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In Breakthrough Transplant, Man Receives Genetically Modified Pig Heart

The Maryland heart patient is still doing well three days after the procedure was performed

Cell-Free RNA Profiles in Maternal Blood May Predict Preeclampsia

cfRNA signatures from maternal blood draw may identify women at risk for developing preeclampsia prior to clinical presentation

In Utero Hormone Levels May Affect Migraine Risk in Adulthood

Sex differences in migraine prevalence may not be entirely accounted for by genetic factors

Genetic Diagnosis May Aid Management of Pediatric Epilepsy

Establishing a genetic diagnosis for patients with unexplained infantile or childhood-onset epilepsy can help individualize treatment

Genetic Diagnosis of Rare Diseases Up With Genome Sequencing

Diagnostic yields were higher for disorders likely to have a monogenic cause versus those with a complex cause

AAV Gene Transfer Feasible for the Treatment of Hemophilia A

In a phase 1-2 trial, 16 of 18 men had sustained expression of factor VIII after gene transfer with adeno-associated viral vector (SPK-8011)

Conventional IVF Noninferior to PGT-A for Live-Birth Rate

Cumulative live-birth rate with use of conventional IVF noninferior to that for embryo selection with preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy

Protocol Examined for Returning Results in Genomic Research

Among participants in a biobank found to be carrying pathogenic or likely pathogenic variants, 76.3 percent unaware of these research results

Black Women With Breast Cancer Face Barriers to Genetic Counseling

In nationwide survey, a majority of U.S. breast oncologists report that Black women encounter more barriers to genetic counseling, testing

Cascade Testing Proposed for Siblings of Newborns With Cancer Genes

Surveillance for siblings of newborns with pathogenic variants in cancer genes could reduce rare child cancer deaths