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Younger patients with colorectal cancer are more likely to present with abdominal pain and via an emergency

Younger CRC Patients More Likely to Present With Abdominal Pain

Young colorectal cancer patients more often present via emergency; have lowest percentage early-stage cancer
From 2004 to 2015

Proportion of CRC Diagnoses Increased in Adults Younger Than 50

Younger adults presenting with colorectal cancer present with more advanced disease than older adults
For patients with subcentimeter colorectal polyps receiving oral anticoagulants

Continuous Anticoagulants + Cold Snare Polypectomy Noninferior

Findings seen among patients with subcentimeter colorectal polyps receiving oral anticoagulants
Yogurt consumption is associated with a reduced risk for colorectal adenomas in men

Yogurt Consumption Linked to Reduced CRC Adenoma Risk in Men

Men with two or more servings of yogurt per week have reduced risk for conventional adenoma
The incremental diagnostic yield of Lynch syndrome screening decreases substantially after age 70 to 75 years

Diagnostic Yield of Lynch Syndrome Screening Drops With Age

Incremental diagnostic yield decreases substantially after 70 to 75 years; LS is rare after 80 years
Whites in Western states are experiencing the most rapid increase in early-onset colorectal cancer

Early-Onset CRC Rising Fastest for Whites in Western States

Neither increases in prevalence of obesity nor heavy alcohol consumption correlated with CRC trends
Use of statins before or after colorectal cancer diagnosis is linked to a lower risk for premature death

Statin Use With Colorectal Cancer Lowers Risk for Early Death

Taking statins before or after cancer diagnosis cuts all-cause and cancer-related deaths
Colorectal cancer incidence is increasing among young adults in certain high-income countries

Colorectal Cancer Incidence Increasing in Younger Adults

Despite overall decline or stabilization, increase seen for young adults in some high-income countries
Whole-body magnetic resonance imaging could be a quicker alternative to multimodality staging of colorectal cancer and non-small cell lung cancer

Whole-Body MRI Accurate for Staging Colorectal Cancer, NSCLC

No difference in sensitivity or specificity for whole-body MRI, standard pathway for staging
As the clinic day progresses

Rate of Ordering Cancer Screening Tests Decreases During Clinic Day

Rate of patient completion of cancer screening tests also decreases with appointment later in the day