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Obesity is linked to an increased risk of smoking and an increase in the number of cigarettes smoked daily

Higher Adiposity Increases Odds of Smoking

Findings for both increased risk of being a smoker and higher number of cigarettes smoked daily
Metabolically healthy obesity is not a stable or reliable indicator of future cardiovascular disease risk

Metabolically Healthy Obesity Not Without Risk of CVD

Findings show MHO is transient, so not a reliable predictor of lower cardiovascular risk in the future
Severe obesity is associated with more rapid progression of disability in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Severe Obesity Tied to Faster Progression to Disability With RA

Severely obese rheumatoid arthritis patients also had worse disability at baseline than overweight patients
Based on findings from a systematic review of the literature

Review: Need to Strengthen Natural Experiments in Obesity

Position paper offers guidance for strengthening methods for assessing natural experiments

Factors ID’d to Predict Fatty Liver in Obese Teens

African-American obese teens more susceptible to fatty liver effects on glucose metabolism
Five psychological factors are associated with breastfeeding behaviors among women with a body mass index ≥30 kg/m²

Factors ID’d for Breastfeeding Behavior in Women With BMI ≥30

Factors include intention to breastfeed, belief in breast milk's nutritional sufficiency, body image
Overweight and obesity may be contributing to specific malignancies at younger ages

Overweight, Obesity Contributing to Cancers in Young Adults

Murine models suggest excessive weight increases cancer incidence and accelerates development
For adults

Recent Years Have Seen Obesity Prevalence Increasing for Adults

Increases in prevalence of obesity and severe obesity for adults; no significant trends for youth
Percutaneous computed tomography-guided cryoablation of the posterior vagal trunk is safe and feasible for patients with mild-to-moderate obesity

Cryoablation of Posterior Vagal Trunk Feasible in Obesity

Technical success rate 100 percent in 10 subjects; no procedure-related complications, adverse events
The J-shaped correlation seen for body mass index with cardiovascular disease risk is susceptible to confounding due to pre-existing comorbidities

BMI As Predictor of CVD Risk May Be More Susceptible to Bias

For four other measures of adiposity, increasing adiposity linked to more linear increase in CVD risk