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Medicare Could Have Saved $3.6 Billion on Generic Drugs in 2020

Authors say Medicare could have saved up to $3.6 billion by purchasing generics at Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company prices

Cost of Brand-Name Antiseizure Meds Increased Since 2010

Brand-name ASMs accounted for 79 percent of costs in 2018, despite representing only 14 percent of pill days

Early Identification Cuts Costs for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Among treated patients, costs were lower for those identified by newborn screening versus presentation of symptoms

Medicare Spending Spikes for Dementia Diagnoses in Seniors

Medicare spending higher for adults with a formal clinical diagnosis of dementia versus a positive screening for cognitive impairment

Half of Hospitals Have Implemented No Price Transparency

Only 5.7 percent of hospitals meet both requirements -- a machine-readable file for required price types and an accessible display for at least 300 shoppable items

New Drug Launch Prices Increasing Exponentially Each Year

Findings among newly marketed brand-name prescription drugs launched in 2008 to 2021

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U.S. Spends More on Cancer Than Other Countries, but Without Mortality Benefit

U.S. had the highest per capita spending on cancer care in 2020, but a median cancer mortality rate

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Burden of Medical Costs for Sickle Cell Disease Quantified

Over nonelderly lifetime, SCD-attributable costs were estimated at $1.7 million for males; with out-of-pocket costs of $45,091

Copy of Pfizer COVID Vaccine Saved 110

Rollout of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Saved Lives, Health Care Dollars

Model shows vaccine tied to prevention of 110,000 deaths and a resulting $30.4 billion direct health care cost savings

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Hospital Costs for Firearm Injuries Vary Widely by Region

Hospital costs for firearm injuries in the United States totaled $7.8 billion over 10 years; government insurance programs covered 42 percent of the costs