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More than 2.2 million women live in areas with severely limited to no access to maternity care (maternity care desert status)

>2.2 Million Women Live in Maternity Care Desert Status Areas

In addition, 4.8 million women of childbearing age live in counties with limited access to maternity care
Pregnancy is associated with a delay in the onset of multiple sclerosis by more than three years

Pregnancy May Delay Onset of Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

However, having more pregnancies not associated with later onset
Adverse pregnancy outcomes

Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Tied to Later Atherosclerotic CVD

Findings remain when adjusting for standard risk factors, other adverse pregnancy outcomes
There is considerable racial/ethnic variation in fetal death rates

Fetal Mortality Rate Higher for Black Versus White Mothers

Increased rate of fetal death in black mothers seen for deaths attributed to multiple causes
More than half of hospitalized pregnant women with COVID-19 are asymptomatic at admission

More Than Half of Pregnant Women With COVID-19 Asymptomatic

Prepregnancy obesity, gestational diabetes higher for pregnant women with COVID-19-linked illness
Migraine has a considerable impact on women's pregnancy plans

About 20 Percent of Women Avoid Pregnancy Due to Migraine

72.5 percent of women who avoided pregnancy believed that migraine would be worse in pregnancy
Among pregnant women

Psychological Response to COVID-19 Affects Pregnancy Stress

Pregnant women most commonly report psychological responses of fear and depression
Modafinil use during early pregnancy is not associated with significantly increased risk for major malformations in exposed infants

Modafinil in Early Pregnancy Not Tied to Congenital Malformations

Large birth registry study conducted in Norway and Sweden did not show link to major malformations
Obesity in pregnant women may impact the development of their offspring's brains

Maternal Obesity May Alter Fetal Brain Development

Effects localized in prefrontal cortex and anterior insula, regions with known obesity-related deficits
Pregnant women with COVID-19 are less likely to report symptoms but are more likely to require intensive care unit admission compared with nonpregnant women of reproductive age

COVID-19 During Pregnancy May Pose Risks for Mother, Baby

Though less likely to report symptoms, pregnant women more likely to need intensive care, ventilation