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Overall tuberculosis rates are low among children and adolescents and are declining steadily

Tuberculosis Rates for U.S. Children Are Low and Declining

Disparities persist by race, ethnicity, geography; incidence higher for those living in U.S.-affiliated islands
A parent-targeted intervention can increase adolescent-reported frequency of parent-adolescent communication about sexual and alcohol use behaviors

Parent-Targeted Intervention Can Up Communication With Teens

Intervention increased adolescent-reported frequency of parent-teen communication about sex, alcohol
About 6 percent of psychiatrically hospitalized youth have abnormal thyroid-stimulating hormone measures

TSH Elevated in 6 Percent of Psychiatrically Hospitalized Youth

Elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone linked to recent weight gain, treatment with benzodiazepines
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends screening for illicit drug use in adults

USPSTF Recommends Screening Adults for Illicit Drug Use

Evidence inadequate to weigh the balance of benefits and harms of screening for adolescents
Misuse of prescription drugs is common among high school students

Prescription Drug Misuse Common in High Schoolers

44 percent of high school seniors who misuse prescription drugs have multiple drug sources
Cognitive behavioral therapy should be the first line of treatment in younger patients with major depressive disorder before clinicians prescribe medication

Psychotherapy Alone First Line of Treatment for Depressed Youth

Adding fluoxetine to cognitive behavioral therapy did not further reduce depressive symptoms
Adolescent and young adult women with pelvic inflammatory disease are more likely to experience decreases in Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis positivity with a technology-enhanced community health nursing intervention

Nurse Intervention Using Tech May Improve PID Care in Youth

Young women enrolled in TECH-N more likely to have decreases in N. gonorrhoeae, C. trachomatis
For adolescents with perinatally acquired HIV

Compliance With Meds Falters With Age in Youth Born With HIV

Prevalence of nonadherence increased from preadolescence to late adolescence/young adulthood
JUUL developed its electronic cigarette for adult smokers who want to stop and never intended it to be adopted by underage teenagers

JUUL E-Cigarettes Never Meant for Teens, Company Cofounder Says

Top executive for JUUL Labs testified this week before Congress
From 2001 to 2017

2001 to 2017 Saw Increase in Suicides in African-American Teens

Male teens were most likely to use firearms or hang/suffocate themselves to commit suicide