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More Than Half of COVID-19 Survivors Have Postacute Sequelae

Most common sequelae include functional mobility impairments, pulmonary abnormalities, and mental health disorders

Gene Variant Tied to Risk for Interstitial Lung Disease in RA

For patients with rheumatoid arthritis, lifetime risks for ILD were 16.8 percent for MUC5B carriers, 6.1 percent for noncarriers

COVID-19 Does Not Seem to Impact Lung Function in Young People

No statistically significant deterioration in lung function seen following COVID-19, regardless of severity

Awake Prone Positioning May Prevent Intubation in COVID-19

Significant reduction seen in intubation with prone positioning for hospitalized patients with acute hypoxic respiratory failure

No Permanent Lung Damage Observed After COVID-19 Recovery

No difference seen between lung parenchyma of COVID-19 survivors and controls in specimens from unrelated elective lung resections

Antibiotic Dispensing Decreased After COVID-19 Restrictions

36 percent reduction seen in antibiotic dispensing after COVID-19 restrictions; large reduction found in antibiotics for RTIs

Recall of Philips Breathing Machines Affects Millions of Americans

About 2 million of the recalled machines were in use in the United States

Preop Isolation May Up Risk for Postop Pulmonary Complications

Pandemic-related preoperative isolation linked to higher rates of postoperative pulmonary complications following elective surgery

AAP: Consider Palivizumab for Atypical Interseasonal RSV

AAP strongly supports consideration of palivizumab for patients who would be candidates per current eligibility recommendations

Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Tied to Respiratory Infections in Children

However, no negative impact seen on emergency department or urgent care visits, otitis media episodes, or asthma exacerbations