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Low scam awareness is associated with an increased risk for Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment among older adults

Low Scam Awareness May Indicate Alzheimer Risk in Seniors

Increased risk for Alzheimer dementia, mild cognitive impairment seen with low scam awareness in seniors
Older adults (aged ≥75 years) undergoing antihypertensive treatment with systolic blood pressure (SBP) >150 mm Hg have less cognitive decline than those with SBP <130 mm Hg

Intensive BP Lowering May Up Cognitive Decline in Elderly

For those on antihypertensive treatment, cognitive decline greater with SBP <130 versus >150 mm Hg
For Medicare beneficiaries with mild cognitive impairment or dementia of uncertain etiology

Amyloid PET Linked to Changes in Management for MCI, Dementia

Change in management between pre-, post-PET visits for 60.2 and 63.5 percent with MCI, dementia
Having a shorter reproductive span is associated with an increased risk for dementia in women

Shorter Reproductive Span May Up Risk for Dementia in Women

Dementia risk increased for menarche age ≥16 versus 13.0 years, natural menopause at <47.4 years
After adjusting for the competing risk of death without dementia

Smoking Seems Not to Be Linked to Increased Dementia Risk

No increased risk for dementia observed when adjusting for risk of death without dementia
A higher number of vascular risk factors is associated with poorer brain health across gray and white matter macrostructure and microstructure

More Vascular Risk Factors Tied to Worse Brain Health

Most consistent associations across brain measures seen with smoking pack years, hypertension, DM
Antiepileptic drug use is not significantly associated with dementia risk in patients in Germany

Antiepileptic Drugs Not Tied to Dementia Risk

No increased overall risk found, but levetiracetam generic brands tied to higher dementia risk
Mortality attributed to dementia increased from 2000 to 2017

CDC: 2000 to 2017 Saw Increase in Mortality Due to Dementia

Age-adjusted death rate was 66.7 deaths per 100,000 U.S. population in 2017
Diet quality in midlife is not associated with subsequent dementia risk

Diet Quality in Midlife Not Linked to Later Risk for Dementia

No significant difference in incidence rates for dementia according to measures of diet quality
Predictors of neurodegeneration from idiopathic REM sleep behavior disorder have been identified

Conversion From Sleep Disorder to Neurodegeneration Studied

Predictors include abnormal quantitative motor testing, MCI, olfactory deficit, motor symptoms