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Two-Hour OGTT Can Predict Future Episodic Memory Decline

Higher value on OGTT at baseline linked to worse performance and greater decline in word-list delayed recall test

Toe, Foot Amputations Increasing in Minorities, Rural Residents With Diabetes

Rates of minor lower-extremity amputations rising among Asian/Pacific Islanders

High-Deductible Health Plans Tied to Rx Nonadherence in Diabetes

Medication nonadherence related to cost more common among adults taking insulin who have high-deductible health plans

Antidepressant Use May Aid Outcomes in Depression and Diabetes

Regular versus poor antidepressant use tied to lower risk for advanced diabetic complications, mortality in patients with depression and diabetes

Cycling Linked to Reduced All-Cause, CVD Mortality in Diabetes

Multivariable-adjusted hazard ratios for all-cause mortality reduced for one to 59, 60 to 149, 150 to 299, and ≥300 minutes/week

Glycemic Control Has Not Been Impacted by Pandemic

Despite drop in diabetes-related outpatient visits and testing, no negative association found with glycemic control

Medication Type for T2DM May Affect Severe COVID-19 Outcomes

Premorbid GLP1-RA use, SGLT2i use associated with lower 60-day mortality compared to premorbid DPP4i use

Add-On PPI Therapy May Improve Glycemic Control in Diabetes

However, treatment with proton pump inhibitors is not associated with risk for incident diabetes in the general population

Four in 10 Diabetes Patients Have Kidney Disease

More than one-quarter are classified as rapid decliners, which was more common with type 2 diabetes