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FDA Bans Juul E-Cigarettes From U.S. Market

Products include the Juul vaping device and four types of Juul pods

CDC Panel Urges Seniors to Get New, More Potent Flu Shot This Fall

Agency urges all Americans aged 6 months and older to get a flu shot every season

Sex Differences Seen in COVID-19 Sequelae, Long COVID

Following SARS-CoV-2 infection, women more likely to develop long COVID-19 syndrome than men

FDA to Ban Juul E-Cigarettes From U.S. Markets

Agency has already banned the sale of fruit-flavored e-cigarettes after critics claimed the products targeted teens

Female Sex Hormones Tied to Sleep Apnea Symptoms in Women

Low levels of female sex hormones linked to sleep apnea symptoms in study of 774 women aged 40 to 67 years

AAP Updates Recommendations for Safe Infant Sleep Practices

Infants should be placed in supine position, on firm, flat, noninclined surface for every sleep

More African-Americans Screened for Lung Cancer With USPSTF 2021 Criteria

Expanding lung cancer screening criteria is step toward greater equity for high-risk populations

Study Compares Baricitinib to Dexamethasone for COVID-19

Baricitinib plus remdesivir shows similar efficacy but better safety profile than dexamethasone plus remdesivir in hospitalized adults

Azithromycin Improves Outcomes in Poorly Controlled Child Asthma

Better control, fewer exacerbations seen with addition of oral azithromycin to standard therapy in children with poorly controlled asthma

Medicare Could Have Saved $3.6 Billion on Generic Drugs in 2020

Authors say Medicare could have saved up to $3.6 billion by purchasing generics at Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company prices