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Low-Field Portable MRI Detects Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Authors say low-field portable magnetic resonance imaging may be useful in resource-limited settings

History of Concussion Impacts Cingulate Cerebral Blood Flow

Greater declines seen in midcingulate cerebral blood flow at subacute phase and in posterior cingulate CBF at one year after return to play

Cognitively Stimulating Jobs May Lower Risk for Dementia

Higher cognitive stimulation at work linked to lower levels of proteins that inhibit CNS axonogenesis and synaptogenesis

DPP-4i Use May Protect in Alzheimer Dementia With Diabetes

Low amyloid burden and favorable cognitive outcomes seen with DPP-4i use in Alzheimer disease-related cognitive impairment with diabetes

Plasma Amyloid-Beta at Midlife Linked to Later MCI, Dementia

Midlife measurements of plasma amyloid-beta may predict risk for mild cognitive impairment, dementia in late life

Genetic Risk for Psychiatric Disorders Linked to Brain Changes

Polygenic risk scores for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia linked to structure and function of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex

Lawsuits Claim Pesticide Caused Harm to Children’s Brains

Chlorpyrifos is approved for use on more than 80 crops but was banned for household use in 2001

Behavioral, Biological Links Studied in Eating Disorders

Functional brain imaging used to assess brain reward response and ventral striatal-hypothalamic circuitry in young women with eating disorders

Changes in Movement May Indicate Preclinical Alzheimer Disease

Changes in daytime fractal motor activity regulation may occur in women before cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer disease

Prediction Model for Brain Age May Help Detect Cognitive Decline

Greater differences between predicted age based on brain MRI and actual age seen in those with amnestic MCI versus healthy controls