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Factors ID’d in Time to Breast Biopsy by Race, Ethnicity

Multilevel factors examined for differences in time from abnormal screening mammogram to biopsy by race, ethnicity

More Than 18 Million Cancer Survivors Living in U.S. as of Jan. 1, 2022

Considerable racial disparities seen in treatment, with surgery receipt lower for Black versus White patients with NSCLC

Primary Care Outreach Boosts COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

Electronic and mail messages from primary care providers increased COVID-19 vaccination rates among Black and Latino older adults

More African-Americans Screened for Lung Cancer With USPSTF 2021 Criteria

Expanding lung cancer screening criteria is step toward greater equity for high-risk populations

Disparities in Life Expectancy by Race, Ethnicity, County Persist

In the U.S., increases in life expectancy were seen for Black, API, Latino, White populations, but no change seen for AIAN

ENDO: Disparities Seen in Access to Insulin Pumps for Youth With T1D

Likelihood of insulin pump use for T1D increased for Hispanic youth, but not for youth of Black and other races compared to non-Hispanic Whites

Race-Free eGFR Equation IDs Kidney Failure, Mortality Risk

Among race-free equations, findings support using creatinine and cystatin C

ASCO: Ancestry-Specific Genetic Risk Examined for TNBC

Magnitudes of gene-specific risks for triple-negative breast cancer similar across racial/ethnic groups

Black Children Less Likely to Receive Diagnostic Imaging at ED Visit

Findings observed across 38 pediatric hospital emergency departments and across imaging modalities

ASCO: Black Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer Willing to Consider Clinical Trials

40 percent of respondents reported that care team had not discussed trials; concerns about side effects, effectiveness limit participation