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Minimally Processed Red Meat Can Work in Weight Loss Diet With Diabetes

High-protein, lean beef diet achieved similar weight loss, glucose control as normal-protein diet with no red meat

Evening Chronotype Linked to Increased Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Positive association seen after accounting for all measured lifestyle and sociodemographic factors

Racial, Ethnic Disparities Seen in Type 2 Diabetes After GDM

Associations between education, Medicaid, WIC participation, body mass index with T2DM were more pronounced among White individuals

Erectile Dysfunction May Be Marker for Prediabetes, Diabetes

Authors urge glycemia screening in younger men presenting with ED

Canagliflozin Reduces Cardiorenal Biomarkers in T2D

Increase in biomarkers and multimarker panel linked to increased risk for primary cardiorenal outcome

Duration of T2D Negatively Linked to Mean Cortical Thickness

Associations also seen for type 2 diabetes duration with reduced gray matter volume, increased white matter hyperintensity volume

Diabetes Tied to Higher Use of Hospital Bed-Days for Many Conditions

One-third of bed-days for patients diagnosed before age 40 years are for mental health

Glycemic Control Superior With Semaglutide 25 and 50 mg in Type 2 Diabetes

Mean changes in HbA1c significantly greater for semaglutide 25 mg or 50 mg versus 14 mg

Ultraprocessed Food Increases Risk for Death With Type 2 Diabetes

Findings seen for all-cause death and cardiovascular mortality

Time-Restricted Eating May Aid Weight Loss With Type 2 Diabetes

No change in cardiometabolic risk factors or glycemic control seen over six months