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MRI-Targeted Biopsy Beneficial for Men With Elevated PSA

Fewer men in experimental group received diagnosis of clinically insignificant prostate cancer

Melanoma Diagnosis Linked to Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer

More than twofold increased risk of prostate cancer seen for men with first melanoma diagnosed 10 to 15 years before study recruitment

Treatment Without ADT Delays Initiation of Systemic Therapy in Prostate Cancer

Metastasis-directed therapy can delay initiation of systemic therapy in patients with solitary oligorecurrent metastatic lesion

Sequencing of ADT, RT Examined in Localized Prostate Cancer

Pooled analysis of 12 randomized trials suggests use of concurrent/adjuvant androgen deprivation therapy in combination with prostate-only radiotherapy may improve outcomes

Patients Favor Single-Port Robotic System for Uro-Oncology Surgery

Patients in the single-port versus multiport system group reported better cosmetic appearance, higher satisfaction with cosmetic appearance of surgical scar

Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery Tied to Financial Harm in Younger Patients

Higher risk also seen among patients experiencing increased urinary symptoms

Neoadjuvant Novel Hormonal Agents Studied in High-Risk Prostate Cancer

Neoadjuvant therapy with an NHA associated with longer time to biochemical recurrence, prolonged metastasis-free survival

Coffee Intake Linked to Longer Prostate Cancer-Specific Survival

Longer prostate cancer-specific survival seen for specific subgroups, including those with the CYP1A2 AA genotype

PSA Screening Tied to Lower Risk for Prostate Cancer Mortality

Annual screening may be particularly important for Black men

ADT Use for Prostate Cancer Linked to Increased Risk for CVD Death

Risk increased for CVD death and for death from ischemic heart disease and stroke, especially among those aged 70 to 79 years