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Trauma Rates High After Operative Vaginal Delivery in Canada

Rates of maternal trauma higher after forceps than vacuum delivery; rates vary by region

Adverse Birth Outcomes Tied to ART Unlikely Due to Treatment

Difference in frequency of adverse outcomes small and statistically insignificant for siblings conceived naturally, through ART

ATS Issues Guidance for Managing Postprematurity Respiratory Disease

Recommendations address the outpatient management of postprematurity respiratory disease in infants, children, and adolescents

Genetic Diagnosis May Aid Management of Pediatric Epilepsy

Establishing a genetic diagnosis for patients with unexplained infantile or childhood-onset epilepsy can help individualize treatment

Symptoms of Cow’s Milk Allergy Common in Infants

Presence of symptoms in exclusively breastfed healthy 3-month-old infants suggests possible overdiagnosis of cow's milk allergies

Early Childhood Feeding Problems Tied to Developmental Delays

Authors say young children with multiple eating problems may benefit from screening for developmental delay

ACAAI: Many Parents Unaware of Guidelines to Prevent Peanut Allergy

Less than half of parents and caregivers report being told by a physician to introduce child to peanut-containing foods by 11 months of age

Oral Nadolol Feasible for the Treatment of Infantile Hemangiomas

Randomized clinical trial shows oral nadolol noninferior to oral propranolol for treatment of infantile hemangiomas

Overweight Less Likely in Infants With More Sleep, Fewer Awakenings

Odds of infant overweight from 1 to 6 months lower with increase in nighttime sleep duration, decrease in number of waking bouts

Michigan Data Show Routine Vaccinations Plummeted in Early Pandemic

Authors say catch-up vaccinations of doses missed throughout the pandemic needed to stem outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases