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Chronic opioid use during pregnancy that causes neonatal abstinence syndrome is associated with smaller neonatal head circumference

Smaller Heads Related to Opioid-Related Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Chronic opioid use in pregnancy resulting in NAS linked to smaller head circumference in neonates
Infants from low-income

Smoke Exposure High in Low-Income, Nonurban Infants

12 percent of infants registered cotinine values of ≥12 ng/mL, consistent with active smoking in adults
The workload of neonatal intensive care unit nurses

Workload of NICU Nurses Linked to Missed Nursing Care

Link significantly increased with increased subjective workload
Ebola infections in newborns are being reported in the current outbreak of the deadly disease in Congo

Newborns Infected With Ebola in Congo Outbreak

Seven cases seen in newborn babies and infants younger than 2 years old
Pacifiers filled with or dipped in honey should not be given to infants

FDA Warns Against Giving Honey-Filled Pacifiers to Infants

Four infants in Texas hospitalized with botulism after using pacifiers containing honey
Advanced paternal age is associated with adverse infant and maternal outcomes

Older Paternal Age Linked to Adverse Perinatal Outcomes

Higher risk for premature birth, low birth weight, low Apgar score seen with older paternal age
In-hospital postnatal education about infant pain management at vaccinations leads to more frequent use of pain relief interventions

Postnatal Education Increases Pain Relief Use at Vaccinations

Moms given info about infant pain management more likely to breastfeed, give sucrose, anesthestics

Number of Children Not Receiving Vaccines Slightly Increased

However, coverage with most recommended vaccines among children aged 19 to 35 months stable, high
Well-child visits at 15 months

15- and 18-Month, 4-Year Well-Child Visits Most Often Missed

Opportunities for developmental, school readiness screenings may be missed
An educational and hand hygiene program involving hand sanitizer can reduce the risk for respiratory infections for children attending day care centers

Hand Hygiene Program Beneficial for Day Care Centers

Education, hand sanitizer intervention can cut respiratory infection rate, antibiotic prescribing