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Methylphenidate should be considered as a first choice for the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents

Methylphenidate Good First-Choice Pediatric ADHD Drug

For adults, amphetamines are reasonable first choice to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Brucella canis is an under-recognized infection in dogs that poses a threat to human health

CDC: Brucellosis in Dogs Remains a Public Health Risk

Infection is under-recognized, may remain a threat without stronger intervention measures
A U.S. National Institutes of Health oversight panel will no longer review all applications for gene therapy experiments

NIH Panel Will No Longer Review Gene Therapy Experiments

FDA will now assess gene therapy experiments and products as it does with other treatments, drugs
Certain steps should be taken when discharging a patient for failure or inability to meet financial obligations

Steps Provided for Discharging Patient From Practice

Letter should be sent informing patient of their discharge, providing at least 30 days' notice
Counseling about impaired fertility and sexual function for at-risk pediatric populations in developmentally appropriate ways is essential

Counseling Needed for Pediatric Patients With Impaired Fertility

Report outlines recommendations for counseling of those at risk for sexual dysfunction, fertility issues
Patient portals have not taken off as expected

Patient Portals Don’t Appear to Have Much Traction

Patients not accessing them, physicians not using full range of features
After the expanded coverage provisions of the Affordable Care Act were implemented in 2014

ACA Coverage Gains Include Workers Without Insurance

Reduction in uninsurance rate among this group larger than that of not-employed adults
Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D is independently and inversely associated with total cholesterol

Vit D Independently, Inversely Tied to Cholesterol in Children

Gene variants do not modify the associations of 25(OH)D with lipids
Practice names and logos should be carefully designed to emphasize what is unique about a practice

Practice Names, Logos Should Be Carefully Designed

The logo should be simple and easy to identify, should send a message about the medical practice
The rate of pediatric emergency medical services transports from ambulatory practices is 42 per 100

Rate of Pediatric Emergencies in Ambulatory Practices Identified

Most due to respiratory distress, psychiatric/behavioral emergencies, or seizures