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Mortality Down for Rectal Cancer Surgery at NAPRC-Accredited Hospitals

Lower rates of 30-day complications also observed at accredited hospitals

Guidance Lacking for Inpatient Management of Asymptomatic HTN

Inconsistent recommendations found for managing hypertensive urgencies, but outpatient BP goals were clearly defined

Regional Decolonization Aids Multidrug-Resistant Organism-Related Outcomes

Benefits include lower carriage, infections, hospitalizations, costs, and deaths

Emergency Department Culture May Deter Medical Students From Selecting Specialty

Gendered perceptions may negatively impact recruitment of a diverse physician workforce

Inappropriate Diagnosis of Pneumonia Common in Hospitalized Adults

Inappropriate diagnosis common, especially in older patients and those with dementia, altered mental status on presentation

Fine Particulate Matter Levels Below WHO Guidelines Tied to Hospital Admission

Studies show increased relative risk for admission for composite CVD and increased risk for admission for natural causes

Racial, Ethnic Disparities Seen for Safety Events in Hospitalized Children

Largest disparities seen for postoperative sepsis for Blacks and for postoperative respiratory failure for Hispanics

Rural Intermediate Care Hospitalizations Tied to Worse Outcomes

Adjusted 30-day mortality significantly higher than urban intermediate care hospitalizations

Diagnostic Accuracy High in Emergency Departments

Only about 5.7 percent of patients receive incorrect diagnosis, with about 2.0 percent suffering adverse events as a result

Many Women Bypass Nearest Hospital for Breast Cancer Surgery

Women undergoing breast-conserving surgery or mastectomy more likely to be treated at specialist breast reconstruction centers