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2015 to 2021 Saw Increase in Electronic Vaping Product Use in Teens

During all time periods, highest percentages of EVP use seen for adolescents in grade 12

Long-Term Risk for MACE Increased for Children With Hypertension

Children with hypertension at higher associated risk for stroke, hospitalization for MI or unstable angina, coronary intervention

Cannabis Use Disorder Increasingly Seen in Teens Scheduled for Surgery

Adolescents with CUD have increased odds of respiratory complications, ICU admission, mechanical ventilation

Racial, Ethnic Disparities Seen for Leading Causes of Youth Mortality

Disparities observed for nearly all leading causes of injury and disease associated with recent increases in youth mortality rates

Nonmotor Seizures Often Undiagnosed in the Emergency Department

Treatment gap is exacerbated in the adolescent versus adult population

Cognitive Impairment Still Seen in Children, Teens With HIV

Impairments seen in processing speed, working memory, even in antiretroviral therapy era

Frequent Vaping in Teens Tied to Higher Toxic Metal Exposure

Frequent users had increased urine lead and uranium levels versus occasional users

Excessive Internet Use Tied to More Absences for Teens

Longer nightly sleep, more physical activity, trusting relationship with parents were protective factors for unexcused, medical absences

Weight-Related Bullying Increases With More Screen Time, Social Media Use

Greater hours of weekday screen time, use of social media associated with weight-related bullying in adolescents

Late Bedtime, Irregular Sleep Tied to Academic Problems in Teens

Study of 15-year-olds reveals associations for academic performance and behavioral trouble at school