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Bariatric Surgery Cuts Obesity-Related Cancer Incidence

Findings seen in large study of obese adults with and without surgery, followed for 10 years

ADA: Once-Weekly Tirzepatide Yields Lasting Weight Loss in Obesity

At week 72, reduction in body weight greater with tirzepatide compared with placebo

ADA: Elevated BMI in Adolescence Linked to T1D in Young Adulthood

Risk for incidence of type 1 diabetes increased 25 percent in association with one increment in BMI standard deviation

Excess Pericardial Fat May Increase Risk for Heart Failure

Obesity Linked to Increased Risk for Crohn Disease

Obesity, as measured by BMI, linked to increased risk for CD, but no association seen for ulcerative colitis

Biden Administration to Greatly Expand Food Stamp Program

Subsidized Supermarkets May Cut Obesity Risk in Children

Findings for underserved students living within 0.50 miles of a subsidized supermarket

5/9 -- Better School Lunches Tied to Lower U.S. Child Obesity Rates

Stronger School Lunch Standards May Help Cut Child Obesity

Change in BMI trajectory observed for low-income elementary students following implementation of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010

Asthma in Adults May Raise Risk for Subsequent Obesity

Higher risk seen for those with nonatopic disease, longer disease duration, as well as those taking oral corticosteroids

Three Main Barriers Hamper Weight Loss Surgery for Obese Teens

Weight Loss Surgery Effective Regardless of Age of Teens

Patient age should not be a barrier to weight loss surgery

Unrecognizable Woman Standing On Weight-Scales Slimming At Home

Role of Molecular Factors in BMI, Endometrial Cancer Link Studied

Evidence of mediating role seen for fasting insulin, bioavailable testosterone, and sex-hormone binding globulin

Three Main Barriers Hamper Weight Loss Surgery for Obese Teens

Barriers include lack of information, social stigma, and access issues related to costs