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ER Docs to Parents: Please Don't Dilute Infant Formula

Biden Invokes Defense Act to Boost Supply of Infant Formula

Federal government can now use commercial aircraft or air cargo planes owned by the DoD to transport infant formula from countries abroad

Massachusetts Man Has Monkeypox

Massachusetts Man Has Monkeypox, Following Clusters in Europe

Currently, patient is in the hospital and reported to be in good condition

Sharp Spike Seen in Air Pollution Levels in Recent Years

Pollution Accounts for One in Six Deaths Worldwide

Urgent attention needed to control pollution, including air pollution and pollution from hazardous chemicals, and prevent related disease

Young anxious worrying african american man looks desperately to bills

Burden of Medical Costs for Sickle Cell Disease Quantified

Over nonelderly lifetime, SCD-attributable costs were estimated at $1.7 million for males; with out-of-pocket costs of $45,091

Pretty young hipster woman vape ecig

Prevalence of Past-Month Adolescent Vaping 8.6 Percent Overall

Also, this study of adolescent vaping in 47 countries shows prevalence of past-month frequent vaping relatively low at 1.7 percent

E-Cigarettes May Be Better Than Nicotine Patches for Pregnant Women

Safety of e-cigarettes in pregnancy is similar to that of nicotine patches while possibly more effective

Copy of Pfizer COVID Vaccine Saved 110

Rollout of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Saved Lives, Health Care Dollars

Model shows vaccine tied to prevention of 110,000 deaths and a resulting $30.4 billion direct health care cost savings

Health Concepts. Little children are very sick. Little children are stressed in the hospital.

Preexisting Cardiovascular Conditions Tied to Severe COVID-19 in Children

Risk varies considerably across 26 examined cardiovascular conditions

Health Officials Investigate Mysterious Hepatitis Cases Among Children in U.S.

CDC: U.S. Cases of Acute Hepatitis in Children Keep Rising

However, there have been no reported deaths since February, agency says

Fumar más vapear no es más saludable que solo fumar

Smokers Who Shift to Vaping May Improve Other Health Measures

Findings seen for adults' health and social functioning measured at ages 30 and 39 years