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Most U.S. Children Have Adequate Geographic Access to Cancer Care

Some disparities exist by racial and ethnic groups, rural residents, and areas with high deprivation levels

Emergency Department Preparedness Cuts Mortality Risk in Children

Emergency departments in highest quartile of pediatric readiness had lower in-hospital mortality among injured and medically ill children

Inpatient Mortality Up With Exposure to High Capacity Utilization

Two percent increase seen in odds of 14-day in-hospital mortality for each additional day of exposure to high capacity utilization

Diagnostic Accuracy High in Emergency Departments

Only about 5.7 percent of patients receive incorrect diagnosis, with about 2.0 percent suffering adverse events as a result

Ransomware Attacks on Health Care Organizations on the Rise

Nearly twofold increase in annual number of attacks seen from 2016 to 2021, exposing information of nearly 42 million patients

Rural Hospital Closures Put Strain on Nearby Hospitals

In two years following a rural hospital closure, nearby hospitals see increase in emergency department visits and hospital admissions

Dynamically Updating Models Can Improve Prediction of COVID-19 Survival

Drift in model calibration performance was detected immediately, with minor fluctuations in discrimination

Postdischarge Text Message Intervention Cuts Readmissions

Benefits include 41 percent lower odds of 30-day use of acute care resources

Electronic Health Record Data Can Predict Readmission in Children

New prediction model can identify children with risk factors before hospital discharge

Rates of Health Care Use Higher After Positive SARS-CoV-2 Test

At 99th percentile per person-year, women who tested positive had 6.48 more days of hospital admission