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HealthDay Reports: New Coronavirus Strain More Contagious

Stem Cell Infusions Investigated for Treatment of COVID-19 ARDS

Researchers explore possible anti-inflammatory effects of mesenchymal stem cells in COVID-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome

HealthDay Reports: COVID-19 Roundup for the Week of June 29-July 3

Physician’s Briefing Weekly Coronavirus Roundup

Here is what the editors at Physician's Briefing chose as the most important COVID-19 developments for you and your practice for the week of...
1 1/24 -- Men

Breast, Cervical, CRC Screening Below Healthy People 2020 Targets

Colorectal cancer test receipt near target in 2018, with 66.9 percent of adults aged 50 to 75 years up to date with testing

HealthDay Reports: Coronavirus Was Already Spreading in US in January — Study

Previous COVID-19 Infection May Confer Immunity for at Least Five Months

Team from Public Health England analyzed data from months of regular testing of health care workers

COVID-19 Infection Higher Among Support Staff Than Doctors

CDC Describes COVID-19 Trends in Nursing Home Residents, Staff

Rates of COVID-19 increased during June and July, followed by decline through mid-September, increase by late November

B1/15 - Masks

College Campuses at Risk for Extreme Incidence of COVID-19

Colleges rapidly reduced the number of new infections, but many failed to control the spread beyond the campus

New Insights Into How COVID-19 Damages the Brain

Multifocal Microvascular Injury ID’d in Brain in COVID-19

No SARS-CoV-2 detected in postmortem samples, but brain may be susceptible to microvascular damage

One-Dose Covid-19 Vaccine From Johnson & Johnson Looks Promising

U.S. COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Nears 1 Million Doses Per Day

News comes as Ohio State University researchers discover new variant of COVID-19 virus

HealthDay Reports: Test of 10 Million in Wuhan Finds Few Infections

WHO Experts Finally Arrive in Wuhan for COVID-19 Investigation

First known cases of the novel coronavirus appeared in the city more than a year ago

La vacuna de Pfizer contra la COVID parece promisoria

Ad26.COV2-S Vaccine Seems Safe, Immunogenic for SARS-CoV-2

Neutralizing antibodies detected in 90 percent or more of all participants on day 29 after the first vaccine dose