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Lower Number of Positive Childhood Experiences Tied to Eating Behaviors in College Students

Lower number of positive experiences tied to higher binge eating, less intuitive eating

Cumulative Radiation Dose From CT in Young People Linked to Malignancy Risk

For every 10,000 children examined, one to two persons expected to develop hematologic malignancy over next 12 years

Handguns Are Most Used Weapon in School Shootings Executed by Teens

Firearms were mainly lower or moderate in power; 82.1 percent were obtained via theft from relatives

2013 to 2021 Saw Shift in Smoking Habits of Young Adults

Findings show historically low cigarette use, but higher e-cigarette use

For Teens, Protection Against SARS-CoV-2 Highest for Hybrid Immunity

Protection highest for students with immunity from previous infection and three doses of vaccination

Parents Report Both Benefits, Concerns With Youth Internet Use

Problematic youth internet use tied to negative parenting styles

2018 to 2021 Saw Increase in HIV PrEP Provision for Adolescents

Increases were seen in all sex and age groups, with larger increases in older and male adolescents

Teens With Atopic Dermatitis More Likely to Experience Bullying

Adolescents with atopic dermatitis have higher odds of being bullied at higher frequency after adjustment for demographics, atopic comorbidities

Sociodemographic Factors Tied to Binge-Eating Behaviors in Teens

Having lower household income, identifying as gay or bisexual tied to higher odds

Many Teens With Autism Spectrum Disorder Remain Undiagnosed

Autism not diagnosed in one in four study-confirmed individuals with autism spectrum disorder