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Incident atrial fibrillation is associated with increased dementia risk in elderly populations

Incident A-Fib Linked to Increased Dementia Risk

Oral anticoagulant use has preventive effect on dementia development in patients with incident AF
Having diabetes

Late-Life Diabetes Status Tied to New Cognitive Impairment

Diabetes in late life with poor glycemic control, longer duration linked to incident cognitive impairment
Incident coronary heart disease is associated with accelerated cognitive decline after

Cognitive Decline Faster After Incident Coronary Heart Disease Event

Global cognition, verbal memory, temporal orientation scores decline faster after CHD diagnosis
Older patients who develop delirium after surgery are more likely to show signs of cognitive dysfunction one month later

Postop Delirium May Briefly Up Risk for Cognitive Dysfunction

Correlation seen at one month was no longer significant at two months, six months
Vision impairment is associated with increased subjective cognitive decline-related functional limitations for adults aged 45 years and older

Vision Loss May Up Cognitive Decline-Related Functional Limitations

More adults who report visual impairment have subjective cognitive decline-related functional limitations
Weight gain and weight loss in older adults are both associated with an increased risk for dementia

Weight Gain, Loss in Seniors May Increase Risk for Dementia

Significant correlation observed between late-life BMI changes and dementia risk in both sexes
Older adults have an increased risk for dementia after concussion

Statin Use Reduces Dementia Risk After Concussion in Seniors

Patients receiving a statin have reduced risk for dementia, independent of cardiovascular meds use
Many adults are worried about developing dementia and about half report taking steps to maintain or improve memory

Poll: Many Adults Worried About Developing Dementia

But only 5 percent of respondents reported discussing prevention with doctor
Guidelines emphasizing adoption of a healthy lifestyle for reducing the risk for cognitive decline and dementia have been developed by the World Health Organization.

Healthy Lifestyle Recommended for Reducing Dementia Risk

Guidelines focus on physical activity, eating well, cessation of tobacco and hazardous/harmful drinking
The LEAF (Life Enhancing Activities for Family caregivers) intervention may help to reduce the stress of caregiving for a family member with dementia

Positive Emotion Intervention Cuts Caregiver Stress

Focus on positive emotions reduces caregiver anxiety and depression after six weeks