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Vaccination coverage with many recommended vaccines is high by age 24 months

CDC: Vaccination Coverage Generally High by Age 24 Months

Coverage with at least two doses of flu vaccine higher for children born 2016 to 2017 versus 2014 to 2015
In a clinical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Guidelines Issued on Managing Infants Exposed to HIV

Counseling should be provided for parents, caregivers of infants exposed to HIV, including for routine care
Investment in non-health care services is associated with lower infant mortality rates

Non-Health Care Spending Linked to Infant Mortality Rates

Increase of $0.30 per person in environmental spending linked to drop of 0.03 deaths/1,000 live births
Delivering web-based vaccine messages tailored to parents' vaccine beliefs and values does not improve uptake of infant vaccinations

Web-Based Tailored Messages Do Not Increase Infant Vaccination Rates

No increase seen in timely uptake by parents who receive messages tailored to vaccine beliefs, values
Among critically ill neonates and children

CLABSI Rates Have Remained Stable in Neonatal, Pediatric ICUs

However, 2013 to 2018 saw decrease in population-based CAUTI rates, indwelling urinary catheter use
Avoiding cow's milk formula supplementation at birth may prevent asthma or recurrent wheeze in young children

Avoiding Cow’s Milk Baby Formula May Cut Asthma, Wheezing Later

Avoiding supplementation with cow's milk formula for at least the first three days of life may lower risk
Introduction of gluten from age 4 months is associated with a reduced prevalence of celiac disease

Early Introduction of Gluten Linked to Decline in Celiac Disease

Introduction of gluten from age 4 months linked to reduced prevalence of celiac disease
Infants born to mothers testing positive for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 do not have a higher frequency of adverse outcomes than those born to mothers testing negative

Infants of COVID-19-Infected Mothers Doing Well in Short Term

No differences seen in rates of preterm birth, NICU admission, respiratory disease with infection
When newborns and the physicians treating them are of the same race

Black Newborn Mortality Lower With Care From Black Doctors

However, racial concordance between mother and physician not tied to lower maternal mortality
There is considerable racial/ethnic variation in fetal death rates

Fetal Mortality Rate Higher for Black Versus White Mothers

Increased rate of fetal death in black mothers seen for deaths attributed to multiple causes