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Delay to Admission From ED Tied to Increase in 30-Day Mortality

Statistically significant linear increase observed in mortality from five hours after time of arrival at emergency department up to 12 hours

Gap Between Retinal Age, Chronological Age Tied to Mortality

An increase in the gap between retinal age and chronological age, known as the retinal age gap, may increase the risk for mortality

Sitting, Inactivity Increase Death Risk Among Cancer Survivors

Risk for both all-cause and cancer-specific death increased for cancer survivors with combination of prolonged sitting and inactivity

Incidence of Advanced Lung Cancer Continues to Decline in the U.S.

During 2014 to 2018, incidence continued to increase slowly for female breast cancer, remained stable for prostate cancer

Men With More Breakups, Years Lived Alone Have Higher Inflammation

No similar findings seen for middle-aged women

Consuming Olive Oil May Reduce Mortality Risk in U.S. Adults

Replacing butter, margarine, mayonnaise, dairy fat with olive oil linked to reductions in total, cause-specific mortality

Selected Procedures May Be Performed by Surgical Residents Alone

Patient outcomes similar for certain procedures performed by residents alone, attending surgeons alone, residents assisted by attending surgeons

Weight Loss Tied to Earlier Death in Older Women

However, grip strength and physical functioning were tied to lower risk for death, regardless of weight

Incarceration Tied to Lower Life Expectancy in Blacks

Disparities in incarceration may partially explain the lower life expectancy of Blacks, authors say

Most of World’s Urban Population Live in Areas With High PM₂.₅

About 86 percent of urban dwellers live in areas that exceed WHO guidelines for annual PM2.5, contributing to >1.8 million deaths