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Low-Tone Descending Hearing Loss Seen With Endolymphatic Hydrops and Sudden Symptoms

Endolymphatic hydrops is risk factor for subsequent development of Meniere disease

Alterations in Functional Network Reorganization ID’d in Meniere Disease

Degree of functional connectivity lower in MD versus healthy controls in 19 brain areas, including somatomotor, auditory networks

New Antibiotic Tackles Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea in Trial

Zoliflodacin was seen to cure uncomplicated gonorrhea infection as effectively as the current go-to treatment

Critics Slam Updated Infection Control Recommendations for Hospitals

Health care workers worry whether the guidelines are protecting a hospital's bottom line rather than worker health

Predictors of Vertigo After Endolymphatic Sac Surgery ID’d in Meniere Disease

Audiogram type and pure-tone threshold average can predict vertigo after endolymphatic sac decompression in Meniere disease

Yoga May Cut Complications With Radiation for Head, Neck Cancer

Findings for yoga delivered in-person or online to patients and their caregivers

More Than Half of U.S. Adults Use Internet to Look for Health, Medical Information

Adults aged 30 to 44 years have highest use of internet for communicating with doctor, doctor's office

Sociodemographic Disparities Seen in Quality of Life in Children With Hearing Loss

Differences seen across race, ethnicities, and neighborhood disadvantage

Affording Health Care Now a Struggle for Half of Americans: Poll

More than half delayed or skipped care because of concerns about costs

Health Care Workers Reported More Days of Poor Mental Health in 2022

2018 to 2022 saw increase in days of poor mental health and in percentage reporting feeling burnout very often