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In an Ideas and Opinions article published online Aug. 11 in the Annals of Internal Medicine

Guidance Helps Doctors Optimize Telemedicine for Seniors

Physicians should be mindful of cues that patient may not hear or understand and repeat or rephrase
Almost half of older U.S. adults report being screened for colorectal

Overscreening for Cancer Common Among Older Adults

Findings seen across cancer types, particularly for women living in U.S. metropolitan areas
Since 2009

Diabetes-Related Lower-Limb Amputations Up in Older Adults

Absolute rates for amputation among Medicare beneficiaries highest in oldest old, blacks, men
Dermatological disorders are extremely common in older individuals

Skin Conditions Common in Older Adults

Authors urge whole-body skin examinations for geriatric patients
An estimated 38 percent of all older adults in the United States are not ready for video visits with physicians

38 Percent of Older Adults in U.S. Not Ready for Video Doctor Visits

Telephone visits may reach more patients, but 20 percent of older adults not ready for telephone visits
In 2018

More Than One in Four Seniors Reported Falling in Past Year

In 2018, 27.5 percent of older adults reported falling at least once; 10.2 percent reported injury from a fall
From 2008 to 2018

2008 to 2018 Saw Increase in Shingles Vaccination in Over 60s

Women equally as likely as men to have received vaccine; coverage highest for non-poor, those with higher education
A nurse-administered multifactorial intervention does not result in a significantly lower rate of first adjudicated serious fall injury among older adults at increased risk for fall injuries

Multifactor Program Does Not Cut Serious Fall Injuries in Elderly

Rate of first adjudicated serious fall injury not reduced for intervention versus enhanced usual care
In U.S. veterans aged 75 years and older

Statin Use May Cut All-Cause, CVD Mortality in Those 75 and Older

Reductions in risk seen for all-cause, CV mortality and composite of atherosclerotic CV events
Older patients with low physical function and lower lean body mass may be at risk for greater decline in tibia bone properties during the first year after hip fracture

Low Physical Function May Up Bone Loss After Hip Fracture

Lower lean body mass also tied to greater bone loss in older adults after hip fracture surgery