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Monkeypox Virus Detected in Anorectal Samples From Asymptomatic Patients

6.5 percent of men who have sex with men had anal swabs that were positive for MPXV, despite reporting no symptoms

Multidose BCG Protects Against COVID-19 in At-Risk Individuals

Efficacy of 92 percent found among at-risk COVID-19-unvaccinated individuals with type 1 diabetes

USPSTF Continues to Recommend Against Genital Herpes Screening

No new evidence identified to support changes to the 2016 recommendation against routine serologic screening for genital herpes

Role of Genetics Studied in Rheumatoid Arthritis Development

Genetic predisposition increases across predisease rheumatoid arthritis groups

Three At-Home COVID-19 Tests Needed to Confirm Negative Result, FDA Says

Agency said the latest research suggests that taking just two antigen tests misses too many infections

Day-of-Injury Biomarkers May Predict Functional Outcome After TBI

Plasma concentrations of glial fibrillary acidic protein and ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase L1 may predict death, unfavorable outcomes

Immune-Inflammatory Biomarkers Higher in Severe Mental Illness, T2DM

Increased peripheral levels of inflammatory biomarkers and oxidative stress biomarkers seen in people with severe mental illness or T2DM

PSA Screening Tied to Lower Risk for Prostate Cancer Mortality

Annual screening may be particularly important for Black men

Burden of Disease Attributed to PFAS Exposure High in the U.S.

Estimated cost of PFAS-attributable disease at least $5.52 billion annually

Links Between Parental Exposure to Pesticides, Childhood Cancer Explored

Increase in odds ratios for lymphoma, other solid tumors with maternal occupational exposure to pesticides not statistically significant