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High-risk anticholinergic prescriptions are listed for 6.2 percent of visits of older adults

High-Risk Anticholinergics Prescribed to 6 Percent of Elderly

Correlates of receiving prescription include female sex, specific physician specialty, geographic region
More than one-quarter of older adults newly prescribed benzodiazepine by an non-psychiatric clinician transition to long-term use

Many Older Adults Transition to Long-Term Benzodiazepine Use

Factors linked to long-term use include white race, days in index prescription, poor sleep quality

Single, Fixed-Dose Combo Pills Improve Hypertension Outcomes

Findings show improved outcomes may be due to better medication adherence
Tai chi is more effective than conventional exercise approaches at preventing falls among high-risk

Tai Chi Effective at Reducing Number of Falls in Older Adults

Tai chi compared to conventional exercises among community-dwelling older adults
Statin use is not associated with reduced risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease or all-cause mortality among older adults without type 2 diabetes

Widespread Statin Use Not Recommended in Old, Very Old

No benefit in healthy elderly patients; protective effect limited to those with type 2 DM aged 75 to 84
For low-income older adults who live in subsidized housing

Paramedic-Led Intervention Cuts Ambulance Calls

Fewer ambulance calls, better QALYs for low-income adults living in subsidized housing
For hospitalized older patients

DNR Orders Linked to Increased Mortality in Older Adults

Early versus late DNR tied to shorter median length of stay in hospitalized adults aged 65 years and older
Letters targeting high prescribers of quetiapine (Seroquel)

Peer Comparisons Can Decrease Risky Prescribing Patterns

Meaningful, persistent drop in quetiapine prescribing seen, with no negative patient effects
The U.S. Preventive Service Task Force published a final recommendation on Aug. 7 citing insufficient evidence to assess the benefits and harms of screening for atrial fibrillation with electrocardiography in asymptomatic

Perspectives on USPSTF A-Fib Screening Recommendation

Physicians weigh in on the need to develop a screening strategy
There is insufficient evidence to support screening for atrial fibrillation with electrocardiography in older

USPSTF: Insufficient Evidence to Screen for Atrial Fibrillation

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says benefit unclear in asymptomatic, older patients