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Manualized psychotherapy interventions combined with pharmacotherapy seem beneficial for bipolar disorder

Pharmacotherapy, Psychotherapy Combo Best for Bipolar Disorder

Manualized treatments linked to significantly reduced recurrence rates versus control treatments
Apathy is associated with an increased risk for developing probable dementia for community-dwelling older adults

Apathy in Older Adults May Signal Risk for Developing Dementia

Risk for developing probable dementia increased in association with severe versus low apathy
Prenatal cannabis exposure is associated with a greater risk for psychopathology during middle childhood

Prenatal Cannabis Exposure May Raise Risk for Psychopathology

Findings seen in middle childhood, especially for maternal cannabis use after knowledge of pregnancy

Maternal Distress in Pregnancy Tied to Childhood Asthma Risk

Maternal depression during pregnancy may increase child's risk for asthma at 10 years of age
For Black adults

Psychosocial Resilience Linked to Heart Health in Black Adults

Individual psychosocial resilience independently linked to higher LS7 score in Black adults
Pandemic-induced impairments in work and social functioning are strongly correlated with elevated depression and anxiety symptoms and with decreased psychological well-being

Pandemic-Induced Impairments in Work Impact Mental Health

Impairments in work and social functioning strongly linked with elevated depression, anxiety symptoms
Opioids prescribed by dentists may pose a threat for interactions with medications for depression or anxiety in older adults

Dentists’ Rx for Opioids Pose Danger for Drug Interactions

In older adults, interactions with meds for depression, anxiety increase risk for ED visits, hospitalizations
Spouses of patients admitted to the intensive care unit have an increased risk for cardiovascular events in the one to four weeks after admission

Cardiovascular Event Risk Up for Spouses of Patients in ICU

Increased odds found for visits for cardiovascular diseases one to four weeks after spouse's ICU admission
For nonelderly patients with depression

Mortality Risk Up With Newer Antipsychotic Use for Depression

Risk up for nonelderly adults with augmentation with newer antipsychotic versus second antidepressant
Surgical treatment of breast asymmetry in young women yields significant and sustained improvements in psychosocial quality of life

Young Women Benefit From Surgery for Breast Asymmetry

Benefits seen in physical, mental health, social functioning for up to five years after surgery