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2021 to 2022 Saw Decrease in Telemedicine Use in Past 12 Months

Decrease seen across sociodemographic and geographic characteristics, including sex, family income, education, region, urbanization level

Prevalence of Mental Health Variables Higher for Adults Reporting Loneliness

Highest prevalence of loneliness seen for those who identified as bisexual or transgender

Timing of Exercise Significant for Obesity, Metabolic Impairment

Beneficial effect on glucose hemostasis seen for accumulation of more MVPA in the evening for sedentary adults

Poll Reveals Americans Worried Climate Change Is Affecting Mental Health

The young have more anxiety about the threat of global warming than older generations

Rate of CVD in Mid-Adulthood Increased for Women With Perinatal Depression

Association seen for all CVD subtypes; highest for hypertensive disease, ischemic heart disease, and heart failure

Type of Educational Institution Attended Linked to Health Outcomes

Private school attendance linked to lower BMI; higher-status university attendance linked to better memory recall

Childhood Physical Activity Levels Tied to Risk for Liver Disease in Young Adults

Increasing physical activity in childhood tied to reduced risk for severe liver steatosis and liver cirrhosis

Approximately 7 Percent of U.S. Population Uninsured in 2023

10.9 percent of adults aged 18 to 64 years were uninsured at the time of interview in 2023, as were 3.9 percent of children aged 0 to 17 years

Longer Sleep Duration, Earlier Sleep Onset Linked to Lower BP in Children

Longer sleep duration linked to better daytime blood pressure parameters among patients referred to pediatric nephrology clinic

USPSTF: Refer Children With High BMI to Behavioral Interventions

Larger effects seen for interventions with higher contact hours and that offer physical activity sessions