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Nonsurgical brain stimulation techniques seem effective for acute treatment of major depressive episodes in adults

Nonsurgical Brain Stimulation Beneficial in Major Depressive Episodes

Ten of 18 reviewed treatment strategies linked to higher response versus sham therapy
Early life stress caused by childhood maltreatment can alter brain structure

Maltreatment in Childhood May Affect Course of Adult Depression

Links found among childhood maltreatment, relapse of depression as an adult, and altered brain structure
A higher number of vascular risk factors is associated with poorer brain health across gray and white matter macrostructure and microstructure

More Vascular Risk Factors Tied to Worse Brain Health

Most consistent associations across brain measures seen with smoking pack years, hypertension, DM
Higher Mediterranean diet and A Priori Diet Quality Score scores are associated with better cognitive performance in midlife

Certain Dietary Patterns Linked to Cognitive Performance

Greater adherence to MedDiet, APDQS patterns in adulthood tied to better cognitive performance
Brainwave monitoring can detect concussion-related brain changes as well as subclinical impairment in hockey players

‘Brain Vital Signs’ Detect Concussion-Related Changes

Six brainwave metrics can detect even subclinical changes in nonconcussed hockey players
Older adults who are witnessed to have sleep apnea have increased accumulations of tau in the entorhinal cortex

AAN: Sleep Apnea Tied to Higher Cortical Tau Levels in Seniors

Estimated 0.049 elevation seen in the entorhinal cortex tau standardized uptake value ratio
A dynamic pattern of coordinated and anticoordinated functional magnetic resonance imaging signals can characterize healthy individuals and minimally conscious patients

Functional MRI Patterns Indicate Consciousness, Unconsciousness

Brains of unresponsive patients mainly have pattern of low interareal phase coherence
For older adults on the Alzheimer disease trajectory

Early Tau Deposition Elevated for Women Versus Men

Clinically normal women exhibit higher entorhinal cortical tau, which is linked to higher Aβ burden
Aerobic exercise contributes to brain health in individuals as young as 20 years

Aerobic Exercise Tied to Better Cognition at All Ages

Effect seen as young as 20 years, although the effect is greater with increasing age
In young adults

BP >120/80 mm Hg Linked to Lower Gray Matter Volume

Lower regional gray matter volume tied to higher peripheral BP in young adults aged 19 to 40 years