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Cooler days are associated with reduced probability of reporting bad mental health days

Temperature Impacts Likelihood of Bad Mental Health Days

Cooler days decrease, while hotter days eventually increase, chance of reporting bad mental health days
Possession of gender-concordant identity documents may improve mental health among trans persons

Gender-Concordant ID May Aid Mental Health in Trans Adults

Benefits include less psychological distress, lower prevalence of suicidal thoughts, planning
A considerable proportion of health care workers caring for patients with coronavirus disease 2019 report symptoms of depression

Mental Health at Risk for Health Care Workers Treating COVID-19

Nurses, women, frontline health care workers caring for COVID-19 patients at greater mental health risk
The cannabis constituent Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol administration can induce psychotic

Single THC Dose Can Induce Psychiatric Symptoms in Adults

Compared with placebo, single THC dose increased total symptom severity with a large effect size
Asthma and allergy drug montelukast -- sold as a generic and under the brand name Singulair -- will get a "boxed warning" over potential ties to neuropsychiatric effects

FDA: Singulair to Get ‘Black Box’ Warning

Drug has long carried warning of potentially dangerous neuropsychiatric side effects
Gulf War illness poses a high disease burden on veterans almost three decades after the conflict

Gulf War Illness Still Poses High Symptom Burden

Vast majority of diagnosed veterans report fatigue, sleep, and pain symptoms
Low-cost marketing to physicians may be driving up stimulant prescribing rates

Low-Cost Marketing of Stimulants to Physicians May Increase Rx Rates

Authors say that given misuse starts in adolescence, marketing to these providers should be examined
Two studies published online Feb. 5 in Psychiatric Services show the successful use of telepsychiatry services in different settings.

Telepsychiatry Services Expand Access to Behavioral Health Care

Benefits seen in emergency departments and perinatal integrated care in a specialty obstetrics practice
Public speakers who disclose a conflict of interest with a pharmaceutical company are more likely to provide a favorable testimony for the recommendation of psychiatric drugs

Speaker Conflicts of Interest May Bias Testimony About Drugs

Public speakers with conflict of interest more likely to provide positive testimony of psychiatric drug
Having many patients with multiple chronic diseases may raise the mental strain of general practitioners

Caring for Patients With Multiple Morbidities Strains Providers

More patients with multimorbidity may increase risk for provider burnout