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Large variation in blood pressure is associated with an increased long-term risk for dementia

Large BP Variation Tied to Greater Long-Term Risk for Dementia

Dementia risk significantly increased after at least 15 years since measurement of SBP variation
Nearly half of adults aged 50 to 64 years believe they are at least somewhat likely to develop dementia

About Half of Middle-Age Adults Believe They May Develop Dementia

Only 5.2 percent of patients had discussed dementia prevention with their physician
Abdominal obesity is associated with a significantly increased risk for dementia

Higher Waist Circumference Tied to Increased Risk for Dementia

Waist circumference more accurate indicator of abdominal visceral fat level than body mass index
Illiteracy is associated with prevalent and incident dementia

Illiteracy Tied to Dementia in Older Adults With Low Education

But literacy not associated with rate of cognitive decline among seniors with fewer years of schooling
More than half of individuals with Down syndrome aged 55 years or older have dementia claims and 32.7 percent have Alzheimer disease claims

Dementia Common in Down Syndrome Patients Aged ≥55

Dementia incidence 102 cases per 1,000 person-years for individuals aged 55 years or older
Childhood cognitive ability is associated with cognitive scores

Cognitive Ability in Childhood Linked to Cognitive Scores at 70

Childhood cognitive ability, education, socioeconomic position independently linked to cognition
Higher serum levels of elaidic acid

Serum Elaidic Acid Levels Tied to Dementia, Alzheimer Disease

Higher serum elaidic acid levels linked to increased risk for all-cause dementia, not vascular dementia
For adults with dementia

Nonpharmacologic Interventions Reduce Agitation in Dementia

Nonpharmacologic more efficacious than pharmacologic interventions for reducing aggression, agitation
Migraines are a significant risk factor for Alzheimer disease and all-cause dementia

Migraines Linked to Higher Risk for Dementia, Alzheimer Disease

However, no link seen between migraines and vascular dementia
Assessment of dementia risk using three common screening tools at baseline predicts incident dementia over the course of about seven years

Stepwise Approach Effective for Primary Care Dementia Screening

Stepwise screening starts with single question on subjective memory loss