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U.S. COVID-19 Hospitalizations Reach Record Low

Hospitalizations are among the few COVID-19 metrics still being monitored by public health officials

Social Vulnerability Tied to Higher Assault-Related Firearm Death Rates for Youth

Despite burden among socially vulnerable youth, states with restrictive gun laws have lower rates of assault-related firearm deaths

Multiple Concussions in Youth Tied to Variety of Greater Symptoms

Findings seen compared with student athletes aged 12 to 22 years with just one prior head injury

Composite Neighborhood-Level Opportunity Predicts Pediatric Asthma Exacerbation Status

Composite score shows better prediction than individual family-level income, education

2017 to 2022 Saw Increase in Seizures of Illicit Ketamine

Number of seizures increased from 55 in 2017 to 247 in 2022; total weight of ketamine increased from 57.8 to 703.3 kg

Medication for Opioid Use Disorder Dispensed More After Medicare Policy Change

Methadone dispensing up after 2020 without displacing use of buprenorphine

Schoolchildren Should Learn Basic Life Support

First links in chain of survival can be assessed by children from age 4; regular training in basic life support consolidates long-term skills

Baby Boomers Push Median Age of Americans Up as Births Decline

The share of people 65 years and older grew by more than one-third between the 2010 census and the 2020 census

Most Americans Do Not Know What 988 Suicide Crisis Hotline Is For: Poll

The 988 line began last year after it was changed from 1-800-273-TALK

Salmonella Infections in Six States Linked to Papa Murphy’s Raw Cookie Dough

Two individuals have been hospitalized in connection with the infections; no deaths reported