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Multivitamin Shows Memory Benefits in Older Adults

Compared with placebo, multivitamin use tied to better immediate recall over three years

Baby Boomers Push Median Age of Americans Up as Births Decline

The share of people 65 years and older grew by more than one-third between the 2010 census and the 2020 census

More Older Americans Use Online Patient Portals to Access Care

Better outreach and training are needed to help patients understand and use portal systems, researchers say

One in Five Seniors Report Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence

Most respondents indicated a desire for use of a real-time benefit tool, with concern reported regarding inaccurate prices

Regular Internet Use in Late Adulthood May Protect Against Dementia

Regular use cut risk in half regardless of educational attainment, race'ethnicity, sex, and generation

FDA Approves First RSV Vaccine

Arexvy was ~82 percent effective in preventing RSV-induced lower respiratory tract infections in adults 60 years of age and older

Unawareness of Memory Decline Tied to Higher Risk for Progression

Findings show importance of decomposing the traditional awareness score

Many Older Americans Would Like to Take Fewer Meds, Poll Reveals

Older Americans think they take too many medicines, and a sizable percentage said they have cut back

RSVpreF Safe, Effective for Preventing Respiratory Syncytial Virus Illness in Seniors

Findings seen in phase 3 trial of adults aged 60 years and older receiving a single intramuscular injection of RSVpreF vaccine

Community Engagement Tied to Less Inpatient Care in Older Adults

Higher levels of social, cultural, and community engagement tied to more dental, outpatient care