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Black women with breast cancer have worse clinical outcomes even when 21-gene recurrence scores are similar

SABCS: Breast Cancer Outcomes Worse for Blacks Despite Similar Gene RS

Black race was associated with worse clinical outcomes among entire population
Sudden cardiac death rates are significantly higher among black adults than white adults without a history of cardiovascular disease

Sudden Cardiac Death Rates Up in Blacks Versus Whites

Risk still up after adjustment for sociodemographics, comorbidity, behavioral measures of health
Soy formula feeding in infancy is associated with an increased risk for menstrual pain in young African-American women

Soy Feeding in Infancy Linked to Menstrual Pain in Blacks

Those ever fed soy more likely to report ever use of hormonal contraception for menstrual pain
Second- and third-generation Latino immigrants have an increased risk for cancer mortality compared with first-generation Mexico-born immigrants

Cancer Mortality Up for 2nd-, 3rd-Generation Latino Immigrants

Latino generation linked to cancer mortality risk after adjustment for education, lifestyle factors, illness
For patients with acute myocardial infarction

Characteristics of Black AMI Patients Impact Mortality Rate

Characteristics of black AMI patients tied to significant difference in five-year mortality after AMI
For emergency department patients with heart failure

Age, Racial Disparities Seen in Hospitalization for Heart Failure

Whites with heart failure more likely to be hospitalized for higher-clinical-acuity visits
Black women

Black, Low-Income Women May Not Report Barriers to Care

They are less likely to report barriers to early breast CA detection, less likely to get timely mammogram
A lack of understanding of terminology

Barriers to Prostate Cancer Research in Black Men Identified

Mistrust, lack of knowledge, unfavorable attitudes are barriers to genomic testing, study participation
For Hispanic patients with chronic kidney disease

Poor Experience With PCP Linked to Hospitalization in CKD

Risk of hospitalization up for Hispanic patients with lower scores on Ambulatory Care Experiences Survey
Hispanic/Latino women with HIV infection face more socioeconomic and language challenges than men

More Socioeconomic Challenges for Hispanic Women With HIV

Hispanic/Latina women receive more ancillary services than men and have similar clinical outcomes