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About one in four patients report cost-related insulin underuse

Cost-Related Insulin Underuse May Affect One in Four Patients

Patients reporting cost-related underuse more likely to have poor glycemic control
Rising drug spending in the United States is being fueled by expensive name-brand prescription medicines

Name-Brand Medications Driving Spike in U.S. Drug Spending

Greatest costs for Humira, Remicade, Enbrel, Novolog, and Neulasta
Among patients in the intensive care unit

Notes Reflecting Financial Considerations ID’d in ICU

Overall, 4.2 percent of admissions have at least one clinical note reflecting financial considerations
Cardiac implant prices are two to six times higher in the United States than in Germany

Cardiac Implant Prices Higher in U.S. Than EU Countries

However, there is significant price variation both within and between EU nations
Maryland's Health Enterprise Zone Initiative reduced hospitalizations and led to net cost savings

Health Enterprise Zone Initiative Cut Hospitalizations, Costs

Initiative involves state-funded programs to improve access, healthy behaviors in underserved areas
In 2013

Almost One in 10 Treated in Hospital for Non-Fatal Injury

Costs of hospital-treated non-fatal injuries estimated at $1.853 trillion; $168 billion in medical spending
The costs of delivering a new Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program may be higher than the expected reimbursement

Inadequate Reimbursement May Mar Diabetes Prevention Program

Large gap between costs, projected reimbursement for Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program
More than half of patients who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid and are designated as high-cost in one year remain persistently high-cost over three years

Spending Often Persists in High-Cost Medicare-Medicaid Eligible

Most of cost is related to long-term care, little tied to potentially preventable hospitalizations
A small but growing subset of generic drugs experienced sudden large price increases from 2007 to 2013

Price Hikes Noted in Small Subset of Generic Drugs

Small but growing proportion of drugs experiencing at least doubling in price
Preventable cardiovascular events place a considerable health and economic burden on the United States

Preventable Cardiovascular Events Are Big Economic Burden

About 16.3 million events, totaling $173.7 billion in hospitalization costs, could occur in 2017 to 2021