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Infant Deaths Spark Baby Loungers Recall

Danger of suffocation reported when babies are placed on their back, side, or stomach on the loungers

From 1999 to 2019, Death Rates Higher in Rural Versus Urban Areas

Death rates higher in rural areas for both males and females; difference in rates widened during study period

Antibodies ID’d in Neonates of Women Vaccinated Against COVID-19

All 36 neonates had high levels of anti-S IgG; in 34 of 36 neonates, levels exceeded 250 U/mL

WHO Issues Guidance for Use of Casirivimab-Imdevimab in COVID-19

Combo conditionally recommended for patients with nonsevere disease at risk for severe disease, seronegative patients with severe infection

FDA Approves Pfizer Booster Shots for Seniors, High-Risk Americans

Exactly who qualifies as high risk because of health or work reasons is not yet clear

HPV Vaccine Will Have Modest Impact on Oropharynx Cancer Incidence by 2045

However, reductions in oropharynx cancer incidence should be seen among young and middle-aged adults

Emergency Help for Suicide-Related Issues Up During Pandemic for Some Youth

Rates higher for female youth, those with no psychiatric history, and individuals with existing psychiatric diagnoses at time of encounter

Uptake Low for Monoclonal Antibodies for COVID-19

Use peaked in January and declined in early 2021, at the time of the vaccine rollout

COVID-19 Does Not Seem to Impact Lung Function in Young People

No statistically significant deterioration in lung function seen following COVID-19, regardless of severity

CDC Expert Panel to Weigh In on Vaccine Boosters

Panel will deliberate which high-risk groups should get a booster shot