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The Trump administration has agreed to pay $1.5 billion for 100 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna once it is approved

U.S. Government to Buy 100 Million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine From Moderna

If the doses are used, they would be provided to Americans for free
Before completing clinical trials to ensure the vaccine is safe and effective

Russia Approves COVID-19 Vaccine Before Trials Completed

President Vladimir Putin claims the vaccine 'works effectively enough'
Stephen Hahn

FDA Head Says Any Approved COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Safe

Assurance was given during a video briefing with the American Medical Association
Two-thirds of U.S. adults say they would get a COVID-19 vaccine

Two-Thirds of U.S. Adults Likely to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

However, likelihood varies by geography, race, and other demographic factors
Flu vaccination is underused in high-risk patients but is associated with reduced rates of cardiovascular events among patients who do receive it

Flu Vaccination in High-Risk Groups May Reduce CV Events

Hospitalized patients at high risk who are vaccinated have lower rates of MI, TIA, cardiac arrest, death
Moderna is charging $37 a dose for its experimental vaccine

Moderna Charging Much More for COVID-19 Vaccine Than Others

Vaccine currently in phase 3 trials; company confident it will be available by the end of the year
The U.S. government will pay Johnson & Johnson $1 billion for 100 million doses of its vaccine if it is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Johnson & Johnson Makes $1 Billion Vaccine Deal

Company has said it will offer doses at a not-for-profit cost to provide global access to the vaccine
Maryland-based Novavax said Tuesday that preliminary trials of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine were promising.

Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Encouraging Results

One study revealed that 56 people made high levels of antibodies with no adverse side effects
The United States is buying up another potential COVID-19 vaccine

U.S. Puts Up Another $2.1 Billion for Potential COVID-19 Vaccine

GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi Pasteur will supply 100 million doses of its experimental vaccine to the U.S.
When a COVID-19 vaccine is approved

Plenty of COVID-19 Vaccine Coming, Fauci Says

To combat the surging pandemic, Fauci is calling on all Americans to practice social distancing and wearing masks