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Infectious Diseases Society of America, Oct. 3-7

The Infectious Diseases Society of America Annual Meeting (ID Week 2018) The annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America was held...
Nine recent cases of a rare

Nine Cases of Polio-Like Illness Suspected in Children in Illinois

Five possible cases reported in Washington state; 14 confirmed cases reported in Colorado
Greater weight gain in early childhood often carries over to overweight and obesity in adolescence

Childhood Obesity Persists Into Adolescence

Among obese teens, most rapid weight gain happened in childhood between ages 2 and 6
An educational and hand hygiene program involving hand sanitizer can reduce the risk for respiratory infections for children attending day care centers

Hand Hygiene Program Beneficial for Day Care Centers

Education, hand sanitizer intervention can cut respiratory infection rate, antibiotic prescribing
A $69 billion merger between health insurer Aetna and pharmacy manager CVS Health has been approved

Aetna-CVS Merger Approved

Under the approval, Aetna must sell off its private Medicare drug plans
Minority residents describe burdens associated with race/ethnicity

Minority Residents Experience Burdens Linked to Race/Ethnicity

Residents describe daily barrage of microaggression, bias; being tasked as race/ethnicity ambassadors
Acetaminophen can reduce the risk for febrile seizure recurrence during the same fever episode among infants and children

Acetaminophen Can Reduce Recurrence of Febrile Seizures

For children, infants with febrile seizure, recurrence down with acetaminophen versus no antipyretic
For nulliparous women receiving neuraxial analgesia

Timing of Pushing Does Not Impact Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery

Rate of spontaneous vaginal delivery similar for immediate pushing or waiting for 60 minutes
A rare

Polio-Like Condition in Children on Rise Again in the United States

Acute flaccid myelitis first identified in 2014
An outbreak of flea-borne typhus in Los Angeles County has so far resulted in 57 cases

Flea-Borne Typhus Outbreak in Los Angeles County

Typhus fever can cause serious complications requiring lengthy hospitalization