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For individuals with heart failure

Meds Taken Do Not Vary With ADL Impairment in Heart Failure

Adults with heart failure with impairment in activities of daily living take as many meds as those without
For very elderly patients undergoing acute-care hospitalization

Exercise Reverses Functional Decline in Hospitalized Elderly

Exercise intervention linked to reversal of functional declines associated with hospitalization
High-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography indices improve prediction of fracture beyond bone mineral density and Fracture Risk Assessment Tool scores in older adults

Bone Indices on CT Scan Predict Fracture Risk in Older Adults

Peripheral CT indices address risk for fracture contributed by changes in bone microarchitecture
Participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program may reduce the number of low-income older adults with diabetes forgoing medications because of cost

Food Assistance May Help Older Adults Adhere to Diabetes Meds

Food assistance may cut number of older adults with diabetes forgoing medications due to cost
For older adults with dementia

Risks of Trazodone Similar to Those of Atypical Antipsychotics

Among older adults with dementia, rates of falls, fracture similar, but mortality rate lower
Both hospitalizations and deaths are increasing among Medicare recipients with liver cancer

Burden of Liver Cancer Rising in Medicare Patients

Coexistence of other liver conditions tied to even higher risk for death, health care costs
A pharmacist-led intervention has the potential to reduce prescriptions for inappropriate medication in older adults

Pharmacist-Led Effort Cuts Inappropriate Rx in Older Adults

Intervention included educational deprescribing information to patients, physicians
In-home services such as help with household chores and caregiver respite will be available to seniors with private Medicare Advantage plans in more than 20 states next year.

Access to In-Home Support Soon to Be Available for Seniors

Under Medicare Advantage, a health-related reason will be needed to qualify; costs will vary
First-year nonadherence and discontinuation are high among older adults prescribed statins

Nonadherence, Discontinuation of Statins High in 1st Year of Rx

Among older adults prescribed statins, diabetes, anxiety linked to nonadherence, discontinuation
Most older adults who self-harm are not referred to mental health services

Few Seniors Who Self-Harm Referred for Mental Health Care

Diagnosed mental illness, physical health condition more prevalent in seniors who self-harm