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Genetic Predisposition to Smoking Causally Linked to Stroke Outcomes

Link remained significant in multivariable Mendelian randomization analyses adjusting for genetically predicted alcohol consumption

Flu Vaccine Offers Moderate Protection From Stroke

After full adjustment, association between influenza vaccination and ischemic stroke yielded adjusted odds ratio of 0.88

ABO Variants Linked to Risk for Early-Onset Ischemic Stroke

Variants tagging blood groups O1, A1 more strongly linked to early- versus late-onset stroke; genetic risk for VTE also linked to EOS

Seizures in Young Stroke Survivors Double Dementia Risk

Findings seen for all strokes, ischemic strokes, and hemorrhagic strokes

Endometriosis Linked to Greater Risk for Stroke

Of the total association of endometriosis with stroke risk, largest proportions attributed to hysterectomy/oophorectomy, hormone therapy

Lifetime Risk for Stroke Varies With Genetic Risk, Cardiovascular Health

Highest LTRS score of 24.8 percent seen for those with high genetic risk and inadequate Life's Simple 7

Genotype Tied to Endovascular Therapy Outcomes in LVO Stroke

Instant, early reocclusion more frequent in carriers of the RNF213 p.R4810K variant, found mainly in people of East Asian descent

Depressive Symptoms Often Seen in Patients Years Before Their Stroke

Individuals with stroke have increase in depressive symptoms compared with matched controls at the assessment before stroke

Perioperative Stroke Examined in Children Receiving Heart Transplants

Poststroke mortality rates similar for Black and White children during first six months, but higher for Black children after six months

Genetic Analyses Link Vitamin D Deficiency to Dementia Risk

In Mendelian randomization analyses, 25(OH)D associated with risk for dementia, but not stroke or neuroimaging outcomes