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More Lung Injury Seen With Vaping Cannabis Versus Vaping, Smoking Nicotine

'Wheezing or whistling' in chest nearly two times higher among teens who had used cannabis in electronic nicotine delivery systems

Tobacco Exposure Tied to Hypertension in Children

Findings based on study of more than 8,500 children ages 8 to 19 years

Prescription Opioid Misuse Tied to Increased Suicide Behaviors in Youth

Students who report current POM more likely to report considering attempting suicide, making a suicide plan, attempting suicide

AAP Releases 2021 Child, Adolescent Immunization Schedule

Updates include information regarding allergic reactions to influenza vaccines, administration of quadrivalent live attenuated flu vaccine

Neighborhood Environment Linked to Adolescent Sleep Loss

And restricted sleep in adolescents decreases alpha power on sleep EEG in both NREM and REM sleep

Black, Hispanic Children Less Likely to Receive Diagnostic Imaging in ED

Findings consistent when looking at nonhospitalized patients by insurance status or diagnostic category

Tool Could Optimize Antibiotic Prescribing for UTI

Psychoactive Prescription Meds Use, Misuse High for Young People

20.9 and 34.7 percent of youth aged 12 to 17 years, 18 to 25 years using psychoactive prescription medications report misuse

Parental HPV Vaccine Hesitancy Increased During 2012 to 2018

However, more unvaccinated teens receiving provider recommendation for HPV vaccination; findings consistent for boys and girls

Global Prevalence of Any Tobacco Use Substantial for Teens

In most countries, the prevalence of cigarette smoking decreased over time, but use of other tobacco products did not

Si la escuela comenzara más tarde

Psychological Distress High Among Students During COVID-19

10.5 percent of students self-reported psychological distress; increased odds seem for those in high school, those who exercise less