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Admission HbA1c Linked to Vascular Event Risk in Stroke Patients

Risk for composite vascular events increased at threshold of 6.8 to 7.0 percent for patients with ischemic stroke, diabetes

Insulin Resistance Linked to Risk for Stroke, Death in T2DM

Those with lowest insulin resistance, as measured by highest estimated glucose disposal rate, had lowest risk for stroke, death

Low-Field Portable MRI Detects Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Authors say low-field portable magnetic resonance imaging may be useful in resource-limited settings

FDA Approves First Nerve-Stimulation Device to Aid Stroke Recovery

Vivistim System is a prescription therapy for ischemic stroke patients who have moderate-to-severe difficulty moving their arms and hands

Sedentary Time Ups Stroke Risk for Younger Adults With Low Activity

Stroke risk increased with sedentary time of at least eight hours a day for those younger than 60 years with low physical activity

Widespread Pain Tied to Dementia, Alzheimer Disease, Stroke

After adjustment for multiple variables, widespread pain appeared to increase subsequent risk

Physical Activity Linked to Lower Mortality in Stroke Survivors

Dose-response relationship seen; most of the risk reduction occurred between 0 and 20 metabolic equivalent hours/week

Outcomes Improved With Mobile Stroke Team in Early Window

More patients have good outcome with MIST model versus drip-and-ship model in early window within six hours of stroke

Metabolic Syndrome Linked to Increased Risk for Stroke Recurrence

Low levels of HDL cholesterol and having two or more components of metabolic syndrome predict recurrence

Intensive BP Control After ICH May Be Risky for Some Patients

Intensive BP lowering after intracerebral hemorrhage linked to poorer outcomes in patients with decreased renal function