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Nurse Work Environment Affects Patient Outcome

Surgical patients in hospitals with good nurse environment less likely to be admitted to ICU, have 30-day mortality

Blacks Increased Telemedicine Use for Surgical Consults

Findings seen in second phase of the pandemic; no significant racial differences seen during the beginning of the pandemic

Same-Day Discharge Increasing for Hip, Knee Arthroplasty

Faster increase seen for total hip arthroplasty, while total knee arthroplasty has slightly higher odds of complications

Factors ID’d for Eventual Surgery in Patients With Appendicitis

Presence of an appendicolith increases risk for undergoing appendectomy after starting antibiotic therapy for acute appendicitis

Long-Term Medication Usage After Bariatric Surgeries Compared

Patterns of medication use for obesity-related comorbidities slightly more favorable following gastric bypass versus sleeve gastrectomy

Selected Procedures May Be Performed by Surgical Residents Alone

Patient outcomes similar for certain procedures performed by residents alone, attending surgeons alone, residents assisted by attending surgeons

Intrathecal Morphine + Oral Gabapentin Aids Pain Management

Combination improved pain management for teens undergoing spinal fusion for scoliosis

Red Cross Says U.S. Blood Supply at Dangerously Low Level

People who have received COVID-19 vaccines can donate blood and platelets as long as they are symptom-free

Early Exercise Not Tied to Breast Augmentation Complications

Findings show similar scar quality and higher patient satisfaction and self-reported outcomes with exercise

AAOS Updates Guideline for Managing Hip Fracture in Seniors

Interdisciplinary care programs recommended to decrease complications and improve outcomes