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Cancer death rates are decreasing faster in blacks than whites in the United States

Black-White Cancer Mortality Gap Decreasing in Some Age Groups

Cancer deaths rates decreasing faster for black men and women vs. white men and women in U.S.
There is considerable race/ethnicity and income-level variation in the opioid epidemic

Racial/Ethnic, Income Variation ID’d in the Opioid Epidemic

Study, two research letters describe opioid prescribing trends and interactions with race, age
The urban African-American population has a high prevalence of hypertensive crisis and hypertensive emergencies

Hypertensive Crisis Prevalent in Urban African-Americans

Prevalence of hypertensive crisis is 11.4 percent in this population
In the United Kingdom

Ethnic Differences Seen at Time of Dementia Diagnosis in U.K.

Asian and black patients younger at diagnosis, have lower cognitive scores than white patients
African-Americans have a higher burden of sudden cardiac death than whites

Burden of Sudden Cardiac Death Higher in Black Men, Women

Known factors explain 65.3 percent of excess SCD risk in African-Americans, especially women
Financial stress may be associated with coronary heart disease among African-Americans

Financial Stress, Coronary Heart Disease Linked in African-Americans

Association no longer significant after adjustment for depression, smoking, diabetes
A hospital-based initiative in Southern states is associated with increases in breastfeeding rates among African-American infants

Initiative Tied to Decreased Racial Inequity in Breastfeeding

Compliance with Ten Steps program linked to increased breastfeeding in African-Americans
The time to surgery after a breast cancer diagnosis is delayed for non-Hispanic black versus non-Hispanic white women

Time to Breast Cancer Surgery Delayed for Non-Hispanic Blacks

Racial differences in TTS did not explain racial differences in overall survival with breast-conserving sx
For African-American patients with hepatocellular carcinoma undergoing liver transplantation

Liver Transplant Survival May Improve With Race Matching

Race-matched donor organ tied to improved survival for African-Americans with HCC undergoing transplant
The incidence and progression of coronary artery calcium in South Asians may be an important prognostic marker of cardiovascular disease

Coronary Artery Calcium May Help Predict CVD in South Asians

CAC incidence similar in South Asian men versus white, black, Latino men; higher than Chinese