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There are longitudinal changes in the microstructure and function of the brain in otherwise healthy

Brain Changes Identified in Nonconcussed Contact Athletes

Changes in brain microstructure, function seen in asymptomatic contact versus noncontact athletes
Mental stress-induced inferior frontal lobe activation is associated with angina among patients with coronary artery disease

Mental Stress-Induced Brain Activation Linked to Angina

Mental stress-induced inferior frontal lobe activation linked to angina in stable coronary artery disease
Years of education and the ε4 risk allele at APOE influence β-amyloid pathology in asymptomatic individuals with a parental history of sporadic Alzheimer disease (AD)

Education May Affect β-Amyloid Burden in Alzheimer Disease

Findings seen in two cohorts with parental history of sporadic AD, autosomal dominant AD
World Trade Center (WTC) responders with cognitive impairment have reductions in cortical thickness

WTC Responders With Impaired Cognition Have Brain Changes

Another study IDs plasma proteins associated with PTSD, MCI, both in World Trade Center responders
Early-life adversity is associated with accelerated biological aging

Early-Life Adversity Associated With Accelerated Biological Aging

Links vary by adversity type; threat-related early-life adversity tied to accelerated pubertal development
Among patients with unruptured brain arteriovenous malformation

Medical Management Alone Better for Brain AV Malformations

Risk of stroke or death up with medical management plus interventional therapy for unruptured AVM
Patients with Alzheimer disease have increased iron concentration in the deep gray matter and neocortical regions compared with healthy controls

Brain Iron Concentrations Increased in Alzheimer Disease

Increased iron concentration seen in deep gray matter, neocortical regions versus healthy controls
Cognitively normal women have increased Alzheimer disease endophenotype

Women Have More Brain Changes Related to Alzheimer Disease

Menopausal status the predictor most consistently and strongly linked to brain differences, after sex
In recently menopausal women using hormone treatment

Hormone Therapies Tied to Brain Changes in Menopausal Women

Circulating levels of pituitary-ovarian hormones linked to changes in WMH in menopausal women
Low-dose aspirin significantly lowers cardiovascular disease risk but increases the risk for bleeding

Low-Dose Aspirin Lowers CVD Risk but Raises Bleeding Risk

Authors used umbrella review method to explore health outcomes associated with low-dose aspirin