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In a guideline issued by the Joint Task Force of the Chinese Society of Anesthesiology and the Chinese Association of Anesthesiologists

Guidance Issued for Perioperative Management of COVID-19 Patients

Dedicated OR equipped with negative pressure system, dedicated anesthesia machine required
In a letter to the editor published online Feb. 25 in Surgical Infections

Anesthesia Procedure Outlined for Emergency Surgery in COVID-19 Patients

Fast induction of anesthesia with adequate muscle relaxation recommended to prevent cough
Management of elective surgical procedures in the setting of coronavirus disease 2019 is addressed in two sets of recommendations published by the American College of Surgeons.

Management of Elective Surgery Reviewed in Setting of COVID-19

Two sets of recommendations relate to management of elective surgery, triage of nonemergent operations
For patients undergoing mitral valve replacement

Frailty Predicts Adverse Outcomes After Mitral Valve Replacement

Index hospitalization costs almost doubled in frail patients and 30-day readmission more frequent
Scars from Mohs micrographic surgery for facial skin cancers are often longer than patients expect

Patients Underestimate Length of Mohs Surgery Scars

Physicians more accurately estimate scar length and can help set expectations
Women who take less opioid pain medication in the 24-hour period before being discharged from the hospital after a cesarean delivery also use less opioid medication during the four weeks following discharge

Opioid Use Prior to Discharge After C-Section Tied to Later Use

Level of opioid use within 24 hours predischarge linked to level of use for four weeks postdischarge
Microdiscectomy is superior to nonsurgical care with respect to pain intensity in patients with sciatica lasting more than four months and caused by lumbar disc herniation

Surgery Superior to Nonoperative Care for Persistent Sciatica

Leg pain intensity score lower at six months with microdiscectomy versus standard nonoperative care
Poor function

Function, Cognition, Psych Well-Being Linked to Postop Death

Risk for one-year mortality rises with increasing risk factors among older adults undergoing major surgery
Socioeconomic status and other geographically defined factors are associated with incidence of acute appendicitis

Acute Appendicitis Incidence Not Randomly Distributed

Geographic patterns associated with income and education levels may influence incidence
Almost 19 percent of adult patients with papillary thyroid microcarcinoma present with advanced features

Advanced Features Seen in Some Adults With Small Thyroid Tumors

Many of these features associated with significantly lower survival in papillary thyroid microcarcinoma