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Seniors Had High Burden of RSV-Positive Respiratory Infection Before COVID-19

Following sharp decline during COVID-19, RSV-positive acute respiratory infection reemerged during summer 2021, and is linked to lower QOL

Federal Agency Mulls Ban on Gas Stoves Due to Health Concerns

Gas ranges emit nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and fine particulate matter at levels deemed unsafe by the EPA

Lung Composite Allocation Score System Cuts Waiting-List Mortality

All Composite Allocation Score scenarios examined led to improved measures of equity compared with current Lung Allocation Score system

U.S. Health Officials Urge Indoor Masking in Major Cities as ‘Tripledemic’ Rages

During the past few weeks, COVID-19, the flu, and respiratory syncytial virus have made millions of Americans ill

Educational Intervention Increases Use of Pulse Oximeter Ear Probes

Educational intervention and making ear probes available in critical care setting increases compliance with manufacturer guidelines

Feds Urge Vaccination as ‘Tripledemic’ Hits More Americans

Vaccination will be key to keeping patients healthy through the winter holidays

RSNA: New AI Algorithm Predicts 10-Year Cardiovascular Risk From Chest X-Ray

Performance similar to the standard atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk score

Study Looks at Extent of Residual Lung Abnormalities After COVID-19 Hospitalization

Posthospitalization prevalence of residual lung abnormalities estimated at 11.7 percent in sensitivity analyses

Airway Inflammation, Emphysema More Common in Marijuana Smokers

In age-matched analysis, marijuana smokers had higher rates of bronchial thickening, bronchiectasis, mucoid impaction than tobacco-only smokers

Geographic Distribution of Dimorphic Mycoses Expanding in U.S.

Diagnosis and testing should be considered in patients with suggestive illness in regions that are hyperendemic for dimorphic mycoses