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For three commercial panels for prostate cancer prognosis

Racial Differences Found in Gene Panels for Prostate Cancer Prognosis

Gene expression differs for European-American men, African-American men for three commercial panels
Only complete eradication of Helicobacter pylori infection

H. Pylori Infection Must Be Wiped Out to Cut Gastric Cancer Risk

Risk for gastric cancer tied to H. pylori infection higher in blacks, Asians, Hispanics/Latinos
New cardiovascular disease is declining among American Indians

Cardiovascular Disease Rates Dropping in American Indians

Fewer men are dying from heart disease-related events, but women seeing less improvement
Race and poverty are not significantly tied to total knee replacement failure or revision

Race, Poverty Not Tied to Knee Replacement Outcomes

Low surgeon volume and low pre-op expectations for improvement tied to higher risk of failure
Many lung cancer patients in the United States receive no treatment or less intensive treatment than recommended

Many Not Receiving Guideline-Concordant Tx for Lung Cancer

Elderly, non-Hispanic blacks particularly less likely to receive recommended lung cancer treatment
From 2007 to 2016

2007 to 2016 Saw Rise in ADHD Prevalence in Adults, Children

Increase seen for adults of every race/ethnicity; prevalence rates highest for white individuals
Due to impaired fertility

Factors Tied to Pregnancy Rates in Women on Dialysis Explored

Likelihood of pregnancy influenced by race/ethnicity, cause of ESKD, and hemodialysis modality
Black and Latinx patients are less likely than white patients to be admitted to cardiology for heart failure care

Racial Inequity Seen for Admission to Cardiology for Heart Failure

Black and Latinx patients have lower rates of admission to cardiology service, as do women, >75s
A substantial proportion of cases of cardiovascular disease among black individuals are associated with hypertension

One-Third of CVD in Blacks Attributable to Hypertension

Authors say efforts to maintain normal blood pressure may cut cardiovascular disease
Long sleep duration predicts seven-year cognitive decline among U.S. Hispanic/Latino patients

Long Sleep Duration Linked to Cognitive Decline in Hispanics

Long sleep duration predicts seven-year cognitive decline in U.S. Hispanics/Latinos