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Risk for Severe Outcomes in COVID-19 Increases With Increasing BMI

Risks for hospitalization, intensive care unit admission, and death increased sharply with higher BMIs

Polynesian Ancestry May Increase Cardiometabolic Risk

Genetic study reveals link between Polynesian ancestry and higher risk for obesity, T2DM, heart failure in Native Hawaiians

Once-Weekly Semaglutide Promising for Weight Loss

Weekly semaglutide plus lifestyle intervention resulted in substantial, sustained, clinically relevant weight loss for overweight, obese

Obesity Makes Substantial Contribution to New Type 2 Diabetes Cases Annually

Adjusted proportion attributable fraction was 0.35 in 2001 to 2004 and 0.41 in 2013 to 2016; burden greatest among non-Hispanic White women

Meta-Analysis Quantifies Lifestyle Factors Accounting for RA Incidence

Smoking, excess body mass index, and low alcohol consumption account for 32.69 percent of rheumatoid arthritis incidence

Colon Cancer Diagnosed Earlier Under Medicaid Expansion

Colorectal Cancer Risk From Obesity Varies by Sex

Authors say more nuanced approach needed to understand link between body weight and risk for colorectal cancer

Appetite-Regulating Hormones Lower After Sucrose Versus Glucose

Increases in glucose, insulin, GLP-1, PYY less robust with sucrose versus glucose ingestion; increases in glucose, PYY smaller in obese adults

Obesity Duration Tied to Higher Cardiometabolic Disease Risk

Association was strongest for glycated hemoglobin

Over Half of Obese Patients Have Diabetes Remission After RYGB

Remission rates greater in younger participants and those with short diabetes duration, higher HOMA percentage B

Obesity Impacts Breast Cancer Survival

Obesity Increases Hip Fracture Risk Before Age 70 in Postmenopausal Women

Obese women have higher risk for hip fracture-related mortality; on average, they have higher bone density than normal-weight, but significantly faster bone loss