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More Mental Health Problems Seen for Teens Bullied in Childhood

Adolescents who develop greater distrust more likely to subsequently experience mental health problems

ED Use Increased for Transgender, Gender-Diverse Medicare Beneficiaries

TGD beneficiaries more likely than cisgender beneficiaries to use emergency department for mental health care

Availability of Mental Telehealth Services Varies by Geography, Facility

No differences in availability seen based on diagnosis of patient-level characteristics

Recent Drop Seen in Outpatient Care for Serious Psychological Distress

Significant increases in outpatient mental health care limited to younger adults, employed adults

Gender-Related Differences Seen for Self-Reported Mental Health Conditions

Cisgender individuals have lowest probability of reporting a mental health condition or unmet mental health need

Study Examines Prevalence of Mental Health Disorders in Childhood

11.63 percent of youth aged 5 to 24 years had mental disorders; 1.22 percent had substance use disorders in 2019

Interventions That Boost Mood Cut Inflammation With IBD

Small effects seen for improved fecal calprotectin and C-reactive protein

Physical Activity + Mindfulness Training Aids Mental Health

Review shows combination interventions are feasible to deliver

Psychologists’ Group Issues First Guidelines on Teens’ Use of Social Media

There are both benefits and harms involved in social media use, and the report authors sought a balanced approach

Integration of Medicaid Physical, Mental Health Does Not Aid Outcomes

No significant benefits seen for most measures of utilization, quality, outcomes