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Blood pressure load does not provide additive value in predicting outcomes in children with chronic kidney disease

BP Load No Aid to Prognosis in Pediatric Chronic Kidney Disease

But high average blood pressure on 24-hour test strongly predicts child's cardiac, kidney disease risk
Proton pump inhibitor use in children is associated with a small but significant increased risk for any fracture

Proton Pump Inhibitors May Up Fracture Risk in Children

Small but significant risk seen for upper-limb and lower-limb fractures
In an American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement

Recommendations Issued for Pediatric Abuse-Related Head Trauma

Recommendations for pediatricians include remaining vigilant for signs, consulting subspecialists
More than half of U.S. youth have poor diets

Many Children in the United States Still Have Poor Diets

More than half of children aged 6 to 11 years, 12 to 19 years estimated to have poor diet in 2015-2016
Prenatal antibiotic exposure overall has no significant association with later overweight or obesity in children

2nd Trimester Antibiotic Exposure May Up Risk for Offspring Obesity

Exposure in infancy might also increase the risk for childhood overweight or obesity
The incidence of developing tuberculosis is high among exposed infants and young children

Incidence of Tuberculosis High in Children Exposed to the Disease

Preventive therapy effective in most TB-infected children if given before development of active disease
Metformin treatment reduces some obesity measures in children

Metformin Could Reduce Obesity in Children

Metformin therapy reduces some indices of obesity in children and adolescents, review shows
Children of all ages seem to be susceptible to novel coronavirus 2019 infection

Children Susceptible to COVID-19 but Less Severely Affected

More than 90 percent of pediatric patients were asymptomatic, mild, or moderate cases
Many parents are not having talks with their preschool or school-age children about inappropriate touching

Poll: Many Parents Not Talking to Children About Inappropriate Touching

One in four parents of school-age children say they have not yet begun talking about inappropriate touching
For children with suspected community-acquired pneumonia who are discharged from the emergency department

Antibiotics May Not Help Children With Suspected Pneumonia

Outcomes do not differ for those with suspected CAP discharged from the ED with or without antibiotic Rx