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A dynamic pattern of coordinated and anticoordinated functional magnetic resonance imaging signals can characterize healthy individuals and minimally conscious patients

Functional MRI Patterns Indicate Consciousness, Unconsciousness

Brains of unresponsive patients mainly have pattern of low interareal phase coherence
For older adults on the Alzheimer disease trajectory

Early Tau Deposition Elevated for Women Versus Men

Clinically normal women exhibit higher entorhinal cortical tau, which is linked to higher Aβ burden
Aerobic exercise contributes to brain health in individuals as young as 20 years

Aerobic Exercise Tied to Better Cognition at All Ages

Effect seen as young as 20 years, although the effect is greater with increasing age
In young adults

BP >120/80 mm Hg Linked to Lower Gray Matter Volume

Lower regional gray matter volume tied to higher peripheral BP in young adults aged 19 to 40 years
Breakdown of the blood-brain barrier may be an early biomarker of cognitive dysfunction

Breakdown of Blood-Brain Barrier May Drive Dementia

Leaky brain capillaries tied to cognitive dysfunction, independent of protein markers for dementia
Obesity is associated with lower gray matter brain volumes

Obesity Linked to Lower Gray Matter Brain Volume

Combination of overall obesity and central obesity linked to lowest gray matter volume
For extremely preterm infants

Single-Family Rooms May Benefit Very Preterm Infants

Reduced sepsis, increased breastfeeding rates observed; no difference in neurodevelopment vs. open bay units
An artificial intelligence system can diagnose and classify intracranial hemorrhage

Artificial Intelligence Can Detect, Classify Acute Brain Bleeds

Further, the system can justify its decisions using an atlas of training CT images
Near point of convergence values change in response to subconcussive head impacts but begin to normalize over time in high school football players

Oculomotor Response to Head Impacts Studied in Youth Football

Near point of convergence measured in players during a single high school football season
A miniaturized optical coherence tomography imaging needle can detect blood vessels intraoperatively in the human brain in vivo

OCT Imaging Needle Can Detect Blood Vessels in Neurosurgery

OCT probe integrated into standard brain biopsy needle IDs vessels with high sensitivity, specificity