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Buprenorphine Dispensing Low for Youth

Proportion of youth aged 19 years and younger dispensed buprenorphine decreased 45 percent from 2015 to 2020

Adolescent Sleep Patterns Tied to Later Multiple Sclerosis Risk

Sleeping less than seven hours per night and self-reported low sleep quality during adolescence associated with risk for developing MS

Children Born at Less Than 34 Weeks Show Cognitive Deficits in Adolescence

Deficits seen in language, mathematics, and intelligence tests versus children born at 40 weeks of gestation

Optimism, Happiness as Teen Tied to Cardiometabolic Health Maintenance

Adolescents with greater number of psychological assets, such as self-esteem and feeling loved, more likely to have cardiometabolic health maintenance later in life

Survival Rates High for Children, Teens With Melanoma

Primary tumor ulceration, head/neck location, and Breslow thickness >4 mm predict worse survival in teens

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Ups ART Adherence in Adolescents, Young Adults

Improvement in self-reported antiretroviral therapy adherence and decrease in viral load seen with intervention

Racial/Ethnic Variation Seen in COVID-19 Vaccination Status in Children

Non-Hispanic Asian children and adolescents have the highest vaccination coverage, followed by Hispanic/Latino children

Physical Activity May Cut Depressive Symptoms in Children, Teens

Larger benefit seen among those aged 13 years or older or with a mental illness, depression diagnosis

Procrastination in Adolescents Tied to Poorer Self-Reported Health Outcomes

Worse outcomes seen for mental health, pain, unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, and psychosocial health factors

Social Media Checking Behaviors in Teens Linked to Brain Changes

Teens with habitual social media checking behaviors showed lower neural sensitivity to social anticipation in amygdala, other areas