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Health care workers in Italy who treated COVID-19 patients self-report substantial mental health symptoms

Italian Health Care Workers’ Mental Health Suffering During COVID-19

Symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and insomnia all common
High spirituality among stroke survivors may moderate the association between care partner depressive symptomatology and quality of life for survivors and their care partners

Spirituality May Have Protective Effect on QOL for Stroke Survivors

Spirituality may moderate link between care partner depressive symptoms and survivor psychological QOL
Lung cancer patients who are given the opportunity to be informed of their diagnosis have a longer median survival time

Early Informed Lung Cancer Patients Have Greater Survival Rates

Predicted survival time for patients who were unaware of their diagnosis was poor
For adults with dissociative seizures

CBT Offers Some Benefits in Adults With Dissociative Seizures

CBT plus standardized medical care does not reduce monthly seizure frequency versus standardized medical care alone
Repetitive mild traumatic brain injuries are associated with elevated exosomal and plasma levels of neurofilament light chain

Neurofilament Light Chain Levels Elevated After Repetitive TBI

Elevated exosomal, plasma levels of NfL also linked to chronic PCS, PTSD, depressive symptoms
COVID-19 may cause delirium in some patients

Review Highlights Neuropsychiatric Presentations of COVID-19

Evidence presented for delirium during COVID-19, post-illness neuropsychiatric consequences for SARS, MERS
The scores for mental health symptoms in medical personnel responding to COVID-19 pneumonia are generally higher than the norm in China

Mental Health Symptoms Up for Medics Dealing With COVID-19

Mean Symptom Checklist-90 score significantly higher for medical personnel responding to COVID-19
Thoracic surgeons have high career satisfaction

High Career Satisfaction Reported by Many Thoracic Surgeons

But 55.7 percent of cardiothoracic surgeons who responded report symptoms of burnout or depression
Children whose mothers have mental illness are significantly less likely to receive vaccinations through age 5 years

Children of Mothers With Mental Illness Less Likely to Receive Vaccines

Risk highest for children living with mothers with alcohol or substance misuse disorders
From 2007 to 2016

2007 to 2016 Saw Increase in Peds ED Visits for Mental Health

Visits for deliberate self-harm increased by 329 percent; substance use disorder visits jumped 159 percent