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The brains of obese teens show damage

RSNA: Brain Changes Observed on MRI in Obese Teens

Pattern of damage seen in regions responsible for control of appetite, emotions, cognitive functions
High school students with a history of sports-related concussions might be at an increased risk for suicide

Concussion May Up Risk for Suicide in High School Students

Self-reported sports-related concussion associated with risk factors for suicide completion
The National Instant Criminal Background Check System together with the universal background check significantly reduces gun carrying among adolescents

Federal, State Background Check Laws Together Cut Teen Gun Carrying

Significant reduction seen with NICS plus universal background check provision at the point of sale
The prevalence of prediabetes is high in U.S. adolescents and young adults

Prediabetes Prevalent in U.S. Adolescents, Young Adults

Prevalence of prediabetes 18.0 and 24.0 percent among adolescents and young adults, respectively
From 1968 to 2017

Object-Related Aspiration Deaths Decreased Among Children

1968 to 2017 saw decrease in object-related aspiration deaths among adolescents and children
Teens who undergo bariatric surgery may be at increased risk for nutritional deficiencies years later

Nutritional Deficiencies ID’d in Teens After Bariatric Surgery

Gastric bypass tied to greater nutritional disruption than vertical sleeve gastrectomy
The majority of adolescents worldwide do not meet current physical activity guidelines

Most Teens Worldwide Are Not Exercising Enough

Findings consistent worldwide, with boys regularly more physically active than girls
Two-thirds of parents acknowledge there are barriers to recognizing depression in their own adolescent child

Poll: Parents Cite Barriers to Recognizing Depression in Adolescents

Parents report that one in four teens knows a peer with depression
Prescription opioid use among teens and young adults is higher than expected

~25 Percent of Adolescents, Young Adults Use Rx Opioids

Focus of prevention should include close friends and family members of teens and young adults
Contrary to expectations

Cannabis Use Disorder Has Declined Among Teens, Young Adults

Findings seen among those reporting daily/almost daily use, 2002 to 2016