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Race Can Affect Breast Cancer Test for Predicting Chemo Benefit

21-gene recurrence score may underestimate benefit of chemotherapy for young non-Hispanic Black women with ER-positive, axillary node-negative breast cancer

GERD Can Induce Occurrence of Rheumatoid Arthritis, but Not Vice Versa

Bidirectional Mendelian randomization analysis showed 69 percent increased risk for RA occurrence for GERD patients

Inherited Genetic Loci Identified for Thinner Retinal Layers Using Optical CT

Thinner retinal layers phenotypically associated with ocular, neuropsychiatric, cardiometabolic, pulmonary conditions

Ten Variants Suggest Link to Surgical, Nonsurgical Rhizarthrosis

Seven variants suggest association with surgical rhizarthrosis; all 10 variants differed significantly between treatment groups

Risk for Cancer Increased for Relatives of Patients With Leukemia

Study finds increased risk for cancer overall and for specific cancers for first- and second-degree relatives

Anorexia Associated With Being an Early Riser

Findings seen in both a genetic association study and among biobank participants

Twin’s Dementia Tied to Shorter Life Expectancy in Unaffected Twin

Findings seen for both identical and fraternal twins and for the affected twin compared with the general population

SABCS: 22 Percent of Young BRCA Carriers Conceive After Breast Cancer

No significant difference seen in disease-free survival for those with, without pregnancy; overall survival up for those with pregnancy

Clot Risk High With Oral Contraceptives for Those at Genetic Risk

Risk highest in the first two years, regardless of genetic risk, and lower for continued use

Polygenic Predisposition to Short Sleep Linked to Depression

No association seen for polygenic score for depression with overall sleep duration, short sleep, or long sleep