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RSNA: Deductible Payments May Discourage Breast Imaging

Deductible payments discouraged women from returning for diagnostic workup of abnormal screening results, caused them to skip screening

Paxlovid Soon Will Not Be Free for Americans

At this point, about 6 million Americans have taken free Paxlovid doses

Cost of Parking at Cancer Center Adds to Patient Financial Burden

Significant positive association seen between daily cost of parking and cost of living in city and for cancer center address transit score

More Biosimilars Marketed in Germany, Switzerland Than U.S.

Monthly treatment costs of biosimilars were higher in the United States than corresponding costs in Germany, Switzerland

New Bill Would Ensure Free Exams for Sexual Assault Victims

KFF report says two-thirds of women with private insurance are billed for at least one standard service in the exam

Medically Tailored Meals Could Avert Hospitalizations, Yield Savings

Implementation of MTMs could potentially avert 1.6 million hospitalizations, yield net savings of $13.6 billion per year

Considerable Medical Costs Associated With Recurrent Vertigo

Large differences noted in mean adjusted annual payments/direct costs across groups

Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery Tied to Financial Harm in Younger Patients

Higher risk also seen among patients experiencing increased urinary symptoms

Research & Development Investments Do Not Explain Drug Price Variation

No association seen between estimated R&D investments and treatment costs based on list prices at launch or net prices after one year

Medical Debt Tied to Worsening of Food, Housing Insecurity

Risk factors for medical indebtedness include hospitalization, disability, high deductible, Medicare Advantage, and no insurance coverage