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AAN: Stroke Occurs in 2.2 Percent of Patients Admitted to ICU With COVID-19

Cumulative hazard of death increased in association with hemorrhagic stroke, but not with ischemic stroke

Hemorrhagic Stroke + COVID-19 Doubles Risk for In-Hospital Mortality

In addition to increased risk for death, hospital and ICU lengths of stay are longer

ASA: Women at Greater Risk for Poststroke Depression

Additionally, patients with acute ischemic stroke at higher risk for developing depression than patients with acute myocardial infarction

ASA: Endocarditis, Related Strokes Up During Opioid Epidemic

Authors say known IV drug users who have infective endocarditis should be screened carefully for symptoms of cardiovascular disease

ASA: Delays in Hospital Care After Arrival Worsen Stroke Outcomes

Continuous quality improvement should minimize delays in door-to-puncture and door-to-reperfusion time

ASA: ​Adding Icosapent Ethyl to Statin Further Cuts Stroke Risk​

Event rates for time to first fatal or nonfatal stroke significantly reduced for IPE versus placebo

Prevalence of Vascular Risk Factors High for Hispanics/Latinos

Despite high awareness, secondary stroke prevention strategies are low

ASA: Retinopathy Linked to Increased Risk for Stroke, Dementia

Dose-dependent relationship seen between severity of retinopathy and all-cause mortality

Healthful Plant-Based Diet Linked to Lower Total Stroke Risk

Vegetarian diet not associated with increased risk for total stroke

AAN: Antidepressants Not Tied to Increased Intracerebral Hemorrhage Risk

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are not associated with higher risk for intracerebral hemorrhage