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Surgery Feasible Soon After COVID-19 for Vaccinated Patients

No increased risk for perioperative complications seen for fully vaccinated patients, surgery without general anesthesia

Laparoscopic Surgery Noninferior for Gastric Cancer at Five Years

At five years, OS, RFS similar for laparoscopic surgery and open distal gastrectomy for locally advanced gastric cancer

Anesthesiologist Staffing Ratios Linked to Patient Outcomes

Morbidity, mortality of patients undergoing major noncardiac inpatient surgery increased with overlapping coverage by anesthesiologists

Reputation Most Important Factor in Choosing Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Women hypothetically selecting a breast reconstruction surgeon placed highest value on surgeons' reputations

Occult Hypoxemia More Likely Among Black Inpatients

Among SpO2 values of ≥92 percent, unadjusted probabilities of occult hypoxemia were 15.6 percent for Whites, 19.6 percent for Blacks

Low Rate of Serious Adverse Events Linked to Shoulder Surgery

Low risk for serious adverse events linked to common shoulder arthroscopy procedures; one in 26 at risk for reoperation at one year

Postop A-Fib May Raise Risk for Heart Failure Hospitalization

Increased risk seen among adults without history of heart failure undergoing cardiac, noncardiac surgeries

Model Can Predict Chronic Postsurgical Pain

Approximately one-fourth of patients experience chronic pain after surgery

Many Undergo Genital Gender-Affirming Surgery Outside State of Residence

Out-of-pocket costs 49 percent higher for procedures performed outside versus in the state of residence

One-Third of Hospitals Compliant With Price Transparency for Joint Arthroplasty

~20 percent of hospitals provide CMS-compliant pricing information for two CPT codes and two DRG codes