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The Montreal Cognitive Assessment administered within seven days after stroke can predict long-term cognitive and functional outcome and mortality

Montreal Cognitive Assessment Predicts Outcomes After Stroke

Brief screening tool is feasible in the setting of acute stroke
A culturally tailored

Skills-Based Intervention Did Not Cut Systolic BP After Stroke, TIA

But significant drop in systolic BP with culturally tailored program seen in Hispanic individuals
The association of sleep duration with incident stroke varies by race and sex

Sleep Duration, Stroke Link Varies With Race, Sex

Short sleep duration linked to reduced risk for black men; risk up for white men with long sleep duration
There is variation in the net clinical benefit of anticoagulants based on variation in published atrial fibrillation stroke rates

Net Benefit of Anticoagulants for A-Fib Varies With Stroke Rate

Benefit of warfarin anticoagulation varies with varying published stroke rates
Among adult survivors of stroke

In Stroke Survivors, Cost-Related Non-Adherence Down After ACA

Among adult survivors of stroke, Medicaid increased, non-adherence decreased after ACA implementation
Breastfeeding is associated with a lower risk of stroke among older women

Breastfeeding Linked to Lower Risk of Stroke Post-Menopause

Stroke risk 19 percent lower with breastfeeding for one to six months; stronger link for longer duration
Ultra-early neurological deterioration occurs in one in eight ambulance-transported patients with acute cerebrovascular disease and is associated with significantly worse outcomes

Ultra-Early Neurological Deterioration Common in Stroke

Seen most often in intracranial hemorrhage patients and tied to worse three-month outcomes
The Face

U.K. Campaign Hasn’t Aided Patient Presentations for TIA, Minor CVA

Medical attention seeking no higher with Face, Arm, Speech, Time campaign for minor stroke symptoms
For patients who experienced a transient ischemic attack or minor stroke

Half of CV Events Occur from Two to Five Years Post-TIA, -Stroke

Composite outcome occurred in 12.9 percent; 50.1 percent of events in second to fifth years
A case of severe ischemic cardiomyopathy in the absence of traditional risk factors and attributed to synthetic cannabinoid use is described in a report published online June 7 in BMJ Case Reports.

Synthetic Cannabis May Increase Ischemic Cardiomyopathy Risk

Ischemic cardiomyopathy described in young male, which was attributed to synthetic cannabinoid use