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There is an increased stroke risk in late life among patients with late-onset migraine with aura

Late-Onset Migraine With Aura Linked to Increased Stroke Risk

But onset before age 50 and migraine without aura not associated with higher risk for stroke
Among postmenopausal women

Artificially Sweetened Drinks Linked to Stroke After Menopause

Risk for all stroke, ischemic stroke, CHD, all-cause mortality up with highest level of consumption
The opioid epidemic is driving a steep increase in infection-related stroke hospitalizations

ASA: Opioid Epidemic Tied to Infection-Related Stroke

Number of hospitalizations steady in 1993 to 2008, but increased significantly in 2008 to 2015
Stroke patients who receive intensive blood pressure lowering are less likely to suffer brain bleeds when treated with clot-busting therapies

ASA: Intensive BP Control Lowers Bleeding Risk in Stroke Patients

Findings seen among patients with ischemic stroke, high systolic BP receiving alteplase for thrombolysis

American Stroke Association, Feb. 6-8

The American Heart Association International Stroke Conference 2019 The annual International Stroke Conference of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA) was held...
Electronic cigarette use is associated with increased odds of stroke

ASA: Increased Odds of Stroke, MI With E-Cigarette Use

E-cigarettes linked to increased odds of stroke, myocardial infarction, angina or coronary heart disease
Influenza-like illness is associated with an increased risk for ischemic stroke and cervical artery dissection

ASA: Flu-Like Illness Linked to Increased Risk for Stroke

Second study shows patients more likely to have ILI within 30 days preceding cervical artery dissection
More than two-thirds of stroke survivors aged 50 years or older report being in complete mental health

Most Stroke Survivors ≥50 Years Report Complete Mental Health

Odds of being in complete mental health up more than fourfold for those with at least one confidant
Myocardial infarction

Employment, Earning Losses Noted After Cardiovascular Events

Fewer patients admitted to hospital for MI, cardiac arrest, stroke working at three years postevent
The global lifetime risk for stroke was 24.9 percent among adults aged 25 years and older in 2016

Global Lifetime Risk for Stroke About 25 Percent in 2016

Estimated risk from age 25 years onward is 24.9 percent, with geographic variation in risk