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Increasing blood pressure medications at hospital discharge for elderly patients hospitalized with noncardiac conditions does not improve long-term outcomes and is tied to short-term harms

Intensifying BP Meds at Hospital Discharge May Harm Elderly

Risk for readmissions and adverse effects higher, no long-term benefit for BP control or cardiac risk
A hospital's move to entirely single-patient rooms was associated with reductions in multidrug-resistant organism colonization

Private Rooms Help Sustain Lower Rates of Some Nosocomial Colonization

Reduction seen in VRE infections, colonization; MRSA colonization but not infection reduced
Four cases of severe lung injury possibly linked with vaping in Minnesota are similar to dozens of cases in Wisconsin and Illinois. The patients had symptoms such as shortness of breath

Cases of Severe Lung Injury After Vaping Reported in Three States

Health care providers should consider vaping as a cause for unexplained breathing problems, lung injury
About 6 percent of psychiatrically hospitalized youth have abnormal thyroid-stimulating hormone measures

TSH Elevated in 6 Percent of Psychiatrically Hospitalized Youth

Elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone linked to recent weight gain, treatment with benzodiazepines
Possible vaping-related breathing problems have led to the hospitalization of 14 teens and young adults in two states. There were 11 cases of severe breathing problems in Wisconsin and three in Illinois

Vaping Likely to Blame for 14 Hospitalizations in Two States

Patients had severe respiratory symptoms; vaping the only apparent link between the cases
U.S. physicians prescribe opioids more frequently during patient hospitalizations and at discharge compared with physicians in other countries

U.S. Hospital Patients Receive More Opioids Versus Other Countries

Patients' perceptions of pain, pain medication may affect prescribing practices
More patients suffer cardiac arrest in U.S. hospitals each year than previously estimated -- with rates 38 percent greater for adults and 18 percent greater for children

In-Hospital Cardiac Arrests in the U.S. May Be Underestimated

Authors say that cardiac arrest is a 'major public health problem'
Current infection prevention and antibiotic stewardship program practices continue to include a main focus on surveillance for multidrug-resistant organisms

Current Antibiotic Stewardship Program Practices Characterized

Since 2013, active surveillance for MRSA reduced, monitoring of cleaning effectiveness increased
Patients hospitalized with pneumonia often receive excess antibiotic therapy

Hospitalized Pneumonia Patients Often Get Excess Antibiotics

Vast majority of excess treatment occurs with antibiotics prescribed at discharge
Eighteen percent of all emergency department visits and 16 percent of in-network hospital stays have at least one out-of-network charge

Considerable Number of Patients Receive Surprise Hospital Charges

18 percent of all ED visits, 16 percent of in-network hospital stays have at least one out-of-network charge