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The introduction of emergency department- or community-based pharmacists with an expanded scope of practice may cut emergency department overcrowding

Expanding Pharmacist Practice Scope Could Reduce ED Overcrowding

Benefits could be seen for frequent complaints like cough, dermatitis, and inflammation of ear, nose, throat
Persistent opioid use at three and six months remains high among patients undergoing treatment for head and neck squamous cell cancer

Persistent Opioid Use High in Head, Neck Cancer Patients

Opioid use before treatment, tobacco use are risk factors for ongoing opioid use
The difference in health spending between the United States and other countries is still explained by health care prices

Prices Still Explain High U.S. Health Care Spending

Health care prices explain difference in spending between United States and other countries
The phenomenon of private equity acquisition of physician practices is discussed in an Ideas and Opinions piece published online Jan. 8 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Private Equity Acquisition of Physician Practices Discussed

Critics warn private equity firms might focus on increased profitability at expense of patient care
Beneficiaries who are dually eligible for Medicaid are less likely to use hearing care services and more likely to report having trouble with their aids

Seniors Still Report Barriers to Hearing Care Services

Difficulties accessing hearing care services seen particularly in older Americans with lower incomes
The costs of oral and injectable brand-name drugs increased from 2008 to 2016

Increase in Brand-Name Drug Cost Mainly Due to Existing Drugs

Rising costs of oral, injectable generic and specialty drugs mostly driven by new product entry
Many U.S. female health care workers

Many Female Health Care Workers Live in Poverty

Half of black and Latina female health care workers earn less than $15/hour
The overall cancer death rate decreased continuously by 27 percent from 1991 to 2016

Cancer Death Rate in U.S. Decreased Continuously From 1991 to 2016

Socioeconomic inequalities are widening, but racial gap in cancer mortality narrowing slowly
Eliminating the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate penalty is unlikely to destabilize the individual market in California but could roll back coverage gains

ACA Coverage Gains Could Erode Without Individual Mandate

However, individual market in California not expected to destabilize because of mandate penalty
From 1997 through 2016

Medical Marketing Has Increased in Past 20 Years

Considerable increase seen from 1997 through 2016, especially in direct-to-consumer advertising