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More than 60 percent of adults report having had at least one adverse childhood experience

>60 Percent of Adults Report Adverse Childhood Experiences

Higher ACE exposures for black, Hispanic, multiracial individuals, those with below high school education
There is considerable variability in the sugar content of yogurts

Few Yogurt Products Qualify As Low-Sugar

Only two of 101 children's yogurt and fromage frais products had ≤5 g sugar/100 g of product
Allopurinol dose escalation is not associated with reductions in mortality risk among patients with gout

Allopurinol Dose Escalation for Gout Doesn’t Improve Mortality

Linked to small increase in mortality; at 2 years, 31 percent of dose escalators achieved serum urate goal
There are fears that huge sums are being raised on crowdfunding sites for alternative cancer treatments that are not backed by evidence

Crowdfunding for Cancer Tx Could Exploit Vulnerable Patients

Money raised for cancer-related appeals is up; some is for alternative therapies that have been discredited
Behavioral activation that increases mental

Combo Physical, Mental Activity Prevents Cognitive Decline

Benefits seen were greater than for social interaction alone in older black population
Untreated gestational diabetes is associated with development of subsequent glucose metabolism disorders in mothers

Gestational Diabetes Tied to Subsequent Glucose Disorders

Long-term effects seen in mothers, but offspring not significantly overweight, obese
On average

Hospitals Charge 479 Percent of Cost of Drugs on Average

Seventeen percent of hospitals charge 700 percent of cost; 8 percent have markup over 1,000 percent
Risk of cardiotoxicity is higher for patients receiving trastuzumab and/or anthracyclines for the treatment of breast cancer

Cardiac Monitoring Needed for High-Risk Breast Cancer Patients

Trastuzumab, certain chemo treatments increase patient risk of heart failure
Although there are many demands on residents

Residents Should Take Advantage of Paid Time Off

Residents report making time for family, pursuing interests, and squeezing in important trips
Preoperative statin therapy is associated with higher long-term survival following abdominal aortic aneurysm repair

Statins Improve Long-Term Survival After AAA Repair

Findings in those taking statins before abdominal aortic aneurysm repair or initiating before discharge