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Incidence of Advanced Lung Cancer Continues to Decline in the U.S.

During 2014 to 2018, incidence continued to increase slowly for female breast cancer, remained stable for prostate cancer

Response to Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer Better in Black Men

Outcomes better for Black men compared with White men in clinical trials of definitive radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Screening Declined Following 2012 USPSTF Guidance

In addition, rates of metastatic disease increased across all races, but particularly among Black men

3D Imaging Technique Aids Diagnosis of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Proof-of-concept study shows 3D method improves assessment of glandular features over traditional pathology

PSMA Nomogram May Predict Outcomes in Prostate Cancer

Nomogram estimate for individual's risk for nonlocalized disease on prostate-specific membrane antigen PET/CT linked to long-term outcomes

PSA Testing Rates Up in the U.S. After Change in Guidance

Prostate-specific antigen testing rates increased for men aged 40 to 89 years following 2017 revision of USPSTF recommendation on screening

Abiraterone Acetate + Prednisone Cuts Metastasis in Prostate Cancer

And standard of care plus abiraterone improves survival in men with metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer

Stockholm3 Test May Aid Risk Prediction in Prostate Cancer Screening

Stockholm3 of 0.11 or higher combined with MRI-targeted and systematic biopsies could detect significant cancers, reduce overdetection

Fear of Recurrence Persists for Some Prostate Cancer Survivors

Predictors include lower level of education, years since radical prostatectomy, FCR, no current adjuvant therapy, anxiety

High-Intensity Interval Training Beneficial in Prostate Cancer

PSA level, velocity, and prostate cancer cell growth reduced with HIIT in men with localized prostate cancer under active surveillance