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Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy Tied to Systolic BP Changes

Within two to four months, increases, decreases in systolic BP seen in transmasculine, transfeminine adults, respectively

Higher Red Meat Intake Tied to Worse Imaging Measures of CV Health

Adverse ventricular remodeling, poorer cardiac function, and higher arterial stiffness linked to greater intake of red, processed meat

Factors Identified to Help Predict Age at Menopause

Some life habits and socioeconomic factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, relationship status, physical activity may also contribute

Patients of Female Doctors More Likely to Receive Flu Vaccine

Vaccination differences represent a large percentage of Black and Hispanic gaps in vaccination rates

Third Booster COVID-19 Vaccine Shot Available by Fall: Moderna

While not required, a third booster shot could provide additional protection against COVID-19 variants

Global COVID-19 Death Toll Surpasses 3 Million

Actual number believed to be much higher because some governments may be concealing numbers

Oregonians Rebel as State Considers ‘Indefinite Extension’ of Pandemic Rules

Officials have not said how low COVID-19 case numbers must go or how many people would have to be vaccinated for the requirements to be lifted

Bruising Clinical Decision Rule Differentiates Abuse From Nonabuse

BCDR had high sensitivity, specificity based on body region bruised, bruising anywhere on infant 4.99 months or younger, bruising pattern

Risk for Subsequent SARS-CoV-2 Infection Lower With Seropositivity

Among healthy, young adults, risk for subsequent infection among seropositive participants about one-fifth of that for seronegative participants

Half of American Adults Have Received at Least One COVID-19 Vaccine Shot

CDC added that almost 84 million adults, or nearly a third, are fully vaccinated