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Past Trauma Tied to Worse Mental Health During Pandemic for Aging Women

History of childhood abuse or intimate partner violence linked to greater depression, anxiety, and sleep problems during COVID-19 pandemic

Adults With Disabilities Have Worse Mental Health During COVID-19

Adults with disabilities more often report that the pandemic makes it harder for them to access care, medication

Opioid Tapering Tied to Higher Risk for Overdose, Mental Health Crisis

Rates of overdose, mental health crises increased after dose tapering among patients prescribed stable, long-term, higher-dose opioid therapy

Lyme Disease Tied to Higher Risk for Psychiatric Conditions, Suicide

Risk particularly heightened in the six months following diagnosis

Distorted Perception in Late Teens Tied to Later Psychosis

Nonpsychotic perceptual disturbance at age 18 years linked to increases in midlife hallucinations, delusions, and total psychotic symptoms

Some Seniors Report Worsening Mental Health in Pandemic

18.3 percent of respondents aged 50 to 80 years reported worse mental health; 29.0 percent made a lifestyle change to address mental health

Pandemic-Related School Closures Tied to Poor Mental Health of Students

Much of the poor mental health during school closures tied to established risk factors

Mental Health Disorders Tied to Higher COVID-19 Mortality

Findings show even higher risk among those with severe mental disorders, like schizophrenia and bipolar disorders

Relapse Risk for Psychosis in Dementia Lower With Continued Pimavanserin

Findings seen in double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled discontinuation trial that was stopped early for efficacy

Gender-Affirming Hair Removal Improves Mental Health

Odds of psychological distress, smoking, suicidal intent reduced among transgender and gender-diverse adults assigned male at birth