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Pharmacogenomic Testing to Guide Antidepressant Use Beneficial in Major Depression

Pharmacogenomic testing predicted to save the health system $956 million and bring health gains of 0.381 QALYs per patient

Health Care Spending Up for Child Survivors of Firearm Injuries

Survivors and family members of survivors have increased mental health care use

COVID-19 Meds Like Paxlovid Will Soon Have Big Price Tags

Pills will still be available at no cost until those bought earlier by the federal government run out

Affording Health Care Now a Struggle for Half of Americans: Poll

More than half delayed or skipped care because of concerns about costs

Care Use, Financial Burden Increase Over Time for Elders With Dementia

Increases seen in care hours from family and unpaid helpers, use of in-home medical care, hospital stay, use of nursing facility

Childbirth Tied to Medical Debt, Even Among Commercially Insured Families

Risk for medical debt in collections highest for postpartum individuals living in lowest-income neighborhoods

Pediatric Mental Health Care Use, Spending Both Up >20 Percent Since the Pandemic

Study shows telehealth delivery of mental health care persists

Major Drug Companies Agree to Price Negotiations With U.S. Government

Ten drugs have been chosen for price negotiations by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Extended-Release Buprenorphine Not Necessarily Cost-Effective

Extended-release buprenorphine not cost-effective when transmucosal buprenorphine is available for treatment of OUD

Economic Burden of Youth Violence Reached $122 Billion in 2020

Total annual economic burden of youth violence 17 percent higher in 2020 due to increase in youth homicides