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Experts Say Even Low-Risk Women Should Remove Fallopian Tubes to Avoid Cancer

The Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance released new guidance advising removal of fallopian tubes when planning a separate gynecologic operation

Social Isolation Tied to Wide Variety of Dementia Risk Factors

Social isolation may be a modifiable risk factor for preventing Alzheimer disease-related dementias, authors say

Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections Put Significant Burden on U.S. Women

Significant negative impacts seen on activity, productivity, cost, and health-related quality of life

Machine Perfusion of Kidneys Protects Against Delayed Graft Function

Outcomes after transplant better with machine perfusion, combination therapy than with therapeutic hypothermia among brain-dead kidney donors

Cumulative Exposure to Estrogen Linked to Lower Risk for Stroke

Reduced risk observed for total stroke, ischemic stroke, intracerebral hemorrhage with highest versus lowest exposure

Vitamin D Supplementation Linked to Reduction in Suicide, Self-Harm

Among U.S. Veterans, risk was lower for supplemented Black veterans and those with 0 to 19 ng/mL vitamin D serum levels

High-Quality Surgical Videos Lacking for Vaporization of Prostate

Average video score was 6.65; only 24.3 percent of videos emphasized critical steps of surgery

Pregnancy-Related Deaths Rose in 2020

Findings not just for obstetric causes, but also for drug-related deaths, homicide, and motor vehicle crashes

Evidence for Efficacy of Antidepressants for Pain Is Limited

In 11 comparisons, antidepressants were efficacious, but they were inefficacious or evidence was inconclusive for 31 comparisons

4CMenB Vaccination Effective Against Invasive Meningococcal Disease in Children Under 5

Vaccine effectiveness with at least one dose was 64 percent against serogroup B, 82 percent against non-serogroup B disease