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Obesity is associated with worse outcomes in skilled nursing facility residents receiving post-acute care for hip fracture

Obesity Worsens Skilled Nursing Facility Outcomes After Hip Fx

Findings among Medicare beneficiaries receiving post-acute care for hip fracture
The association between self-regulation and the risk of obesity differs between boys and girls

Ties Between Self-Regulation, Obesity in Children Differ by Sex

Effects of obesity prevention efforts targeting toddler self-regulation may differ by gender
Adherence to a healthy lifestyle among mothers during their offspring's childhood is associated with reduced risk of childhood obesity

Mothers’ Healthy Lifestyle Tied to Drop in Offspring Obesity

Lower risk of incident obesity for offspring whose moms have healthy BMI, engage in physical activity
Smoking status heavily modifies the obesity paradox observed in people with type 2 diabetes

Obesity Paradox Seen in T2DM Modified by Smoking Status

Obesity paradox was pronounced in current smokers, and absent in never smokers
Young adults at a weight status classified as overweight or obese have increased prevalence of disordered eating behaviors

Disordered Eating Behaviors Up for Overweight Young Adults

Increased prevalence among young adults at weight status classified as overweight or obese
Across body mass index (BMI) distribution

Increased Adiposity Tied to Lower Premenopausal Breast CA Risk

Largest reductions in risk were seen for women aged 18 to 24 years, with hazard ratio of 0.77
Food-related policies differently impact consumers with obesity and healthy weight

Attitudes Among Obese Are Not Aligned With Healthy Living

Consumers with obesity report favoring taste and value rather than health and nutrition
For U.S. adult males and females

Adult Obesity Prevalence Varies With Level of Urbanization

Increased obesity for men, women living in medium, small versus large metropolitan statistical areas
The prevalence of obesity and severe obesity among U.S. youth was 17.8 and 5.8 percent

Prevalence of Obesity 17.8 Percent for Youth in 2013 to 2016

Prevalence of severe obesity significantly higher among U.S. youth in non-metropolitan statistical areas
The prevalence of obesity is higher among those living in non-metropolitan counties versus metropolitan counties

CDC: Obesity Prevalence Higher in Non-Metropolitan Counties

Largest absolute difference for non-metropolitan versus metropolitan counties in South, Northeast