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Increase in Overdose Mortality Greater Among the Pregnant in 2020

Overdose mortality increased about 81 percent from 2017 to 2020 among pregnant and postpartum women

Fewer Postpartum Visits Occurred During Pandemic

Largest declines seen among Black individuals, young people, and those without insurance

Race, Ethnicity Not Linked to Timely Treatment of Peripartum HTN

However, Black, Asian, Hispanic women all more likely than White women to experience severe hypertension requiring treatment

Cannabis Use Among Pregnant Women More Likely With Legalization

Smoking cannabis during pregnancy fourfold more likely under medical and adult-use legalization frameworks

Buprenorphine Use in Pregnancy May Reduce Risk for Adverse Neonatal Outcomes

Risk for preterm birth, small size for gestational age, low birth weight lower for those receiving buprenorphine versus methadone

Benzodiazepine Exposure in Pregnancy Does Not Up Risk for ADHD, Autism

No significantly increased risk seen for ADHD or ASD with exposure to benzodiazepines during first, second, third trimester

Cerebral Palsy Risk Up With Exposure to Maternal Unintentional Injury In Utero

Higher risk of cerebral palsy in offspring seen for severe injuries that resulted in hospitalization, delivery within one week from injury

Conceiving Within Three Months of Pregnancy Loss Safe

Risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes not increased for those conceiving within three months after miscarriage, induced abortion

Acupuncture Helps Alleviate Back/Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

Researchers find acupuncture has no observable severe adverse influences on newborns

More Than 12 Percent Develop De Novo Postpartum Hypertension

Risk for developing dn-PPHTN was increased for those aged 35 years or older, with caesarean delivery, for current or former smokers