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Compared with non-Hispanic White physicians

Burnout Less Likely for Doctors in Minority Race/Ethnic Groups

Non-Hispanic Black physicians more likely to report satisfaction with work-life integration versus White doctors
The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on the psychological health of patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis

Pandemic Causing Increased Anxiety Among MS Patients

Anxiety increased compared with healthy controls and previous patient survey one year before COVID-19
The Norfolk Arthritis Register has released an interim report on the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on people living with inflammatory arthritis who were advised to shelter at home due to increased vulnerability to COVID-19 because of medications.

Arthritis Patients Needing to Shelter in Place Require More Support

Survey finds many experiencing increased symptoms, less physical activity, emotional issues
Just as the physical symptoms of COVID-19 vary among the population

COVID-19 Pandemic Exacerbates Mental Health Issues

Don Mordecai, M.D., talks with HD Live! about mental health consequences, in particular for frontline health care workers
Altered mental status is the second most common neurological presentation for patients with COVID-19

Altered Mental Status Not Uncommon in Severe COVID-19

Altered mental status includes encephalopathy or encephalitis and primary psychiatric diagnosis
Patients with stage III and IV cancer have worse quality of life during the COVID-19 pandemic

Quality of Life Worse for Cancer Patients During COVID-19

Quality of life significantly lower than reference group; symptom scales worse, including insomnia
Social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic has not led to an overall increase in loneliness among Americans

No Big Increase Seen in Loneliness During U.S. COVID-19 Outbreak

Overall, older adults reported less loneliness compared with younger age groups
The prevalence of reported symptoms of psychological distress among U.S. adults was higher in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic than in 2018

Psychological Distress Up Among U.S. Adults During COVID-19 Pandemic

Young adults, low-income adults, and Hispanic adults have highest prevalence of distress
For adults older than 50 years

Volunteering Linked to Reduced Risk for Mortality in Seniors

Volunteering for ≥100 hours/year also tied to greater physical activity, better psychosocial outcomes
Skin psoriasis and somatic comorbidity are associated with onset of psychiatric illness

Skin Psoriasis, Somatic Comorbidity Up Psychiatric Illness

Risk increased for patients with psoriasis with somatic comorbidity, but no synergistic association seen