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Brain Imaging May ID THC-Linked Impairment in Cannabis Users

Measurement of prefrontal cortex oxygenated hemoglobin concentration with functional near-infrared spectroscopy may detect THC impairment

New Device Safe, Effective for Treating Brain Aneurysms

Woven EndoBridge device effective for treating ruptured and unruptured aneurysms in all intracranial locations

Mindfulness Plus Brain Stimulation May Ease Chronic Migraine

Mindfulness practices combined with active rather than sham transcranial direct-current stimulation showed greater benefit

Formaldehyde Exposure at Work Tied to Cognitive Impairment

Longer duration of exposure, higher cumulative exposure over entire working life may increase risk for cognitive impairment

MRI Markers May Signal Brain Changes from Repeated Head Impacts

Antemortem white matter hyperintensities linked to white matter pathologies seen at autopsy among athletes exposed to repetitive head injury

Noncontrast CT Can ID Candidates for Mechanical Thrombectomy

For stroke patients with late-presenting large-vessel occlusion, 90-day outcomes similar with selection by noncontrast CT, MRI, CTP

Clinical Care May Impact Gray Matter Volume in Migraine Patients

Patients without prior clinical care had reduced gray matter volumes in right dorsal medial prefrontal cortex

Neuroimaging Soon After Trauma May Predict Stress Response

Three clusters replicated in samples with variety of trauma types; clusters showed different patterns of posttrauma symptoms

Blood Lead Levels Detected in Half of Children Tested

Young children with public insurance and living in communities with more pre-1950s housing and poverty at increased risk

Low-Field Portable MRI Detects Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Authors say low-field portable magnetic resonance imaging may be useful in resource-limited settings