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The risk for secondary primary malignancies varies based on stage of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma at diagnosis

Risk for Secondary Primary Cancer Varies With Lymphoma Stage

Risk for SPMs differs over time for survivors of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma according to stage at diagnosis
Exposure to secondhand smoking is associated with choroidal thinning among children aged 6 to 8 years

Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Linked to Choroidal Thinning in Children

Choroidal thinning associated with increased number of family smokers, quantity of secondhand smoke
A shipment of baby powder has been recalled by Johnson & Johnson after U.S. authorities found asbestos in it.

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Baby Powder Due to Presence of Asbestos

This is the first time Johnson & Johnson has pulled its baby powder from the market
Regular use of chemical disinfectants among nurses may be a risk factor for developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Occupational Use of Disinfectants May Up Risk for Developing COPD

Findings seen in longitudinal study of U.S. female nurses who cleaned surfaces, medical instruments
The risk for colorectal cancer death drops with an increasing number of prediagnostic colonoscopies

Prediagnostic Colonoscopy Cuts Colorectal Cancer Death Risk

Mortality risk drops 17 percent with one colonoscopy before diagnosis, 45 percent with three colonoscopies
The risk and severity of chronic traumatic encephalopathy increase with the number of years playing American football

Risk, Severity of CTE Increase With Years of Football Played

Risk for developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy increased by 30 percent per year of football played
Maternal elevated lead exposure is associated with an increased risk for intergenerational overweight or obesity

Maternal Lead Exposure Tied to Obesity Risk in Offspring

However, adequate maternal folate status appears to mitigate risk
Patients with psoriasis have an increased risk for developing or dying from cancer

Risk for Cancer Incidence, Mortality Increased With Psoriasis

Overall cancer mortality and mortality for liver, esophageal, pancreatic cancer up with severe psoriasis
The number of Americans sickened with a severe lung injury tied to vaping just keeps rising

Close to 1,300 Cases of Vaping-Linked Illness Now Identified

And, 26 vaping-related deaths across 21 states have now been reported

Multigene Testing for All Breast Cancer Patients Cost-Effective

Findings support expansion of genetic testing to all women with breast cancer