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Overweight in Teens, Young Adults Tied to Cerebrovascular Disease in Women

Risk for ischemic cerebrovascular disease increased at ages 14 and 31 years for women with overweight, independent of earlier or later BMI

Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Diseases Set to Increase

Annual inflation-adjusted health care costs of cardiovascular risk factors projected to triple between 2020 and 2050

Delay in Hospital Arrival After Stroke Linked to Social Vulnerability

Areas with high incidence of delay characterized by increased social vulnerability including SES, housing type, and transportation

Social Determinants of Health Impact Poststroke Mortality Risk

Strongest associations seen for educational and income attainment

Prehospital Reduction in BP Does Not Improve Stroke Outcomes

Findings seen in patients with suspected acute stroke with elevated systolic blood pressure

Thrombectomy Linked to Better Outcomes for Acute Stroke, Large Infarct

Better functional outcomes and lower mortality seen for thrombectomy plus medical care versus medical care alone

Risk for Most Cardiovascular Diseases No Higher With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

CVD risk not increased in postmenopausal women with IBD, although risk for ischemic stroke may be elevated

Many Stroke Survivors Experience Poststroke Depression

Most cases of poststroke depression occur within five years after stroke

Silent Brain Infarct, Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Prevalent in Heart Disease

No differences seen in prevalence of SBI across subgroups on stratification by presence of recent stroke

Burden of Stroke Attributable to High Temperature Increasing

Low temperature currently contributes to main burden, but burden due to high temperature is increasing rapidly