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Cancer survivors have significantly higher annual out-of-pocket medical expenditures than individuals without a cancer history

Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenditure Up for Cancer Survivors

More than 1 in 4 survivors report material hardship; more than 1 in 3 has psychological hardship
The oldest and sickest Americans are least likely to be able to afford home care

Most Older Adults Would Have to Liquidate Assets for Home Care

Fewer older adults with significant disabilities could afford extensive care
High costs are associated with physician turnover and reduced clinical hours attributed to burnout

High Costs Associated With Physician Burnout in U.S.

Nationally, about $4.6 billion in costs are related to physician turnover, reduced clinical hours
For patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

High-Deductible Health Plans May Be Harmful for Patients With COPD

Individuals with HDHP more likely to report forgoing care due to costs, cost-related nonadherence
A proportion of older adults employ strategies to reduce prescription drug costs

CDC: Seniors Use Various Strategies to Reduce Rx Costs

Overall, 4.8 percent have not taken meds as prescribed; 17.7 percent have asked for lower-cost medication
A half-price version of Humalog insulin is now available in the United States

Half-Price Version of Humalog Insulin Now Available

Eli Lilly's generic version being sold under the chemical name insulin lispro
Prices paid to hospitals for privately insured patients in 2017 averaged 241 percent of what Medicare would have paid

Private Insurers Pay 241 Percent of What Medicare Would Pay

RAND researchers recommend private insurers move toward fixed-price arrangements
A cervical cancer screening strategy that involves cytologic testing every three years from ages 21 to 29 years and then continuing cytologic testing or switching to low-cost high-risk human papillomavirus testing every five years is reasonable

Some Cervical Cancer Screening Strategies More Cost-Effective

Most lifetime QALYs seen with cytologic testing every three years, repeated for ASC-US
Physicians are aware of patients' difficulty with affording medical care and consider out-of-pocket costs in their decision making

Doctors Aware of Patient Difficulties Affording Medical Care

Three-quarters of doctors surveyed say they consider out-of-pocket costs when making clinical decisions
Sharing personalized practice pattern data with physicians that is benchmarked to national data for their peers can reduce overuse of Mohs micrographic surgery among outliers

Sharing Data With Surgeons Can Reduce Overuse of Mohs Surgery

Mean stages per case reduced; reduction in Medicare spending estimated to be $11.1 million