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Half of American Adults Have Received at Least One COVID-19 Vaccine Shot

CDC added that almost 84 million adults, or nearly a third, are fully vaccinated

Senators Urge Biden to Waive Rules That Restrict COVID-19 Vaccine Production

Waiver could open the door for generic or other manufacturers to make more vaccines

Response to One COVID-19 Vaccine Dose Strong in Previously Infected

Neutralizing antibody titer is higher after one dose of mRNA vaccine than after two vaccine doses in previously uninfected persons

Booster Shots a Likely Reality for COVID-19-Vaccinated Americans

And, CDC has scheduled a new emergency hearing on the safety of J&J vaccine for April 23

Thousands of Vaccinated People in U.S. Infected With COVID-19

New data are the first to indicate how effective COVID-19 vaccines are in real life

CDC Panel Says It Needs More Time to Study J&J Vaccine Clotting Cases

Advisers to the CDC say they do not have enough information or time to recommend how to proceed and they will meet again within 10 days

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine 90 Percent Effective Six Months After Second Dose

Company also says vaccine is 95 percent effective against severe cases of the disease

Biden Administration Has Met 100 Million Vaccinations Goal Early

An average of about 2.2 million doses each day are going into the arms of Americans

COVID-19 Vaccination Cover Varies With Social Vulnerability

Coverage higher in low versus high social vulnerability counties for overall measure of social vulnerability index

U.S. to ‘Loan’ COVID-19 Vaccines to Mexico, Canada

Ensuring Canada and Mexico can contain the pandemic will aid in the effort to reopen borders