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For adults with dementia

Nonpharmacologic Interventions Reduce Agitation in Dementia

Nonpharmacologic more efficacious than pharmacologic interventions for reducing aggression, agitation
Migraines are a significant risk factor for Alzheimer disease and all-cause dementia

Migraines Linked to Higher Risk for Dementia, Alzheimer Disease

However, no link seen between migraines and vascular dementia
Assessment of dementia risk using three common screening tools at baseline predicts incident dementia over the course of about seven years

Stepwise Approach Effective for Primary Care Dementia Screening

Stepwise screening starts with single question on subjective memory loss
Biopsychosocial frailty can predict short-term and longer-term dementia risk

Biopsychosocial Frailty Measure Predicts Risk for Dementia

Model of physical, psychological, and social elements predicts three- and seven-year dementia risk
Initiating donepezil to manage symptoms of Alzheimer disease or other dementias is associated with a higher risk for 30-day admission to the hospital with rhabdomyolysis compared with initiating rivastigmine or galantamine

Donepezil Ups Risk for Hospital Admission for Rhabdomyolysis

Donepezil linked to increased risk for admission with rhabdomyolysis versus rivastigmine, galantamine
Diffusion tensor image segmentation technique

Imaging Technique May Help Predict Stroke-Related Dementia

Method using diffusion tensor imaging may predict dementia in patients with cerebral small vessel disease
The majority of older adults diagnosed with dementia do not receive specialty care

Most Diagnosed With Dementia Do Not Receive Specialty Care

Identification of etiological subtype of dementia more likely in patients who see a specialist
Use of hearing aids is associated with lower risks for being diagnosed with Alzheimer disease

Hearing Aid Use Tied to Lower Risk for Dementia, Depression, Falls

Findings revealed in large study of older adults with hearing loss
People who remain married in older age may have a lower dementia risk

Marriage Associated With Lower Dementia Risk

Divorced, widowed, separated men show greater risk for dementia than women in same categories
Older adults with incident moderately severe dementia living at home have more medical needs than those living in residential care or nursing facilities

Seniors With Dementia at Home Have More Medical Needs

Older adults living at home also more likely to be members of disadvantaged populations