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Clinical recommendations for the prevention of secondary fractures among older adults with hip or vertebral fracture have been issued by a multi-stakeholder coalition assembled by the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research and published online Sept. 20 in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

Recommendations Developed for Preventing Secondary Fractures

Coalition reaches consensus on guidance for patients 65 years and older with hip or vertebral fracture
Across two decades

Proportion of Seniors Taking Antidepressants Has More Than Doubled

But no change was seen in prevalence of depression from 1990-1993 to 2008-2011
Many older adults are not quite ready to embrace telehealth

Older Adults Have Mixed Feelings About Telehealth Visits

Only 4 percent of older adults have had a video-based telehealth visit in the past year
More than half of older nonretired adults need help understanding their health insurance benefits

Older Adults Need More Help Navigating Health Care System

Better understanding of health insurance benefits may help with navigating health care system, survey finds
Elderly patients with inflammatory bowel disease are at higher risk for adverse events related to the use of thiopurines

Elderly Who Start Thiopurine Tx for IBD Have Higher Risk for AEs

Advanced age, female gender are independent risk factors for adverse events
Food insecurity is prevalent among Medicare enrollees

Food Insecurity Prevalent Among Medicare Enrollees

Odds of food insecurity up with reporting four or more chronic conditions, depression, anxiety
Among U.S. Chinese older adults

Oral Health Symptoms in Seniors Associated With Cognitive Decline

Findings seen in a large study of community-dwelling Chinese American older adults
Among older individuals with type 2 diabetes

For Seniors With T2DM, Insulin Use Up With Poor Health

Individuals with poor and intermediate versus good health more likely to continue insulin use
Living through a hurricane increases both the short- and long-term risk for death among seniors with diabetes

Hurricanes Up Mortality Risk for Seniors With Diabetes

In the first month after Katrina and Rita, all-cause mortality spiked 40 percent among seniors with diabetes
Adults aged 65 years and older should undergo annual cognitive health assessments to improve recognition of mild cognitive impairment

Seniors Should Undergo Annual Cognitive Health Assessment

After MCI diagnosis, patients should be counseled on treatment options; support needed for partners