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COVID-19 Infection Higher Among Support Staff Than Doctors

CDC Describes COVID-19 Trends in Nursing Home Residents, Staff

Rates of COVID-19 increased during June and July, followed by decline through mid-September, increase by late November

B1/15 - Masks

College Campuses at Risk for Extreme Incidence of COVID-19

Colleges rapidly reduced the number of new infections, but many failed to control the spread beyond the campus

HealthDay Reports: CDC Issues Call to Reopen America's Schools This Fall

Incidence of COVID-19 Increased in Children Since September

Trends for children tracked consistently with those of adults; incidence lower for children aged 0 to 10 years

HealthDay Reports: COVID-19 Exacts Emotional Toll on Doctors

Mental Health Disorders Common Among ICU Staff During COVID-19

45 percent of respondents met threshold for probable clinical significance on measures of depression, PTSD, anxiety, problem drinking

Exercise Key to Lowering Risk for Gestational Diabetes

However, authors say amount of exercise needed may be more than current recommendations

Practice’s Bariatric Nonsurgical Visits Up With Telehealth During Pandemic

Follow-up visits increased for nonsurgical providers; however, new patient and follow-up surgical visits did decrease

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, Maternal Opioid-Related Diagnoses Up

Estimated rates of NAS, maternal opioid-related diagnoses increased from 2010 to 2017 in the U.S., with variation between states

La vacuna de Pfizer contra la COVID parece promisoria

Ad26.COV2-S Vaccine Seems Safe, Immunogenic for SARS-CoV-2

Neutralizing antibodies detected in 90 percent or more of all participants on day 29 after the first vaccine dose

Distribution of Neurologists Across U.S. Varies Widely

Women Must Get Abortion Pill in Person: U.S. Supreme Court

Similar in-person rules for other medications have been suspended during the pandemic

HealthDay Reports: Only Half of Americans Say They'd Get a Coronavirus Vaccine — Survey

COVID-19 Vaccine Recommended for All Americans Over 65

Health officials also recommended COVID-19 vaccines be given to all adults with preexisting conditions