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Risk for Autoimmune Inflammatory Rheumatic Disease Increased After SARS-CoV-2

Increased risk seen for incident AIRD for patients with SARS-CoV-2, with higher risk seen after more severe acute COVID-19

White House Lifts COVID Testing Rule for People Around President Biden

By Robin Foster HealthDay Reporter TUESDAY, March 5, 2024 (HealthDay News) -- In a move that acknowledges that COVID-19 is no longer the danger it...

0.1 to 0.5 Percent of SARS-CoV-2 Infections Become Persistent

In some individuals, there were many viral amino acid substitutions, indicating strong positive selection

CDC May Recommend COVID Boosters for Some This Spring

By Robin Foster HealthDay Reporter FRIDAY, Feb. 16, 2024 (HealthDay News) -- The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is weighing whether to recommend...

Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Has Effectiveness of 54 Percent

Vaccine effectiveness 49 percent at 60 to 119 days after vaccination among tests exhibiting spike gene target failure

Prolonged SARS-CoV-2 Risk Varies Across Immunosuppressive Conditions

Severely immunocompromised individuals had greater SARS-CoV-2 evolution, higher risk for developing resistance against therapeutic mAbs

Meds Rarely Offered for COVID-19 Patients at High Risk for Progression

No reason other than mild symptoms given for almost half of patients at high risk for progression who were not offered treatment

No Sign Latest COVID Variant Leads to Worse Symptoms

By Robin Foster HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, Jan. 24, 2024 (HealthDay News) -- JN.1, the COVID variant sweeping the country this winter, is not prompting more...

Maternal COVID-19 Vaccination May Reduce Neonatal Respiratory Distress

The odds of neonatal respiratory distress were higher for unvaccinated mothers versus those vaccinated before infection

COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy Safe for Infant Neurodevelopment

No difference seen for abnormal Ages and Stages Questionnaire screens for offspring at 12 or 18 months of age