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Hospital Costs for Firearm Injuries Vary Widely by Region

Hospital costs for firearm injuries in the United States totaled $7.8 billion over 10 years; government insurance programs covered 42 percent of the costs

Hospital Outcomes Worse With Suboptimal Treatment of Hypothyroidism

Patients with clinical hypothyroidism and a high prehospitalization TSH level had longer length of stay, increased risk for readmission

Young anxious worrying african american man looks desperately to bills

Most Cancer Centers Do Not Disclose Payer-Specific Prices

Median drug price markups across centers ranged from 120 to 630 percent

Plastic Surgery Consultations for Complex Cases Add Financial Value to Hospitals

Study shows substantial increase in net revenues for complex surgeries with plastic surgeon consultants

Most COVID-19 Patients Benefit at Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals

Patients treated for COVID-19 discharged with greater improvements in ambulation distance, assistance needs versus reference patients

Commercial-to-Medicare Hospital Price Ratios Stable 2012 to 2019

Trends in ratios varied considerably across hospital referral regions

Clinical Quality Up at Hospitals With Research Publications

Hospital research publications linked to lower risk-adjusted mortality rates for several conditions and procedures, higher patient satisfaction

Treatment at a VA Hospital Tied to Lower 30-Day Mortality

Findings among dually eligible older veterans living within 20 miles of a VA and a non-VA hospital

Updated Brain Injury Guidelines Validated for Complicated mTBI

Use of uBIG could potentially decrease number of transfers for Canadian patients with complicated mild traumatic brain injury

Unvaccinated Have Highest SARS-CoV-2 Incidence, Hospitalization

Unvaccinated persons have higher rates of incidence, hospitalization during periods of delta, omicron predominance