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No Significant Increase Seen in Cystitis Diagnoses During COVID-19 Pandemic

More women diagnosed with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome, but difference was not significant

Pediatric Neurogenic Bladder Cases Are Not Fully Evaluated

Over 24 months, 21.5 percent of patients used overactive bladder medications; 10.8 percent underwent clean intermittent catheterization

Critics Slam Updated Infection Control Recommendations for Hospitals

Health care workers worry whether the guidelines are protecting a hospital's bottom line rather than worker health

Nonsurgical Treatment Beneficial for Men With Peyronie Disease

Lesser curve improvement but greater penile length reported with collagenase Clostridium histolyticum + RestoreX penile traction therapy + sildenafil

Higher Rate of Bladder Neck Incompetence in Mixed Urinary Incontinence

Significantly higher rates of BNI, urethral incompetence seen in patients with OAB symptoms after anti-incontinence surgery

Interventions to Redesign Patient Care Do Not Improve Outcomes

Nurses reported improvement in median teamwork climate score, but no improvement in hospitalized patient outcomes

More Than Half of U.S. Adults Use Internet to Look for Health, Medical Information

Adults aged 30 to 44 years have highest use of internet for communicating with doctor, doctor's office

Affording Health Care Now a Struggle for Half of Americans: Poll

More than half delayed or skipped care because of concerns about costs

Health Care Workers Reported More Days of Poor Mental Health in 2022

2018 to 2022 saw increase in days of poor mental health and in percentage reporting feeling burnout very often

Unique Workplace Concerns Tied to Health Worker Depression, Anxiety During Pandemic

Associations seen for working on the hospital unit, mood disturbances, and sleep disturbances with depression, anxiety