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Clinically meaningful reductions in posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms are associated with a decrease in the risk of type 2 diabetes

Reduction in PTSD Symptoms Linked to Decrease in T2DM

Patients with clinically meaningful reduction in PTSD Checklist score less likely to develop type 2 diabetes
Middle-aged women with type 2 diabetes mellitus have more sleep disturbances than women without diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes May Impact Sleep in Middle-Aged Women

Findings show more sleep-related symptoms of symptoms of higher severity
Patients with inflammatory bowel disease have an increased risk for type 2 diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Risk Up With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Risk significantly higher for patients receiving diagnosis of IBD from 2003 through 2014 versus earlier
For patients with heart failure

Type 2 Diabetes Associated With Poorer Outcomes in Heart Failure

Findings include structural abnormalities in the heart, poorer quality of life with T2DM and HF
The seeming association between parity and risk for type 2 diabetes among postmenopausal women is likely explained by adult weight gain

Adult Weight Gain Likely Explains Link Between Parity, T2DM Risk

Risk for diabetes among postmenopausal women can be reduced by preventing adult weight gain
Efpeglenatide once weekly leads to dose-dependent reductions in glucose and body weight in patients with early type 2 diabetes

Study Explores Dose Ranges for Efpeglenatide in Early T2DM

Safety profile consistent with other long-acting glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonists
Blood pressure

BP, Waist Circumference, Lipids Should Be Measured Regularly

Lifestyle management should be priority for prevention of ASCVD, T2DM in patients at metabolic risk
A Mediterranean eating plan plus extra virgin olive oil may delay the need for first glucose-lowering medication among participants with type 2 diabetes

Mediterranean Eating Plan May Help Keep T2DM Patients Off Meds

Med-EatPlan plus extra virgin olive oil linked to lower risk for starting first glucose-lowering medication
High variability in body mass index and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol during childhood are associated with an increased risk for later-life diabetes

Childhood BMI, HDL-C Variability May Up Later-Life Diabetes Risk

Greater variability tied to higher risk, independent of mean levels for BMI, HDL cholesterol in childhood
For rural Chinese women

Early Menarche Linked to Risk for T2DM in Rural Chinese Women

Risk for diabetes increased for early menarche group; association partially mediated by adult BMI