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Average Annual Number of Deaths From Excessive Alcohol Use Increasing

From 2016-2017 to 2020-2021, deaths from excessive alcohol use increased 26.8 and 34.7 percent among males and females

Four in 10 U.S. Adults Say They Know Someone Who Died From Drug Overdose

One-third of those say their lives were disrupted by the overdose death

Delayed Melanoma Care During Pandemic Proved Costly

Delayed diagnoses due to pandemic lockdowns tied to years of life lost

Neighborhood Poverty in Childhood Increases Risk for Death by Unnatural Causes

Neighborhood public assistance in early childhood associated with an increased risk for death by unnatural causes through midadulthood

Risk Profile IDs COVID-19 Patients Who Will Benefit From Baricitinib

Baricitinib plus remdesivir linked to reduced risk of death, progression to invasive mechanical ventilation

Worse Overall Survival Seen for Adults With Leukemia With CNS Involvement

Overall survival inferior for acute myeloid leukemia patients with versus without central nervous system involvement

Sex-Specific Differences Seen in Link Between Exercise and All-Cause, CVD Death

Regular physical activity linked to reduced risk for all-cause mortality in women and men, with greater reduction for women

2020 to 2022 Saw Increase in Percentage of OD Deaths Involving Smoking

During the same time period, there was a decrease seen in the percentage of overdose deaths with evidence of injection

Smoking Linked to Melanoma-Associated Death in Early-Stage Melanoma

Greatest increased risk for melanoma-specific mortality seen for patients with SLNB-negative disease

Rural Intermediate Care Hospitalizations Tied to Worse Outcomes

Adjusted 30-day mortality significantly higher than urban intermediate care hospitalizations