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Geographic variation in end-of-life spending can be explained by availability of services and physicians' beliefs

Factors Examined for End-of-Life Spending Levels in Cancer Care

Physicians' beliefs, availability of services, but not patients' beliefs, explain geographic variation
Ambulatory surgery centers experience increases in patient volume

Surgical Price Transparency Tied to Improved Volume, Revenue

Most centers also reported better patient satisfaction and engagement after initiation of transparency
The increasing cost of insulin is potentially exposing those with diabetes to serious health consequences

Increasing Cost of Insulin Has Serious Health Consequences

Lowest-priced insulin required to safely, effectively achieve treatment goals should be prescribed
Federal parity under the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act is associated with lower average annual out-of-pocket mental health spending among children with mental health conditions

Federal Parity Tied to Lower Out of Pocket Mental Health Spending

Lower out-of-pocket mental health spending exists for children with parity plans
A council on health care spending and value has been established by the journal Health Affairs.

Health Affairs Announces Launch of New Three-Year Initiative

Council on Health Care Spending and Value will be co-chaired by William Frist and Margaret Hamburg
Meeting World Health Organization targets for chronic hepatitis B by 2030 will be cost-effective

WHO Targets for Chronic Hepatitis B Will Be Cost-Effective

Achieving WHO targets for diagnosis, treatment by 2030 will be cost-effective at $103 per QALY
Walmart's Generic Drug Discount Program

Walmart Generic Drug Discounts Often Offer More Patient Savings

Walmart drug program offers savings over Medicare program for generic cardiovascular medications
Low-income families that include a member with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease have increased odds of high financial burden and catastrophic financial burden

High Financial Burden Up With ASCVD in Low-Income Families

High burden for many low-income families with member with ASCVD, including those with insurance
For patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Travel Costs Are Considerable Part of T2DM Follow-Up Costs

Implementing self-monitoring for half of follow-up would reduce average annual HbA1c screening costs
In 2013

1996 to 2013 Saw Large Increase in Diabetes Spending

Increased spending per encounter has been the biggest driver of overall rise in spending