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ACR: Higher BMI Linked to Worse Flare Symptoms in Early RA

Patients with obesity had amplified impact of elevated BMI on RA-Flare Questionnaire scores compared with healthy weight, overweight

High BMI Increases Complications for Chest Masculinization Surgery

However, regardless of BMI, risk for severe complications during gender-affirming chest surgery are very low

AHA: Semaglutide Cuts Risk for CVD Events in Patients Without Diabetes

Findings seen over three years in adults with preexisting cardiovascular disease and overweight or obesity

Presenting Weight Loss Treatment as Positive Opportunity Is Beneficial

Uptake of treatment and weight change greater when referral is presented as good news relative to neutral news

Postoperative Complications Do Not Differ With Obesity in Ankle Arthroplasty

Second study shows age, body mass index, underlying etiology linked to increased risk for primary ankle replacement failure

Obesity Linked to Increased Risk for Progression to T2D in Children

Children with prediabetes consistently taking metformin took longer to progress to type 2 diabetes

Early Pregnancy Obesity Linked to Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

Obesity early in pregnancy associated with increased incidence of postpartum issues

Neighborhood Walkability Level Linked to Risk for Obesity-Related Cancer

Association was strongest for women living in neighborhoods with higher levels of poverty

Patients With Bipolar Disorders More Likely to Have Higher BMI, Obesity

Highest prevalence and greatest rate of increase of obesity over time seen among women with bipolar disorders

Parent-Support Early Childhood Obesity Intervention Beneficial

No between-group difference seen in BMI-standard deviation score, but significant difference seen in reduction of BMI-SDS ≥0.5