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Faster Cognitive Decline Seen With Eating More Ultraprocessed Foods

Faster rates of global cognitive decline, executive function decline observed for those with ultraprocessed food consumption above first quartile

Review Links Hearing Aid Devices With Reduced Cognitive Decline

Furthermore, use of devices linked to 3 percent improvement in cognitive test scores in the short term

Subjective Cognitive Decline Tied to Incident Dementia in Black, Latinx Individuals

SCD associated with increased rates of incident dementia over time in multiracial population, Latinx, non-Latinx Black individuals

New Tool Can Predict Individual’s Dementia Risk

Risk score model yielded nearly 100 percent prediction accuracy of 13-year dementia risk

Impact of Climate Change on Neurologic Health Reviewed

Associations seen for temperature extremes and variability with stroke, migraines, hospitalization in dementia, MS exacerbations

Severe Outcomes From COVID-19 Up With Preexisting Neuropsych Conditions

Neuropsychiatric conditions and/or associated treatment linked to increased risk for severe outcomes from COVID-19, SARIs

Antiepileptic Med Use Increasing in Nursing Home Residents With Dementia

The two most common, valproic acid and gabapentin, being used in clinically distinct ways

2000 to 2016 Saw Decline in Dementia in U.S. Older Adults

Education found to be an important statistical factor contributing to the reduction in dementia

Many U.S. Adults Unlikely to Enroll in Drug Trials for Dementia Prevention

Those with a family history or higher self-perceived risk are more likely to participate

BMI Declines Seen Seven Years Before Cognitive Impairment Diagnosis

However, after diagnosis, BMI declines at the same pace in people who develop or do not develop dementia