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Residual Risk Seen for Death, Postacute Sequelae in Third Year After COVID-19 Hospitalization

Risk for death remains significantly elevated in third year, as is risk for incident postacute sequelae of COVID-19

Planetary Health Diet Index Linked to Lower Total, Cause-Specific Mortality

Reductions seen in death from a variety of causes; PHDI scores were also associated with environmental impact

Adherence to Mediterranean Diet Linked to Lower Risk for Mortality

Reduction in risk is partly explained by multiple cardiometabolic factors, including small molecule metabolites, inflammatory biomarkers

Excess Mortality Persisted in Western World From 2020 Through 2022

Excess deaths continued in 2022 when most COVID-19 containment measures were lifted and COVID-19 vaccines were continued

32 Percent of U.S. Adults Know Someone Who Died of a Drug Overdose

Experiencing overdose loss linked to greater odds of viewing addiction as an extremely or very important policy issue

Semaglutide Cuts Risk for Kidney Outcomes, Death in CKD With T2DM

Reduction seen in risk for clinically important kidney outcomes and death from cardiovascular causes

Physical Activity Time, Step Counts Yield Similar Results

Similar benefits seen for all-cause mortality and cardiovascular disease prevention

Social Determinants of Health Impact Poststroke Mortality Risk

Strongest associations seen for educational and income attainment

Slight Decline Seen in U.S. Drug Overdose Deaths

Declines not spread equally everywhere -- some states experienced another year of increases of fatal ODs

Childhood Weight Status May Stratify Mortality Risk in Adults With Obesity

All-cause mortality risk highest for adults who were slim/underweight in childhood before having obesity in adulthood