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An app that detects color and metadata from fingernails can identify hemoglobin levels in the blood

Smartphone App Uses Fingernail Bed Images to Detect Anemia

App uses color and metadata from fingernails to detect hemoglobin levels in the blood
Medical science has made tremendous advances in personalized medicine. However

Many Americans Unaware of Promise of Personalized Medicine

41 percent are not at all familiar with personalized medicine; only 5 percent say they are very familiar
Skin autofluorescence predicts incident type 2 diabetes

Skin Autofluorescence Predicts T2DM, Heart Disease, Mortality

Prediction independent of traditional risk factors such as MetS, glucose, HbA1c in general population
Only 15.4 percent of physicians work in practices that use telemedicine for a wide spectrum of patient interactions

Few Physicians Work in Practices That Use Telemedicine

Specialty and larger practice size are correlates of telemedicine use
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has developed a draft strategy to reduce the health information technology burden

HHS Issues Draft Strategy for Reducing Health IT Burden

Strategy is open for public comment through Jan. 28, 2019

At-Home Self-Collected Samples Valid for Detecting High-Risk HPV

Participants report no difficulty understanding directions for self-collection, willing to use in future
There is no correlation between urate and blood pressure in mice or among patients with early Parkinson's disease

Urate Elevation in Potential Tx for Parkinson’s Not Tied to HTN

Phase II clinical trial results, mouse model study show no link between serum urate, changes in BP
Noninvasive diagnostic imaging using machine-learning analysis of nanoresolution images of cell surfaces can detect bladder cancer with high diagnostic accuracy

Noninvasive Diagnostic Imaging Accurately IDs Bladder Cancer

Method evaluating cells collected from urine shows 94 percent diagnostic accuracy
Running a marathon can increase cardiac strain in amateur runners

Marathon Runners Show Markers of Cardiac Strain

Amateur marathoners had highest troponin I and T versus half-marathon and 10-km racers
Exposure to certain endocrine-disrupting chemicals may impact the timing of puberty in children

Exposure to Phthalates May Impact Timing of Puberty in Girls

Earlier breast development, pubic hair development, menarche with methyl paraben exposure