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B 11/5 Smoking Bans May Not Guard Against Secondhand Smoke: Study

Causal Link Suggested for Smoking, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Genetic susceptibility to smoking, assessed using polygenic risk score, is associated with increased risk for SAH

Odds of Anxiety, Depression, ADHD Up With Congenital Heart Disease

Youth with CHD have increased odds of anxiety and/or depression, ADHD, regardless of CHD severity

Do You Know The 5 Most Common Stroke Symptoms?

Circulating Metabolites Linked to Risk for Incident Stroke

10 significant metabolite associations identified, including amino acid histidine, glycolysis-related metabolite pyruvate

Outcomes Mixed After Heart Transplant Policy Change in the U.S.

AHA: Mavacamten May Treat Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Improvements in cardiac structure, function seen at 30 weeks of treatment with mavacamten versus placebo

Stroke Risk Increased With Depressive Symptoms

Middle-aged and older Black and White adults have increased stroke risk with CES-D-4 scores of 1 to 3, 4 or more

Incidence of Cerebrovascular Disease Quantified in COVID-19

COVID-19-Linked Ischemic Strokes More Severe

More severe disability on discharge and more inpatient death reported for ischemic stroke in COVID-19 patients versus controls

Two-Thirds of U.S. Adults Have Recommended Stroke Knowledge

Considerable difference in stroke knowledge found by race, Hispanic origin, with highest prevalence among non-Hispanic Whites

Major Neurological Disorders on the Rise in the United States

Burden increasing largely due to aging of the U.S. population

Incidence of Cerebrovascular Disease Quantified in COVID-19

1.4 percent of patients with COVID-19 have acute cerebrovascular disease, most often acute ischemic stroke

A considerable proportion of young adults are not aware of stroke symptoms

Many U.S. Young Adults Not Aware of Stroke Symptoms

28.9 percent of young adults not aware of all five stroke symptoms; 2.7 percent not aware of any