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Cumulative Exposure to Estrogen Linked to Lower Risk for Stroke

Reduced risk observed for total stroke, ischemic stroke, intracerebral hemorrhage with highest versus lowest exposure

Endometriosis Causally Associated With Ischemic Stroke

Most significant causality was found between infertility-related endometriosis, cardioembolic ischemic stroke

Long-Term Health Consequences Seen for Stroke in Pregnancy

Risk for death and readmission increased for pregnant patients with versus without stroke; link persists for 10 years

Strength of Risk Factors for Stroke Vary by Age

Association of hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes with stroke appears to be substantially reduced at older ages

1975 to 2019 Saw Decrease in Stroke Mortality for Men, Women

Sharp increase seen in stroke mortality with increasing age; steeper decline seen for ischemic versus hemorrhagic stroke mortality

Left Atrial Reservoir Strain Plus CHA₂DS₂-VASc Ups Stroke Prediction

Addition of left atrial reservoir strain also yields predicted net benefit in people without prior a-fib or stroke

Psychosocial Stress Tied to Higher Risk for Acute Stroke

Locus of control appears to modify the effect size of work stress on stroke risk

Statin Use Linked to Reduced Risk for Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Risk reduced for lobar and nonlobar intracerebral hemorrhage; greater reductions seen with prolonged use ≥5 years

Impact of Climate Change on Neurologic Health Reviewed

Associations seen for temperature extremes and variability with stroke, migraines, hospitalization in dementia, MS exacerbations

IHD, Stroke Risk Up for Offspring Born to Moms With Preeclampsia

Association mainly independent of preterm or SGA birth, may be partly explained by unmeasured familial factors