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Neonates with prolonged arterial line/central venous line use have fewer skin breaks and have significantly larger thalamic volumes early in life compared with those with restricted line use

Skin Breaks Drop With Prolonged AL/CVL Use in Neonates

Larger thalamic volumes seen with prolonged arterial line, central venous line use and fewer skin breaks
For older adults

Social Activity Tied to Integrity of Brain Structure in Older Adults

Greater integrity of gray matter seen on brain MRI in older adults with higher levels of social engagement
Prenatal cannabis exposure is associated with a greater risk for psychopathology during middle childhood

Prenatal Cannabis Exposure May Raise Risk for Psychopathology

Findings seen in middle childhood, especially for maternal cannabis use after knowledge of pregnancy
A boil-water notice prompted by a boy's death from brain-eating amoeba has been lifted in Lake Jackson

Lake Jackson, Texas, Lifts Boil-Water Notice Triggered by Parasite

Notice lifted after disinfectant levels in drinking water were documented to be above the state requirements
Electroconvulsive therapy may help treat features of bipolar depression

ECT May Reduce Suicide Risk in Patients With Bipolar Depression

Authors of cohort study report 84.4 percent decrease in suicidality after electroconvulsive therapy
The presence of a brain-eating amoeba in its drinking water has led the city of Lake Jackson

Brain-Eating Amoeba Found in Tap Water of Lake Jackson, Texas

Infection can occur when Naegleria fowleri-contaminated water enters body through the nose

Portable Low-Field MRI Allows Brain Imaging in ICU Patients

Feasibility of bedside brain MRI demonstrated in 50 patients admitted to neuroscience or COVID-19 ICUs
The parents of a 13-year-old boy in Florida who died from brain-eating amoeba want to warn others about the risk of the waterborne infection.

Florida Teen Dies From Brain-Eating Amoeba

Naegleria fowleri can get into the brain when contaminated water enters the nose
Obesity in pregnant women may impact the development of their offspring's brains

Maternal Obesity May Alter Fetal Brain Development

Effects localized in prefrontal cortex and anterior insula, regions with known obesity-related deficits
Brain scans may predict which type of therapy will be most effective for obsessive-compulsive disorder in teens and adults

Brain Scan May Guide Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Better response to cognitive behavioral therapy linked to greater activation in certain areas of brain