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Patient do tracheostomy and ventilator in hospital

Early Tracheostomy No Aid for Severe Stroke Outcomes

Findings for six-month functional outcomes among patients with severe stroke receiving mechanical ventilation

Modified Cardiac Rehab May Cut Mortality Risk for Stroke Survivors

As part of stroke recovery program, modified cardiac rehab may lower all-cause one-year mortality, improve overall and cardiovascular function

ASA: Endovascular Therapy Studied in Large Ischemic Stroke

Neuroimaging Use in Ischemic Stroke Examined for Medicare Patients

Neuroimaging performed less often among ischemic stroke patients who are female, 80 years of age or older, Black, or rural

Wearables Detect Physiologic Changes at COVID-19 Symptom Onset

Alterations seen in basal heart rate, heart rate response to physical activity, circadian variation in heart rate, autocorrelation of heart rate

Aged businessman employee unhappy with excessive work

Predictors of Return to Work After Severe Stroke Identified

Negative predictors against re-employment include female sex, higher NIH Stroke Scale score 24 hours after mechanical thrombectomy

Portable MRI Can Detect Infarcts in Patients With Ischemic Stroke

pMRI can capture lesions as small as 4 mm; measurement of stroke volume consistent with low-field pMRI, high-field conventional MRI

Senior man having a headache while working on laptop computer

Online Program Aids Behavior Changes in Stroke Survivors

Participants in the 'Prevent 2nd Stroke' program reported better health-related quality of life at six months

Tall Liquid ambar

Nearby Greenspace Tied to Lower Stroke Risk

Findings independent of socioeconomic status

Vaccine Rollout Linked to Drop in Severe COVID-19 in Dialysis Patients

Cardiovascular Mortality Down Among Dialysis Patients

Greater declines seen for myocardial infarction, stroke, and pulmonary embolism among dialysis patients than general population

Sitting Tai Chi Program Benefits Subacute Stroke Survivors

Tailored sitting tai chi program in the subacute phase can improve recovery outcomes in stroke survivors