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Most reports of swallowing problems caused by dietary supplements involve seniors taking multivitamins or calcium supplements

Certain Dietary Supplements Tied to Dysphagia, Choking in Seniors

Most reports of swallowing complications involve multivitamins or calcium supplements
Seven percent of older patients undergoing inpatient

Periop Covert Stroke ID’d in 7 Percent of Older Surgery Patients

Perioperative covert stroke tied to increased risk for cognitive decline one year after surgery
Use of antiarrhythmic drugs is associated with a higher risk for fall-related injuries and syncope among older patients with atrial fibrillation

Antiarrhythmic Drugs May Up Fall Injuries in Older A-Fib Patients

Risk for fall-related injury and/or syncope higher for antiarrhythmic drug alone, with rate-lowering drug
Low muscle mass is associated with all-cause and cardiovascular mortality risk in the elderly

Low Muscle Mass in the Arms, Legs Tied to Mortality in Elderly

Muscle mass more predictive of mortality than visceral fat, total fat in older women
Older adults with incident moderately severe dementia living at home have more medical needs than those living in residential care or nursing facilities

Seniors With Dementia at Home Have More Medical Needs

Older adults living at home also more likely to be members of disadvantaged populations
Elderly HIV-infected patients with cancer have worse outcomes than HIV-uninfected patients with cancer

Worse Cancer Outcomes for Elderly HIV-Infected Patients

Significantly higher rates of relapse or death for HIV-infected men with prostate cancer, women with breast cancer
Some cancer trends differ for U.S. patients aged 85 years and older

Some Cancer Trends Differ for Oldest Old in the United States

Trends similar to 65- to 84-year age group, but risk elevated for some cancers, diagnosis at later stages
Among patients hospitalized for acute coronary syndrome

High-Intensity Lipid Lowering May Aid Very Elderly After ACS

Benefit of simvastatin-ezetimibe combo after acute coronary syndrome greatest for patients ≥75 years
More frequent social contact during midlife is associated with a lower dementia risk and better cognitive trajectories

More Social Contact at Age 60 Linked to Lower Dementia Risk

More frequent social contact during midlife linked to better subsequent cognitive trajectory
For elderly patients taking statins for primary prevention

Discontinuing Statins Linked to Cardiac Admissions in Elderly

Admission risk for any cardiovascular event up with discontinuation among previously adherent seniors