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Healthy Lifestyle Does Not Entirely Offset Risks for Obesity

Decreased risk seen for cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, gout, sleep disorders, and mood disorders

Very Low-Carb Diet Improves Risk Factors in Adults With Comorbidities

Greater improvements seen for blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and weight control versus DASH diet

Specific Postoperative Complications Increased for Patients With Obesity

Odds of infection, venous thromboembolism, renal complications increased for patients with overweight, obesity

Overweight, Obesity in Early, Middle Adulthood Increases Risk for GI Cancers

Risk not reduced with aspirin use three or more times per week for colorectal and noncolorectal cancers

Longer Daily Naps Tied to Worse Health Effects

Risks include higher risk for obesity, metabolic syndrome, and high blood pressure

DDW: Lower Risk for Obesity-Linked Cancer Seen With Bariatric Surgery

Prevalence rates lower for de novo breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer

Menu Calorie Labeling Linked to Drop in Obesity-Related Cancer Burden

Reduction seen in net cost savings from health care and societal perspectives; additional industry reformulation would increase policy impact

Pandemic Increased Americans’ Concerns About Obesity

Greatest increases in concern seen among Black and Hispanic adults

Fat Mass of Mothers and Their Daughters Strongly Linked

Mother-son, father-son, and father-daughter associations for BMI and fat mass were weaker at all ages studied

BMI Impacts Long-Term Outcomes of Partial Knee Replacement

Cementless fixation tied to lower long-term revision rates versus cement fixation in overweight and obese groups