals
Overweight/obese postmenopausal women have ethnic differences in sitting behavior and in the deleterious association between sitting behavior and cardiometabolic risk

Ethnic Differences in Sitting Behaviors ID’d in Older Women

Longer sitting time, sitting bout duration deleteriously associated with cardiometabolic risk
Racial differences in pain may be rooted in life experience

Brain MRIs ID Racial Differences in Pain Response

Minorities report greater pain, which may be tied to stress, sociocultural factors

Racial/Ethnic, Sex, Insurance Disparities ID’d in Acne Care

Non-Hispanic black patients more likely to be seen by dermatologist but receive fewer prescriptions