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Rates of hospitalization for stroke have fallen since 1988 for both black and white Medicare enrollees

Stroke Hospitalizations Down in Black, White Medicare Enrollees

Black men and women have experienced greater improvements in 30-day poststroke mortality
Compared with white women

Racial Disparities Persist in Revascularization for CHD

Rates of revascularization lower for black women with acute coronary syndrome, coronary heart disease
After implementation of the Kidney Allocation System

Racial Disparities Seen in Kidney Transplant for Highly Sensitized

Whites have advantage in transplant probability in calculated plasma reactive antibody categories 80 percent or higher
Tooth loss is associated with an increased risk for incident pancreatic cancer in African-American women

Tooth Loss May Up Pancreatic Cancer Risk in Black Women

Pancreatic cancer risk increased with tooth loss, especially loss of five or more teeth
Lifetime risks for hypertension under the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology 2017 threshold exceed 75 percent for white men and African-American men and women

Lifetime HTN Risk High for Black Men and Women, White Men

Lifetime risks are higher under AHA/ACC 2017 HTN threshold than JNC7 threshold for hypertension
Black patients have higher rates of 30-day complications and resource use than white patients after bariatric surgery

Complication Rate After Bariatric Surgery Higher for Black Patients

Black patients also have longer stays, higher rates of ED visits and readmissions, less satisfaction
An intervention that includes race-specific feedback and real-time electronic warnings can reduce racial differences in care for early-stage lung cancer

Intervention Can Reduce Racial Differences in Lung Cancer Care

Race-specific data, EHR warnings may decrease racial disparities in care for early-stage lung cancer
Genetic variations have been identified in the ERG gene that are associated with an increased risk for acute lymphoblastic leukemia in Hispanic children

Genetic Variant Tied to Leukemia Risk in Hispanic Children

Novel susceptibility locus identified in the ERG gene for acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Cancer death rates are decreasing faster in blacks than whites in the United States

Black-White Cancer Mortality Gap Decreasing in Some Age Groups

Cancer deaths rates decreasing faster for black men and women vs. white men and women in U.S.
There is considerable race/ethnicity and income-level variation in the opioid epidemic

Racial/Ethnic, Income Variation ID’d in the Opioid Epidemic

Study, two research letters describe opioid prescribing trends and interactions with race, age