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During the COVID-19 pandemic

In-Person Clinic Visits at VA Down by Half Early in Pandemic

30 percent decline seen in total outpatient visits despite increases in telephone and video visits
As of July 29

CDC Updates Info on Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children

Distinguishing this COVID-19-related syndrome from others can be challenging
Surgical delays do not seem to be life-threatening for women with ductal carcinoma in situ or with early-stage estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer

Surgical Delays Not Life-Threatening in Early Breast Cancer

Increased time to surgery linked to elevated odds of pathological upstaging in DCIS, not in invasive cancer
While rates of hospitalization for children with COVID-19 remain low

CDC: Pediatric Hospitalizations for COVID-19 Increasing

A similar proportion of hospitalized children need intensive care as adults
New data show that many of the community outbreaks of COVID-19 that have cropped up in the United States this summer have originated in restaurants and bars.

Many Community Outbreaks of COVID-19 Traced to Restaurants, Bars

Whether the infections started among workers or patrons is unclear
The Trump administration has agreed to pay $1.5 billion for 100 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna once it is approved

U.S. Government to Buy 100 Million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine From Moderna

If the doses are used, they would be provided to Americans for free
Use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and dual use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes are associated with increased likelihood of COVID-19 diagnosis

E-Cigarette Use Linked to Increased Odds of COVID-19

Dual use of e-cigarettes, cigarettes linked to increased odds of COVID-diagnosis, testing, and symptoms
The rates of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection are increased among minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged children

SARS-CoV-2 Rates Up for Minority, Disadvantaged Children

Increased rates of infection for non-Hispanic black, Hispanic children, those in lower quartiles of MFI
Before completing clinical trials to ensure the vaccine is safe and effective

Russia Approves COVID-19 Vaccine Before Trials Completed

President Vladimir Putin claims the vaccine 'works effectively enough'
Gilead Sciences has applied to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for approval for its COVID-19 treatment

Gilead Seeks FDA Approval for Remdesivir

Trials of the drug show that it can cut recovery time from COVID-19 by nearly a third