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Transient Benefit in Outcomes Seen With Androgen Suppression + RT for Prostate Cancer

Transient clinically meaningful decline noted in EPIC hormonal and sexual domains with total androgen suppression added to radiation

Transgender Women May Be Underdiagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Findings suggest link to more aggressive disease among estrogen users, but researchers say larger studies needed

Western Diet May Have Detrimental Effect on Prostate Cancer Risk

Stronger diet effect seen in Gleason grade group >6 and in International Society of Urological Pathology grade 3 + 4 + 5 tumors

Addition of Metastasis-Directed Therapy Increases PFS in Prostate Cancer

Addition of MDT, consisting of radiation therapy, to hormone therapy results in improved progression-free survival

Germline Genetic Testing Feasible for Advanced Prostate Cancer

High satisfaction reported for genetic testing model including education, follow-up with genetic counselor

Guideline Updated for Initial Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Triplet therapy should be offered to patients with de novo metastatic noncastrate prostate cancer with high-volume disease

Active Surveillance for Low-, Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer on the Rise

However, significant differences in use seen by race/ethnicity, education, and geography

Initiating Salvage RT When PSA >0.25 ng/mL Linked to All-Cause Mortality

Risk for all-cause mortality up for men receiving post-radical prostatectomy salvage radiation therapy at PSA level >0.25 ng/mL

Long-Term Waterborne-Ingested Nitrate Linked to Prostate Cancer Risk

Higher associations seen for those with lower intakes of fiber, fruit/vegetables, and vitamin C

Clinical Utility Poor for Prostate Cancer Germline Panels in African Men

Seventeen variants identified as potentially oncogenic in 17.7 percent of South African male patients