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Marriage, Children Tied to Earnings Penalty for Female Physicians

Gap primarily due to fewer hours worked, compared to male physicians

Risk of Developing Osteoarthritis Increased for Patients With Atopic Disease

Effect more pronounced for patients with both asthma and atopic dermatitis versus nonexposed patients

Embryonic Development Delayed in Pregnancies Ending in Miscarriage

Odds of miscarriage were increased by 1.5 percent per delayed Carnegie stage

AAD: Risk for Skin Cancer Higher for Adults With Atopic Dermatitis

Significantly increased risk seen for adults with moderate-to-severe versus mild atopic dermatitis

Transplant From Deceased Donor With Brain Tumor Appears to Be Safe

Risk for cancer transmission lower than thought, and long-term transplant outcomes favorable

Most Patients Prefer to Receive Test Results Through Online Portal

Only 7.5 percent of respondents reported that reviewing results before they were contacted by a health care practitioner increased worry

Clinical Utility Poor for Prostate Cancer Germline Panels in African Men

Seventeen variants identified as potentially oncogenic in 17.7 percent of South African male patients

Environmental Impact of Prostate MRI and Biopsy Considerable

Overall, 8.1 million kg CO2 equivalents could be avoided by performing 100,000 fewer unnecessary biopsies

Mailed Human Papillomavirus Self-Sampling Kits Are Cost-Effective

Findings show it is an economically efficient outreach strategy for increasing cervical cancer screening rates

CDC Report Looks at Financial Burden of Medical Care Faced by Veterans

Veterans with VA health care only, Tricare less likely to live in family having problems paying medical bills than those with private insurance