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Observation should be the standard approach after a prostatectomy for men with localized prostate cancer

Many Can Avoid RT After Surgery for Localized Prostate Cancer

Progression-free survival no different at five years when radiotherapy is used only if the cancer returns
A targeted radiotherapy technique can substantially cut treatment time for prostate cancer without increasing gastrointestinal or genitourinary acute toxicity

SBRT Shortens Tx for Prostate Cancer Without Greater Toxicity

Ultra-hypofractionated stereotactic body radiotherapy cuts treatment from two months to two weeks
Men fathering children through assisted reproduction techniques rather than natural conception have an increased risk for prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Risk Higher in Men Receiving Fertility Treatment

Men who undergo assisted reproduction have higher risk for prostate cancer, early-onset disease
Elderly prostate cancer patients with preexisting cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) using abiraterone acetate or enzalutamide have higher short-term mortality compared with their counterparts without CVDs

Comorbid CVD May Up Mortality With ADT for Prostate Cancer

Seniors with preexisting cardiovascular diseases have higher risk for short-term mortality with AA, ENZ
Adjuvant radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy compared with surgery alone may prolong biochemical recurrence-free survival in patients with locally advanced prostate cancer

Adjuvant RT May Cut Recurrence in Some With Prostate Cancer

Adjuvant radiotherapy after surgery may prolong biochemical recurrence-free survival
Among elderly patients with prostate cancer

Androgen Deprivation Therapy May Up Risk of Alzheimer Disease

ADT exposure linked to subsequent Alzheimer disease diagnosis among elderly men at eight years
Urine-derived extracellular vesicle RNA can provide diagnostic information for aggressive prostate cancer prior to biopsy as well as prognostic information for men under active surveillance for prostate cancer

Urine Biomarker Helps Classify Risk Level in Prostate Cancer

Urine-derived extracellular vesicle RNA provides diagnostic, prognostic information in prostate cancer
A lesion visible on magnetic resonance imaging identifies a heightened risk for clinically significant prostate cancer in men undergoing first-time prostate biopsy

Combination Biopsy Strategy May Identify More Prostate Cancers

Lesion-targeted plus systematic sampling appears to maximize the accuracy of first-time prostate biopsy
After adjustment for nonbiological differences

Black Race Not Tied to Worse Prostate Cancer Mortality

Findings seen in cohorts of men with nonmetastatic disease after adjusting for nonbiological differences
Specific fat deposits

Location of Body Fat Linked to Advanced, Fatal Prostate Cancer

Risk for advanced, fatal disease also increased in association with body mass index, waist circumference