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Clostridium difficile spores are able to survive laundering through a commercial washer extractor

Clostridium difficile Spores Survive Laundering of Sheets

Spores on bed sheets able to survive laundering through a commercial washer extractor
The latest Ebola outbreak in Congo is not yet severe enough to be declared a global emergency

WHO: Congo Ebola Outbreak Not a Global Emergency

There have been 181 confirmed cases, including 104 deaths, so far in the outbreak
Women with high-risk human papillomavirus (hrHPV)-positive cervical tumors have a substantially better prognosis than women with hrHPV-negative tumors

Positive HPV Status Tied to Better Cervical Cancer Prognosis

Five-year relative survival ratio better for hrHPV-positive cases than for hrHPV-negative cases
Doing without medical care is much more common among low-income residents of states that have not expanded Medicaid than among low-income people in other states

Without Medicaid Expansion, Poor Patients Forgo Medical Care

Seventeen states have not expanded Medicaid, and expansion is an election issue in several states
The risk of fragility fractures is significantly lower in women with osteopenia who receive zoledronate than in those who receive placebo

Zoledronate Lowers Fracture Risk in Women With Osteopenia

Older women who received zoledronate had lower risk for non-vertebral, vertebral fragility fractures
Among U.S. women

High Circulating Prolactin Level Inversely Linked to T2DM Risk

Inverse link for total plasma prolactin, type 2 diabetes risk was not altered by menopausal status
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the ID CORE XT DNA-based test to help doctors verify blood compatibility before a transfusion.

FDA Approves New DNA-Based Test to Verify Blood Compatibility

Assay can be used to determine blood donor and patient non-ABO red blood cell types
Common carotid artery wall thickness measured using magnetic resonance imaging is more consistently associated with incident cardiovascular disease outcomes than intima-media thickness measured by ultrasound

Wall Thickness Measured by MRI More Consistently Linked to CVD

Association more consistent using MRI compared with ultrasound
Diet explains little of the variation in serum urate levels in the general population

Diet Less Important Than Genes for High Serum Urate Levels

Certain foods linked to high or low serum urate levels, but dietary scores have limited contribution
A $69 billion merger between health insurer Aetna and pharmacy manager CVS Health has been approved

Aetna-CVS Merger Approved

Under the approval, Aetna must sell off its private Medicare drug plans