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Higher body mass index is likely to cause worse cardiovascular health in youth

In Teens, Young Adults, High BMI May Hurt Cardiovascular Health

Using combo of methodologies suggests higher BMI may increase BP, left ventricular mass index in youth
HIV and syphilis screening rates are low among adolescents who are diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease in the emergency department

HIV, Syphilis Screening Low With ED-Diagnosed PID in Adolescents

Findings among teens diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease in the emergency department
Most youths in a recent survey support the right to own guns

Many Youths Believe Gun Control Would Decrease Mass Shootings

However, two-thirds of youths surveyed also support the right to keep guns in the home
Physicians can create an adherence protocol for patients

Doctors Can Help Children, Teens Adhere to Eczema Treatment Plan

Aids include simplifying treatment, creating reminders, sharing success stories
Adolescent and young adult cancer survivors have a 73 percent higher risk for endocrine diseases

Young Cancer Survivors Have High Risk of Endocrine Diseases

Results suggest the need for screening, surveillance in survivors
There have been substantial increases in complete abstinence from substance use reported by high school students over the past 40 years

Abstinence Rates for Substance Use Increasing Among Teens

Trends in non-use differed by substance, with marijuana use decreasing the least
There is a modest

High Frequency of Digital Media Use Linked to ADHD Symptoms

Modest but significant link seen between higher frequency of media use, subsequent symptoms in teens
Almost 3 percent of teenagers aged 13 to 18 years have food

Unhealthy Food Behaviors May Signal Eating Disorder in Teen

Signs include restricting more and more food groups, significant weight change, excessive exercise
Pelvic examination does not increase the sensitivity or specificity for diagnosis of chlamydia

Pelvic Exam in ER Doesn’t Help Predict STI for Young Females

Pelvic exam doesn't add to history for diagnosis of STIs in young females with suspected cervicitis, PID
Positive future orientation is associated with reduced odds of weapon-related violence perpetration among teenage males from low-resource neighborhoods

Future Outlook Tied to Risk of Weapon Violence in Male Teens

Young males with positive orientation have lower odds of threatening, injuring someone with a weapon