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Meds for Enlarged Prostate Tied to Heart Failure Risk

Risk higher for men on alpha-blockers versus 5-alpha reductase inhibitors

Threshold ID’d for Urine Test to Rule Out Prostate Cancer

In validation study, 3.7 percent of grade group ≥2 cancers missed with MyProstateScore value ≤10

Certain Prostate Drugs Tied to Risk for Parkinson Disease

Use of glycolysis-enhancing drugs terazosin, doxazosin, or alfuzosin tied to lower risk for developing Parkinson disease than use of tamsulosin

Drop in PSA Screening Linked to Increase in Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Across states, reductions in PSA screening linked to increased incidence of metastatic prostate cancer at diagnosis

FUS Ablation Feasible for Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer

In small phase II study, 93 percent free of clinically significant prostate cancer at treatment site at five-month biopsy

Mediterranean Diet Cuts Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Women

Mediterranean Diet Tied to Lower Risk for Prostate Cancer Progression

Risk lower for men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer on active surveillance protocol

Higher Coffee Intake May Reduce Risk for Prostate Cancer

Pooled relative risk of 0.988 for each increment of one cup of coffee per day revealed in meta-analysis of cohort studies

Radiation Rx for Prostate Cancer Can Cause Financial Pain: Study

FDA Approves First Oral Hormone Therapy for Advanced Prostate Cancer

Phase 3 trial data show 96.7 percent of patients who received Orgovyx achieved and maintained castrate levels of testosterone

Radiation Rx for Prostate Cancer Can Cause Financial Pain: Study

Prostate Cancer Pathology Not Worse With Delayed Surgery

Delayed radical prostatectomy not linked to higher risk for adverse pathological outcomes in high-risk prostate cancer

Black Men Experience More Treatment Regret With Prostate Cancer

Higher medical mistrust and concerns about masculinity may contribute to regret