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Dense Breasts, High BMI May Interact to Up Breast Cancer Risk

Positive additive interaction linked to increased risk for breast cancer particularly in postmenopausal women

Impact of Inadequate Gestational Weight Gain Explored

For overweight, obese women, lower bound of optimal gestational weight gain ranges are higher than existing recommendations

Visceral Fat Tied to Arterial Stiffness in Obese Youth

Visceral fat predictive of carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity beyond body mass index and waist circumference

Weight Loss Via Surgery Linked to Improved COVID-19 Outcomes

Adults who underwent weight loss surgery between 2004 and 2017 had a reduced risk for severe outcomes

Intermittent Fasting Shows Weight Loss, Cardiometabolic Benefits

High-quality evidence shows association between alternate-day fasting and moderate reduction in BMI for healthy adults and those with overweight, obesity

Prior Bariatric Surgery May Protect Against Severe COVID-19 Outcomes

Among COVID-19-positive adults, outcomes better for those with prior bariatric surgery versus those eligible for bariatric surgery

Sharp Increase in BMI Rates Noted for Children During Pandemic

Approximate doubling in rate of BMI increase seen between prepandemic and pandemic periods; higher increases reported for those with overweight, obesity

Rates of Obesity, Weight Gain Up for Transmasculine Individuals

Prevalence of obesity and weight gain higher after hormone therapy for transmasculine versus transfeminine individuals

Maternal Obesity May Up CRC Risk in Adult Offspring

Authors say this association may be contributing to increasing incidence rates of colorectal cancer in younger adults

Prevalence of Obesity, Overweight High in Coronary Heart Disease

Overall, 19.5 percent of obese patients lost ≥5 percent of weight by six to 24 months after a CHD-related hospitalization