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Shorter Leucocyte Telomere Length Linked to Dementia Risk

Shorter leucocyte telomere length also associated with smaller total brain volume, white matter volume, hippocampus volume

Fine Particular Matter Linked to Increase in Breast Cancer Risk

Significant increase in risk seen for ER-positive breast cancer, but not ER-negative tumors

Alzheimer, Parkinson Disease Share Protective Association at HLA Locus

Protective HLA-DRB1*04 subtypes bind strongly to aggregation-prone tau PHF6 sequence when acetylated at K311

Panel of 48 CSF Proteins Complements Existing Alzheimer Biomarkers

CSF 48 panel plus existing biomarkers significantly improved diagnostic performance for outcomes studied

Residents Trained During First Wave of Pandemic Experienced Less PTSD

Work hours, workload, and medical errors may be targets for preventing PTSD among residents

U.S. Wastewater Tests Spot Highly Mutated Variant of COVID-19

Officials did not specify where the samples were from; most patients infected with new BA.2.86 variant have had mild symptoms

Urine-Based DNA Methylation Test Can Detect Bladder Cancer

PENK methylation test has high sensitivity and specificity for detecting bladder cancer in patients with hematuria

Exposure to Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation Linked to Solid Cancer Mortality

Estimated rate of mortality due to solid cancer increased by 52 percent per Gy with cumulative dose, lagged by 10 years

T-Cell Tolerant Fraction Can Predict Immunotherapy Toxicity

Cancer patients with clinically significant immune-related adverse events had significantly lower tolerant fraction

WHO Monitoring Highly Mutated New Strain of COVID-19, Now Spotted in Michigan

Four known cases of the variant, dubbed BA.2.86, have so far been identified worldwide, including the case in Michigan