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Moderate fish intake during pregnancy (one to three times per week) is associated with improvements in the subsequent metabolic health of children

Moderate Maternal Fish Intake May Aid Child Metabolic Health

But high maternal mercury exposure tied to unfavorable metabolic profile in children
A new online survey appears to be a feasible and acceptable method for assessing patient- and parent-reported outcomes and quality of life for people with autism across the life span

New Tool Measures Quality of Life With Autism Across Life Span

Online survey completed by individuals with autism, parent proxies shows lower QOL across age groups
Prenatal and perinatal factors may influence a child's risk for developing psychosis

Pregnancy-Related Factors Linked to Risk for Psychosis in Child

Review and meta-analysis ID 30 factors that raise risk for child psychosis, five factors that protect
From 2016 to 2018

CDC: Rates of STIs Up From 2016 to 2018 Among Women Giving Birth

Rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis increased 2, 16, and 34 percent, respectively
In the field of medical imaging

Prospective, Randomized Studies of AI Lacking in Medical Imaging

Many studies claiming artificial intelligence as good as humans are of poor quality, with high risk for bias
The National Institutes of Health has launched a new website with educational resources for hospital employees

Workers at Risk for COVID-19 Exposure Can Access Online Training

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences launched virtual training website to protect workers
The prevalence of autism spectrum disorder was 18.5 per 1

Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder 18.5 per 1,000 at Age 8

For children aged 4 years with ASD, 84 percent had a first evaluation at ≤36 months
Proton pump inhibitor use in children is associated with a small but significant increased risk for any fracture

Proton Pump Inhibitors May Up Fracture Risk in Children

Small but significant risk seen for upper-limb and lower-limb fractures
National health expenditures are projected to increase at an average annual rate of 5.4 percent for 2019 to 2028

National Health Spending Expected to Increase Through 2028

National health expenditures expected to represent 19.7 percent of gross domestic product by 2028
Certain types of EpiPens and their generic counterparts may fail or delay injection of lifesaving epinephrine for severe allergic reactions

FDA Warns of Defective EpiPen Dangers

Devices may activate prematurely if the blue safety release is removed using sideways force