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Patients served by the beleaguered Veterans Affairs health system may have wider access to private care

Congress Approves Bill Expanding Private Care for VA Patients

New bill would open up access to private doctors for veterans
A better social support network may help protect black men who have sex with men against HIV acquisition

Better Social Support Network Protects Black Men Against HIV

Social networks of black men who have sex with men influence HIV risk behavior
A family-support intervention delivered by the interprofessional intensive care unit team does not significantly impact surrogates' burden of psychological symptoms

ICU Intervention Doesn’t Impact Surrogate Psychological Burden

Family support intervention does have significant impact on surrogate rating of communication
Twelve county-level factors

12 County-Level Factors Affect Individual Well-Being in U.S.

Factors fall into the categories of social and demographic, clinical care, physical environment
Pediatricians are joining the call for action to prevent firearm deaths and injuries

AAP: Congress Urged to Act to Prevent Firearm Deaths

Following latest shooting, pediatricians join call for action to be taken to address firearm deaths, injury
For women with heart disease

Morbidity in Pregnancy Common for Women With Heart Disease

Ten predictors of maternal cardiac complications were identified and incorporated into new risk index
There is an inverse association for plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration with diabetes risk

Inverse Link for Plasma 25(OH)D Concentration, Risk of T2DM

Each 10 ng/mL higher 25(OH)D concentration associated with hazard ratio of 0.64 for diabetes
Pediatricians should advocate for life support training for children

Pediatricians Should Advocate for Life Support Training

Pediatricians should advocate for age-appropriate life support training as part of school curriculum
Recommendations for managing postpartum pain have been developed and published in a Committee Opinion online May 17 in Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Recommendations Developed for Managing Postpartum Pain

Impact of medications on mother-infant dyad should be considered, as many women breastfeed
Providers engaging parents hesitant about human papillomavirus vaccination and addressing their concerns can lead to same-day vaccinations

Addressing Parents’ HPV Vaccine Hesitancy Ups Vaccination Rates

More adolescents receive HPV vaccination same day with physician engagement versus acquiescence