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Activity Tracker, Scale Plus Phone App May Aid Weight Loss

Weight loss at six months noninferior to same wireless feedback system + human coaching

Childhood Weight Status May Stratify Mortality Risk in Adults With Obesity

All-cause mortality risk highest for adults who were slim/underweight in childhood before having obesity in adulthood

For Women With Obesity, Risk for Breast Cancer Drops After Bariatric Surgery

Surgical treatment benefit greatest in women with baseline insulin levels above the median

Text Messages + Financial Incentives Boost Weight Loss at 12 Months

Adding financial incentive leads to more weight loss than text messaging alone in men with obesity

Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity Independently Linked to Breast Cancer

Analyses show independent and distinct associations with breast cancer subtypes and mortality

Time-Restricted Eating + High-Intensity Training Aids Women With Obesity, Inactivity

Benefits seen for body composition, lipid profile, and glucose regulation

New School Lunch Rules Target Added Sugars, Salt

By Robin Foster HealthDay Reporter THURSDAY, April 25, 2024 (HealthDay News) -- School lunches will soon contain less added sugar and salt under new nutrition...

Eli Lilly Says Zepbound Can Ease Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Studies revealed that the medication reduced sleep apnea severity by nearly two-thirds

ACC: Semaglutide Beneficial in Obesity-Related Heart Failure, Type 2 Diabetes

Larger reductions seen in heart failure-related symptoms and physical limitations for patients with HFpEF, type 2 diabetes

Perceived Social Isolation Tied to Altered Brain Processing of Food Cues

Neural changes associated with eating behaviors and psychological symptoms