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The number of confirmed cases of a parasite-caused illness linked to McDonald's Fresh Express Salad Mix is now 436 in 15 states

CDC: More Than 400 Sickened by McDonald’s Salads

Multistate outbreak of Cyclosporiasis linked to McDonald's Fresh Express Salad Mix
Dust could pose a health hazard if astronauts start spending extended periods of time on the Moon

Will Lunar and Planet Dust Be Health Concerns of the Future?

Prolonged exposure could impair airway and lung function and increase risk of diseases like cancer
The Environmental Protection Agency must remove the pesticide chlorpyrifos from sale in the United States within 60 days

Court Rules That U.S. Must Halt Sales of Pesticide Chlorpyrifos

Pesticide is widely used on citrus fruits, apples, and other crops
The American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates has adopted a policy on augmented intelligence

AMA Adopts Policy on Augmented Intelligence

Will promote development of high-quality AI that is transparent, aims to address bias, safeguards privacy
The American Medical Association House of Delegates has adopted a new policy to study

AMA Adopts Policy to Advance Gender Equity in Medicine

AMA House of Delegates has adopted policy to study, act for, advocate gender equity in medicine
Vaccinations against Ebola began yesterday in an effort to stem the latest outbreak in Congo.

Vaccinations Begin in Congo Ebola Outbreak

First to be vaccinated will be health workers, contacts of confirmed Ebola patients
Additional codes have been approved by the Current Procedural Terminology Editorial Panel for chronic care remote physiologic monitoring and internet consultations

Steps Taken to Increase Use of Electronic Tools in Medicine

Docs will have more opportunity to use technology with extra codes approved by CPT Editorial Panel
Postmortem cardiac implantable electronic device interrogation can improve the accuracy of identification of the time and cause of death at forensic autopsy

Postmortem Cardiac Implantable Device Interrogation Useful

Interrogation of CIED at forensic autopsy allows more accurate identification of time, cause of death
Higher free triiodothyronine levels

Thyroid Dysfunction Linked to Gestational Diabetes

fT3 and fT3-to-fT4 ratio correlated positively with gestational diabetes at the first and second trimester
ZRT- and IRT-like protein 14 upregulation in skeletal muscles may play a role in cancer-related muscle loss

Excess Zinc in Muscles May Drive Cancer-Related Wasting

ZIP14 may be a therapeutic target for its treatment