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Self-Help Aids Quality of Life for People With Psoriasis

Findings show modest, but significant, benefit from either compassion-based or mindfulness-based self-help

Nearly Half of U.S. Adults Gained Weight During First Year of Pandemic

Significant predictors of pandemic weight gain were psychological distress, prepandemic weight, and children at home

Suicide Attempts Increased Among U.S. Adults From 2008 to 2019

But authors say use of mental health services is not increasing among those who attempt suicide

Survey Highlights Difficulties of Living With Bipolar Disorder

Struggles include finding the right medication and medication side effects

COVID-19 Survivors Overestimate Lingering Taste Impairment

Authors say validated psychophysical tests can better identify true burden of chemosensory dysfunction

Young Adults With Cancer Facing Psychological Distress During Pandemic

High psychological distress tied to lower quality of life, social isolation, impaired cancer care

Psychological Distress More Likely in Young Adult Cancer Survivors

AYA cancer survivors with versus without psychological distress have additional medical expenses, office visits, use of meds

Effect of Types of Screen Use on Child Mental Health Examined

Different types of screen use during the pandemic associated with distinct mental health symptoms in children according to age group

One-Third of Clinicians Still Offer Endometrial Scratching

Endometrial scratching still might be offered for psychological reasons

Assisted Reproduction Not Tied to Psychiatric Illness in Offspring

Elevated risk for obsessive-compulsive disorder may be explained by differences in parental characteristics