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Risk for Asthma at Age 4 Years Higher After Pneumonia in Infancy

Risk slightly higher after introduction of nationwide pneumococcal conjugate vaccine

Bystander Rescue Breathing CPR Beneficial for Pediatric OHCA

Odds of neurologically favorable survival improved for RB-CPR versus compression-only CPR

Morbidity Risk Up Among Black and Hispanic Term Newborns

More Black and Hispanic women deliver in hospitals ranking in the highest-morbidity tertile compared with White, Asian American women

Risk for Death Increased for Infants After Maltreatment Report

Increased risk for death attributable to medical causes for infants reported for alleged maltreatment

Rule Change Led to Short-Term Drop in Nonmedical Exemptions

32 percent decrease in NMEs in Michigan seen immediately after rule change, but rebound seen in subsequent years

Health Coaching + Change in Early-Life Care Benefits Babies, Moms

Findings show reduced infant overweight and increased receipt of maternal postpartum care among low-income dyads

AAP: Consider Palivizumab for Atypical Interseasonal RSV

AAP strongly supports consideration of palivizumab for patients who would be candidates per current eligibility recommendations

Nonrecommended Milk Types Often Provided to Young Children

63 percent of caregivers of infants provided only breastmilk and/or commercially prepared infant formula

AAP Issues Guideline for Managing Young Infants With Fever

Recommendations address evaluation, management of fever in infants aged 8 to 21, 22 to 28, 29 to 60 days; role of parents emphasized

Model Estimates Routine Child Vaccine Doses Missed During 2020

About 8.5 and 8.9 million more children than expected missed routine vaccination for DTP3 and MCV1, respectively, due to COVID-19 pandemic