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Screening Adults for CKD Could Be Cost-Effective

One-time CKD screening at age 55 years had incremental cost-effectiveness ratio of $86,300 per QALY gained; other options were also cost-effective

Couples Age 55 or Older Can Soon Contribute $10,000 a Year to Health Savings...

The majority of Americans do not take advantage of this opportunity to save for future medical expenses

Postpartum Women Face High Burden of Medical Debt

Burden even higher among postpartum women who are poorer and those with common chronic diseases

Medicare Spending Would Increase $2.0 to $5.1 Billion With Lecanemab

$2.0 to $5.1 billion would include lecanemab and ancillary costs; estimated annual per-patient coinsurance could reach $6,636

One in Five Seniors Report Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence

Most respondents indicated a desire for use of a real-time benefit tool, with concern reported regarding inaccurate prices

Colchicine Price Increase Tied to Poorer Gout Control Over a Decade

Simultaneously, sustained decrease in colchicine use, increased use of other medications for gout, and greater health care utilization seen

Other Countries Rate Half of Top-Selling Drugs in Medicare as Low Added Benefit

These low added therapeutic-rating drugs accounted for $19.3 billion or one-third of Medicare annual net spending in 2020

Post-COVID-19 Condition Tied to Health Care Access Issues

Adults reporting post-COVID-19 condition say they have trouble getting, paying for care

Partners of CRC Survivors Experience Long-Term Financial Toxicity

Furthermore, this financial toxicity is associated with worse health-related quality of life

Deductible for Breast Diagnostic Imaging May Discourage Follow-Up

21.1 percent of women were discouraged from returning for recommended follow-up imaging with deductible for diagnostic imaging