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ED Pediatric Readiness Cuts In-Hospital Mortality

However, pediatric readiness does not eliminate Black mortality disparity for children's medical emergencies

In-Hospital Adverse Events Similar for Haloperidol, Atypical Antipsychotics

Comparable rates of in-hospital adverse events seen among seniors prescribed oral antipsychotics after major surgery

Major Discharge Barriers Present for One in 10 Hospitalized Patients

Prolonged length of stay is often due to need for skilled therapy or daily living support in medically ready patients

Female Surgeons Have Lower Rates of Adverse Postoperative Outcomes

Findings persist for common surgeries when accounting for patient, procedure, surgeon, and other characteristics

Patient Experience Scores for Hospital Care Decreased During COVID-19

Higher-performing and higher-staffed hospitals prepandemic were slower to decline, but all declined by Q4 of 2021

Overestimation of Oxygen Saturation Leads to Delayed COVID-19 Treatment

Patients with unrecognized need for COVID-19 therapy appear to have higher odds of readmission, regardless of race

Pediatric ICU Admissions for SARS-CoV-2 Decreased Across Waves

However, no reduction seen in ventilatory support or oxygen therapy for those younger than 5 years

Opportunities Exist for Improving Hospital-Based Sepsis Programs With New CDC Guidance

73 percent of hospitals have a committee that monitors and reviews sepsis care, with prevalence varying by hospital size

Diabetes Tied to Higher Use of Hospital Bed-Days for Many Conditions

One-third of bed-days for patients diagnosed before age 40 years are for mental health

Physical Activity Programs Beneficial for Hospitalized Older Adults

Meta-analysis shows improvement in functional capacity for acutely hospitalized older adults