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In two guideline updates from the U.S. Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer

Recommendations Updated for Postcolonoscopy Management

Guidance also provided for removal techniques for colorectal lesions of different sizes
Patients with obesity undergoing bariatric surgery have the same risk for colorectal cancer as the general population

CRC Risks Similar to General Population After Bariatric Surgery

Standardized incidence ratio increased for individuals with obesity without bariatric surgery
The prevalence of colorectal cancer screening is lowest among adults aged 50 to 54 years

Prevalence of CRC Screening Lowest in Adults Aged 50 to 54

Colorectal cancer screening prevalence 50.0 percent among those aged 50 to 54, increases with age
Colorectal cancer incidence and mortality are continuing to decline among adults aged 65 years and older but are increasing among younger adults

CRC Incidence, Mortality Declining for Adults Aged ≥65

However, incidence and CRC death rates increased for those aged younger than 50 years
Following state health reform

Massachusetts Health Reform Tied to Decrease in Advanced Cancer

Findings seen for colorectal cancer, but no similar findings found for advanced breast cancer diagnoses
Among obese individuals

Bariatric Surgery May Cut Risk for Colorectal Cancer in Obese Patients

Relative risk for developing colorectal cancer reduced by about 35 percent with bariatric surgery for obesity
Lower-gastrointestinal bleeding is associated with high risks for colorectal cancer in patients with atrial fibrillation treated with oral anticoagulation therapy

GI Bleeding in OAC-Treated A-Fib Patients Indicates CRC Risk

Lower-GI bleeding tied to high absolute risks for CRC in patients receiving oral anticoagulants for a-fib
There are steep incidence increases in colorectal cancer from age 49 to 50 years

Steep Increase Seen in Incidence of CRC From Age 49 to 50 Years

Increases seen across the U.S., in men and women, in whites and blacks, for colon and rectal cancers
For postmenopausal women with colorectal cancer (CRC)

Social Support Linked to Mortality in Older Women With CRC

Low and moderate perceived social support linked to higher mortality in postmenopausal women with CRC
For patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma

QoL Extended With Atezolizumab + Bevacizumab in Liver Cancer

And, triplet and doublet drug regimens delay decline in quality of life in BRAF V600E metastatic CRC