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Ninety-two percent of human papillomavirus (HPV)-related cancers are attributable to HPV types targeted by the 9-valent HPV vaccine

Most HPV-Linked Cancers Due to Types Targeted by 9vHPV Vaccine

In 2012 to 2016, 92 percent of cancers attributable to HPV due to HPV types targeted by 9vHPV vaccine
The prevalence of celiac disease is higher among screened first-degree relatives of patients with celiac disease

Prevalence of Celiac Disease High in First-Degree Relatives

FDRs with villous atrophy identified with high sensitivity and specificity by anti-TTG ≥2.75 of ULN
Prurigo nodularis is associated with mental health disorders

Prurigo Nodularis Associated With Mental Health Disorders

Odds increased for mental health disorders, HIV infection, systemic illnesses
Participants in a weight loss intervention can lose weight regardless of psychiatric medication use

Weight Loss Feasible Regardless of Psychiatric Meds Use

Weight loss amount similar for women taking and not taking psychiatric medications
The proportion of paracentesis and thoracentesis procedures performed by radiologists is continuing to increase

Radiologists Performing More Paracenteses, Thoracenteses

2004 to 2016 saw increase in paracentesis, thoracentesis procedures performed by radiologists
Use of a four-component polypill can effectively reduce the risk for major cardiovascular events

Low-Cost, Fixed-Dose Polypill Reduces Risk for Major CV Events

Drop in risk for major cardiovascular events even greater for those with high adherence to polypill
Children with mild asthma can use inhalers as needed

As-Needed Inhaler Use an Option for Children With Mild Asthma

Study in African-American children shows symptom-based adjustment of inhaled corticosteroids is feasible
Antibiotic prescriptions are associated with a higher risk of rheumatoid arthritis

Antibiotic Use Tied to Higher Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Findings show a dose- or frequency-dependent association; all antibiotic classes linked to higher odds for RA
Clinically meaningful reductions in posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms are associated with a decrease in the risk of type 2 diabetes

Reduction in PTSD Symptoms Linked to Decrease in T2DM

Patients with clinically meaningful reduction in PTSD Checklist score less likely to develop type 2 diabetes
Hospitalizations with psychiatric diagnoses are common in pediatric and adult patients with end-stage kidney disease

Hospitalizations With Psych Diagnosis Common in ESKD

Dialysis adults hospitalized with psychiatric diagnoses have higher risk of all-cause death