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Handling of Secondary Genetic Findings in Research Examined

When given more information, almost half of research participants who initially refused opted to accept secondary genetic findings

Model May ID Schizophrenia Cases by DNA Methylation in Blood​

CoRSIV-based model, with a positive predictive value of 80 percent, surpassed the performance of a model based on polygenic risk score

Genetic Testing Proposed for Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer at Age 65+

Mutations in actionable breast cancer risk genes present in 3.2 percent of older women with breast cancer

Genetic Risk for Psychiatric Disorders Linked to Brain Changes

Polygenic risk scores for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia linked to structure and function of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex

Healthy Lifestyle May Offset Genetic Risk for Cancer

For men and women with high genetic risk, five-year cancer incidence down significantly with a favorable lifestyle

Return to Play Seems Safe for Most Athletes With Long QT Syndrome

No genetic heart disease-sports-associated mortality seen in 2,056 combined years of follow-up

Links Between Genetic Risk, Glaucoma Prevalence Examined

Polygenic variants tied to similar risk for developing glaucoma as some monogenic variants and are more prevalent in the general population

Teen, Parent Response Explored for Cardiomyopathy Genetic Tests

Families with positive predictive test results had better functioning scores than those with negative predictive test results

WHO Calls for Global Registry of Human Genome Editing

Studies involving human genome editing should be made public, even though it would not necessarily stop unprincipled scientists

Oral Contraceptives Lower Ovarian Cancer Risk in BRCA Carriers

Findings seen in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers; reduction greater with longer duration of use in BRCA1 carriers