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The incidence of hospitalization for diabetic ketoacidosis and associated costs increased from 2003 to 2014

2003 to 2014 Saw Rise in Diabetic Ketoacidosis Admissions

Decrease in length of stay and mortality, but increase in mean hospital charges during study period
Diabetes-attributable nursing home costs are substantial

U.S. Nursing Home Costs Due to Diabetes Vary Greatly by State

Per-person diabetes-attributable costs ranged from $374 in New Mexico to $1,610 in Washington, D.C.
A novel signal has been identified that is associated with microalbuminuria in Europeans with type 2 diabetes

Novel Signal ID’d for Microalbuminuria in Europeans With T2DM

Genome-wide association study identified novel signal near GABRR1, which was not seen in Asians
Markers of reproductive history

Reproductive Markers Associated With Risk of Diabetes

Younger age at menarche linked to increased risk of diabetes in women with a BMI of ≥25 kg/m²

April 2018 Briefing – Diabetes & Endocrinology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Diabetes & Endocrinology for April 2018. This roundup includes...
Perioperative major adverse cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events are more common among patients with diabetes mellitus

Perioperative MACCEs More Common With Diabetes

Major adverse CV and cerebrovascular events with noncardiac sx have also increased in DM patients
There is a high risk of postoperative mortality among patients undergoing lower-limb amputation

High Risk of Death After Major Diabetes-Related Amputations

Risk of postoperative death varies by demographic subgroup
There does not appear to be a clinically meaningful association between baseline or prospective hemoglobin A1c and wound healing in patients with diabetic foot ulcers

Hemoglobin A1c Levels Not Tied to Wound Outcomes

Findings among long-term study of patients with diabetic foot ulcers
The choroidal thickness changes in patients with untreated diabetes mellitus over time

Choroidal Thickness Changes in Patients With Untreated DM

But in group treated for diabetes, no significant differences in choroidal layer thicknesses
In patients with asymptomatic left ventricular systolic dysfunction

In LVSD, Diabetes Tied to Higher Risk of Heart Failure

Asymptomatic left ventricular systolic dysfunction patients with DM have higher risk than those without