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Completion of a one-hour sepsis bundle within one hour cuts mortality in pediatric patients

Completing Sepsis Bundle Within an Hour Cuts Pediatric Mortality

However, completing individual bundle elements in that timeframe does not reduce pediatric mortality
Eye examination is helpful for detecting abnormalities that could indicate abuse in children

Eye Examination Can Help Detect Abuse in Children

Physicians have a responsibility to consider abuse in the differential diagnosis of pediatric eye trauma
The American Heart Association is concerned about the impact screen time is having on sedentary behavior in children and teens

American Heart Association Urges Screen Time Limits for Youth

Increasing screen trends may have negative cardiometabolic impact; panel calls for more research
Parental belief in the importance of religion is associated with a decrease in risk in suicidal behavior in their offspring

Parental Belief in Religion Lowers Child Suicide Risk

Findings independent of offsprings' views on religious importance
More severe presentations of complicated appendicitis are associated with worse outcomes and greater resource use among pediatric patients

Resource Use Greater for More Severe Pediatric Appendicitis

Findings suggest need for reimbursement to have severity adjustment, especially in underserved areas
A responsive parenting intervention initiated in early infancy can reduce body mass index z score; however

Responsive Parent Intervention in Infancy Can Reduce BMI z Score

But, a 36-month multicomponent behavioral intervention does not change BMI trajectory
In children with latent tuberculosis

Rifampin Effective for Latent Tuberculosis in Children

Rifampin has advantage of being a shorter, single-drug regimen that is palatable for children
Pediatricians have an important role to play in the coordination of care for hospitalized children

Doctors Key in Care Coordination for Pediatric Inpatients

Pediatricians should direct systems to coordinate care at admission, during hospital stay, on discharge
Physicians can create an adherence protocol for patients

Doctors Can Help Children, Teens Adhere to Eczema Treatment Plan

Aids include simplifying treatment, creating reminders, sharing success stories
An intervention targeting depression in very young children can be effective in community settings

Parent-Child Interactive Intervention Cuts Depression

Intervention focuses on enhancing the child's emotional competence and emotion regulation