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Longitudinal Study Tracks High Blood Pressure, Stroke Risk

Stroke incidence higher for Black than White individuals; stage 2 hypertension tied to substantially higher stroke risk compared with normal BP

ACP Offers Guidance on Antibiotic Duration for Common Infections

Best practices recommend limiting antibiotics to five days for COPD exacerbations, acute uncomplicated bronchitis

Cognitive Deficits in Childhood Tied to Later Mental Health Disorders

Authors say early cognitive interventions in childhood may lessen risk for subsequent symptoms

Timing of Chemotherapy for Glioblastoma May Matter

Treatment in the morning may be more effective, with greater impact seen in MGMT-methylated patients

Vaccinating Lactating Mothers May Protect Infants From COVID-19

Anti-spike protein IgG and IgA levels in breast milk significantly elevated from baseline at 80 days after maternal COVID-19 vaccination

Surgical Technique May Cut Positive Margin Rates in DCIS

Cavity shave margin resections for pure ductal carcinoma in situ may lower risk for positive margins

Late-Week Spinal Surgeries Tied to Longer Hospital Stays

Lengths of stay even longer with discharge to a skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation center

Sex Disparities in COVID-19 Deaths Not Seen Across Race

However, Black women have COVID-19 mortality rates nearly four times higher than White men, three times higher than Asian men

Mechanism ID’d for Thrombosis After ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 Vaccine

Testing for antibodies to platelet factor 4 positive in 22 of 23 patients; treatment with platelet transfusion should be avoided

Traumatic Brain Injury Ups Risk for Future Stroke

Findings show highest risk in the first four months post-TBI, but risk remains regardless of severity or type of injury