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The majority of older women can tolerate surgery for operable breast cancer

Breast Cancer Surgery Feasible for Most Fit Older Women

Hormone therapy alone may be as good as surgery if life expectancy is less than four years
For older adults

Objective Olfactory Dysfunction Linked to Mortality in Seniors

Link for adults aged ≥65 years persisted after further adjustment for cognitive assessment, depression
For older adults

More Physical Activity, Less Sitting Beneficial for Seniors

Global mental, physical health improved with more MPVA, less sitting for seniors with, without cancer history
For older adults

Social Activity Tied to Integrity of Brain Structure in Older Adults

Greater integrity of gray matter seen on brain MRI in older adults with higher levels of social engagement

Polypharmacy Common in Seniors With Heart Failure

With increasing number of medications, more rapid increase seen in number of noncardiovascular meds
Elective surgery using general anesthesia is not associated with an elevated risk for dementia versus regional anesthesia among older adults

Type of Anesthesia Not Linked to Dementia Risk in Older Adults

Dementia risk did not differ by general, regional anesthesia in seniors undergoing elective surgery
Combined moderate- and high-intensity training has no effect on all-cause mortality compared with recommended physical activity levels

Exercise Intensity Seems Not to Impact Mortality Levels

Combined MICT, HIIT intervention group had no difference in mortality versus recommended guidelines
The majority of older adults who take multiple medications have never had a comprehensive medication review

Poll: Medication Management Lacking in Older Adults

Most older adults taking multiple medications have never had a comprehensive medication review
Half of older gun owners have a plan for transferring gun ownership after death and even fewer have a plan for transferring ownership in the case of impairment

Many Older Gun Owners Fail to Consider Future Ownership Transfer

Including firearm issues in medical, financial, legal advance planning may be useful, authors say
Opioids prescribed by dentists may pose a threat for interactions with medications for depression or anxiety in older adults

Dentists’ Rx for Opioids Pose Danger for Drug Interactions

In older adults, interactions with meds for depression, anxiety increase risk for ED visits, hospitalizations