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Rheumatoid arthritis is associated with an increased risk for diabetes mellitus incidence

Rheumatoid Arthritis Linked to Higher Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

RA linked to increased risk for developing diabetes; association remained in sensitivity analysis
Diagnoses of common conditions decreased substantially between March and May 2020

Diagnoses of Common Conditions Declined in March to May 2020

Common mental health diagnoses reduced 50 percent; similar drops seen in circulatory system diseases, T2DM
For patients with type 2 diabetes

Once-Weekly Insulin Icodec Promising for Type 2 Diabetes

In phase 2 study, glucose-lowering efficacy, safety profile similar to once-daily insulin glargine U100
For individuals with type 2 diabetes

Major Adverse CV Event Risk Reduced With SGLT2 Inhibitors

Risks for MACE, MI, cardiovascular death, heart failure, all-cause mortality lower versus DPP-4 inhibitors
For older adults with type 2 diabetes

Metformin May Slow Cognitive Decline in Seniors With T2DM

Cognitive decline slower, dementia risk reduced in seniors with diabetes receiving metformin
Loneliness is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes

Loneliness a Risk Factor for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Findings independent of known diabetes risk factors, depression, living alone, social isolation
The need for pacemakers is higher among patients with type 2 diabetes than the general population

Pacemaker Need Higher in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Older age, longer diabetes duration, higher HbA1c tied to increased risk for pacemaker transplantation
Handgrip strength is independently associated with the risk for type 2 diabetes

Handgrip Strength May Help Predict Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Handgrip measures + conventional risk factors improve risk assessment, especially in women
For individuals with type 2 diabetes

Moderate, Heavy Drinking Linked to Increased BP, HTN in T2DM

Odds of elevated blood pressure and stage 1, 2 hypertension increased with moderate drinking
Severe hypoglycemia is associated with a substantially higher risk for falls among community-dwelling adults with type 2 diabetes

Severe Hypoglycemia May Up Fall Risk in Older Adults With T2DM

Twofold higher risk seen for diabetes patients with a severe hypoglycemia event