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Lorlatinib Superior to Crizotinib for ALK-Positive NSCLC

Inhaled Treprostinil Beneficial in Pulmonary Hypertension

Exercise capacity improved, clinical worsening reduced for patients with pulmonary HTN due to interstitial lung disease

One-Dose Covid-19 Vaccine From Johnson & Johnson Looks Promising

U.S. COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Nears 1 Million Doses Per Day

News comes as Ohio State University researchers discover new variant of COVID-19 virus

HealthDay Reports: Black Americans Appear Most Vulnerable to Coronavirus

DKA Common in Blacks With T1DM and Confirmed COVID-19

Non-Hispanic Blacks with T1DM and COVID-19 have nearly fourfold increased odds of presenting with diabetic ketoacidosis

La vacuna de Pfizer contra la COVID parece promisoria

Ad26.COV2-S Vaccine Seems Safe, Immunogenic for SARS-CoV-2

Neutralizing antibodies detected in 90 percent or more of all participants on day 29 after the first vaccine dose

HealthDay Reports: Only Half of Americans Say They'd Get a Coronavirus Vaccine — Survey

COVID-19 Vaccine Recommended for All Americans Over 65

Health officials also recommended COVID-19 vaccines be given to all adults with preexisting conditions

Plant-Based Diet Brings Better 'Microbiome

Composition of Gut Microbiome Altered in Patients With COVID-19

Several gut commensals with known immunomodulatory potential underrepresented in patients with COVID-19

Breast Cancer Surgery Feasible for Most Fit Older Women

Overall Cancer Death Rates Decreased From 1991 to 2018

Pace of annual decline in lung cancer mortality increased from 2009-2013 to 2014-2018 for men, women, overall

HealthDay Reports: Have Lockdown Measures Worked to Control Coronavirus? Here's the Evidence

More Infectious COVID-19 Variant Now Seen in Nine States

A South African variant that is also more contagious has not been detected in the United States yet

AAP Reports Biggest One-Week Jump in Child COVID-19 Cases

Pediatric Hospitalization for COVID-19 Increasing Across States

Rates at beginning and end of study and extent of change in rates significantly vary across states

Allergic Reactions to COVID Vaccines Are Rare

Laws Promoting Flu Shot for Hospital Workers Can Cut Deaths

2.5 percent drop seen in monthly pneumonia, flu mortality rates with implementation of state laws requiring hospitals to offer flu shot