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HealthDay Reports: Black Americans Appear Most Vulnerable to Coronavirus

DKA Common in Blacks With T1DM and Confirmed COVID-19

Non-Hispanic Blacks with T1DM and COVID-19 have nearly fourfold increased odds of presenting with diabetic ketoacidosis

Cognitive Performance During Menopause Transition Examined

Longitudinal declines seen in measures of learning, memory, attention/working memory domains in low-income women of color

Working From Home May Negatively Impact Physical

Mental Well-Being Worse for Men From Ethnic Minorities During Pandemic

Greater average increase in mental distress during COVID-19 seen for women and for Black, Asian, minority ethnic versus White British men

Un antidepresivo podría ayudar a prevenir una COVID-19 grave

Pulse Oximeter Readings May Be Inaccurate in Black Patients

Blacks more likely than Whites to have oxygen saturation of less than 88 percent on arterial blood gas while 92 to 96 percent on pulse oximetry

La obesidad tiene un rol en las tasas más altas de cáncer de mama de las mujeres negras

Postpartum Trajectory Differs by Race After Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy

At six weeks postpartum, 68 percent of Black women and 51 percent of White women meet hypertension criteria

Review: Nearly One in Five With SARS-CoV-2 Has GI Manifestations

Polygenic Risk Scores May Improve IBD Risk Prediction

For every population in BioMe biobank, combining risk scores from distinct ancestral populations improved risk prediction for IBD

COVID-Related Anxiety Has Lessened Since April

Ongoing Exposure to Stressors Harms Health

So-called allostatic load increases with age but increases more sharply among Black, Latino populations

Scheduled E

Public Health Videos Cut COVID-19 Knowledge Gap for Minorities

Messages from race/ethnic-concordant physicians increase information-seeking incidence for Black participants

Copy of Black Children Hit Especially Hard by COVID-19 Inflammatory Syndrome

Disparities Seen in Pediatric Sepsis Outcomes in the U.S.

Black children have higher odds of death; Hispanic and Black children have longer hospital stays, especially Black neonates

AKI Common in U.S. Veterans Hospitalized With COVID-19

Stress From Not Achieving Goals Tied to Worse Kidney Disease

African Americans reporting high versus low goal-striving stress scores more likely to experience RKFD