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The number of potentially preventable hospitalizations among older adults with dementia is increasing

Preventable Hospitalizations Up Among Those With Dementia

Increases driven by hospitalizations of community-dwelling older adults
World Trade Center (WTC) responders with cognitive impairment have reductions in cortical thickness

WTC Responders With Impaired Cognition Have Brain Changes

Another study IDs plasma proteins associated with PTSD, MCI, both in World Trade Center responders
Older adults with both hearing and visual impairments -- dual sensory impairment -- are at a significantly increased risk for dementia

Dual Sensory Impairment Ups Dementia Risk

Findings compared with individual or no sensory impairment
Twelve factors account for about 40 percent of worldwide dementias

Twelve Factors Account for About 40 Percent of Dementias

Actions to mitigate dementia risk include maintaining SBP of 130 mm Hg or less, using hearing aids
Having increased body weight or abdominal obesity is associated with increased incidence of dementia

Increased Body Weight, Obesity Linked to Dementia Incidence

Central obesity linked to increased dementia incidence compared with noncentral obese women
Inflammatory bowel disease is associated with an increased risk for developing dementia

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Linked to Subsequent Dementia

Risk for developing Alzheimer dementia showed the greatest increase among dementia types
Higher cardiovascular risk burden is associated with cognitive decline and neurodegeneration

Higher Burden of Cardiovascular Risk Tied to Cognitive Decline

Also, higher CV risk associated with smaller volumes of hippocampus, gray matter, total brain on MRI
Older adults with both dementia and self-reported visual impairment may be at higher risk for disability than adults with only one of these conditions

Co-Occurring Visual Impairment, Dementia Heighten Disability Risk

Links seen to mobility, self-care, household activity among older adults with either, both conditions
Limited tools are available for identifying

Reviews Assess Tools to Identify, Diagnose, Treat Alzheimer Dementia

Many cognitive tests can differentiate clinical Alzheimer-type dementia from normal cognition
In older women

Visual Impairment May Up Risk for Dementia in Older Women

Objective visual impairment associated with higher risk for incident dementia, mild cognitive impairment