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doctor in medical gloves making injection to little girl in clinic

50-µg mRNA-1273 Safe, Effective for Children Aged 6 to 11 Years

Estimated vaccine efficacy with two doses was 88.0 percent against COVID-19 at a time when delta was dominant circulating variant

Biden Administration to Greatly Expand Food Stamp Program

Subsidized Supermarkets May Cut Obesity Risk in Children

Findings for underserved students living within 0.50 miles of a subsidized supermarket

5/9 -- Better School Lunches Tied to Lower U.S. Child Obesity Rates

Stronger School Lunch Standards May Help Cut Child Obesity

Change in BMI trajectory observed for low-income elementary students following implementation of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010

Increase in Suicide Attempts Seen for Black Adolescents

Outcomes Worse for Children With Type 1 Diabetes Who Are Black

Disparities in T1D outcomes seen for Black children compared with Hispanic, White children from neighborhoods with similar opportunity levels

CDC Investigating 109 Cases of Severe Hepatitis Among Children

Majority of patients, who were otherwise healthy, recovered fully from their illness

Health Concepts. Little children are very sick. Little children are stressed in the hospital.

Factors ID’d for Failure of Nonoperative Treatment of Pediatric Appendicitis

Higher patient-reported pain level at presentation linked to increased risk for in-hospital treatment failure


Only One in Five Parents Plan to Get COVID-19 Vaccine for Children Under 5...

27 percent said they would 'definitely not' get their child vaccinated, 11 percent said they would do so only if required

Minimal Race

Children’s Mental Health Impacted by Adult COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

Stress surrounding the pandemic declined in U.S. children after vaccinations were rolled out for adults

Health Officials Investigate Mysterious Hepatitis Cases Among Children in U.S.

Three More Children Have Died of Mysterious Liver Disease

Nearly 170 children in 11 countries have been diagnosed with acute hepatitis in recent months

Childhood Body Size Has Causal Impact on T1D Risk

Direct effect of body size validated using data from meta-analysis including 15,573 cases and 158,408 controls