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Racial Bias in Pulse Oximetry Measures May Impact Treatment for Black Patients

Fick cardiac output may be underestimated using peripheral oxygen saturation versus arterial oxygen saturation

Hispanic Patients More Likely to Receive Deep Sedation While on Ventilator

Findings seen compared with non-Hispanic White patients

Risk Profile IDs COVID-19 Patients Who Will Benefit From Baricitinib

Baricitinib plus remdesivir linked to reduced risk of death, progression to invasive mechanical ventilation

Substantial Disparities Seen in Travel Time to Pulmonary Rehabilitation

An estimated 14 million U.S. adults in rural areas have more than a one-hour drive

Prenatal Air Pollution Exposure Tied to Severe Respiratory Distress in Newborns

Findings seen for assisted ventilation, multiple clinical interventions, and systemic antibiotics

Philips Suspends U.S. Sales of CPAP, Ventilator Machines After Recall

By Ernie Mundell HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, Jan. 29, 2024 (HealthDay News) -- Following a recall of millions of its breathing machines that began in mid-2021,...

Maternal COVID-19 Vaccination May Reduce Neonatal Respiratory Distress

The odds of neonatal respiratory distress were higher for unvaccinated mothers versus those vaccinated before infection

Prone Positioning Does Not Cut Time to Weaning in ARDS With VV-ECMO

Early application of prone positioning during ECMO not associated with shorter time to successful weaning

pH-Multichannel Intraluminal Impedance Monitoring Can ID GERD

Wheezing episodes significantly reduced with GERD treatment among preschool-aged children

Digital Air Leak Detection Device Can Help Reduce Chest Tube Duration

Device can speed identification of chest tube air leak cessation, resulting in reduced chest tube duration, hospital LOS