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Reduction in Vial Size of Aducanumab Could Yield Savings

Savings would range from $70.9 to $369.0 million annually if the 300 mg/3.0 mL vial was reduced to 100 mg/1.0 mL

Cardiometabolic Diseases Accelerate Cognitive Decline, Dementia

Dose-dependent response seen with increasing number of cardiometabolic diseases and cognitive decline

Herpes Zoster Not Linked to Increased Dementia Risk

Small reduction in risk for dementia seen after the first year for people with zoster versus general population comparators

Medicare Spending Spikes for Dementia Diagnoses in Seniors

Medicare spending higher for adults with a formal clinical diagnosis of dementia versus a positive screening for cognitive impairment

Social Isolation May Be Independent Risk Factor for Dementia

Lower gray matter volumes in temporal, frontal, other regions seen in socially isolated individuals

Dual Decline in Memory, Gait Speed Tied to Higher Dementia Risk

Authors say it is important to assess gait in dementia risk assessments

Risk for Incident Dementia Up With Pro-Inflammatory Diet

Prevalence of Risk Factors for Alzheimer, Related Dementias Identified

Highest prevalence seen for high blood pressure and not meeting aerobic physical activity guidelines, followed by obesity

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Age-Specific Dementia Risk Scores Developed for Mid, Late Life

Elevated systolic BP and diabetes mellitus most important vascular risk factors for increased 10-year incident dementia risk at age 55

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Choroid Plexus Volume Up With Advanced Cognitive Impairment

Larger volume associated with severity of cognitive impairment across Alzheimer disease spectrum

Brain Imaging May ID THC-Linked Impairment in Cannabis Users

Link Between Major Traumatic Brain Injury, Dementia Examined

Risk factors most strongly attenuating the association between major TBI and dementia were alcohol consumption, physical activity