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Donepezil Tied to Risk for Overactive Bladder

Risk for overactive bladder varies across individual cholinesterase inhibitor drugs

Global Prevalence of Dementia Forecasted for 2050

Number of people with dementia worldwide estimated to increase from 57.4 million in 2019 to 152.8 million in 2050

Formaldehyde Exposure at Work Tied to Cognitive Impairment

Longer duration of exposure, higher cumulative exposure over entire working life may increase risk for cognitive impairment

SAGE Detects Conversion From MCI to Dementia Early

The Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination detects the conversion from mild cognitive impairment to dementia sooner than the MMSE

Physical Activity Linked to Reduced Dementia Risk in Seniors

Even low amount of light-intensity physical activity linked to reduced dementia risk compared with total sedentary behavior

Higher Resting Heart Rate Tied to Dementia Risk in Older Adults

Elevated resting heart rate also associated with accelerated cognitive decline

Almost Half With MCI Subsequently Classified as Cognitively Normal

After average of 2.4 years of follow-up, 12.9 percent with incident MCI progressed to dementia, 47.9 percent no longer met MCI criteria

Higher Habitual Coffee Intake May Slow Cognitive Decline

Higher baseline coffee consumption also linked to slower Aβ-amyloid accumulation during a 126-month study period as shown on brain MRI scans

Device Apps Aid Memory in Older Adults With Impaired Cognition

Digital voice recorder or smartphone apps can improve prospective memory function, QOL in older adults with mild cognitive disorders

Risk for Stroke, Dementia Down With Coffee, Tea Consumption

Lowest hazard ratio for incident stroke, dementia seen for two to three cups of coffee, three to five cups of tea, combined intake of four to six cups/day