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Risk for Asthma at Age 4 Years Higher After Pneumonia in Infancy

Risk slightly higher after introduction of nationwide pneumococcal conjugate vaccine

Maternal Mortality in the U.S. Higher Among Black Women

Postpartum cardiomyopathy, preeclampsia, and eclampsia are leading causes of maternal death for Black women

Removing Race Term From CKD-EPI Could Worsen Cancer Care for Blacks

Removing race from CKD-EPI will calculate lower eGFR for Black patients and exclude more from receiving chemo

Antihypertensives Linked to Reduced Mortality in Colorectal Cancer

Reductions in mortality seen in association with ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, thiazide diuretics

Predictors of Upper GI Bleeding Identified After Acute MI

UGIB after MI linked to increased risk for all-cause mortality and stroke, but not recurrent myocardial infarction; predictors of UGIB include age and smoking status

Low-Field Portable MRI Detects Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Authors say low-field portable magnetic resonance imaging may be useful in resource-limited settings

Periodontitis May Raise Risk for New Cardiovascular Events

Presence of periodontitis at baseline linked to increased odds for new cardiovascular events

Individuals With COVID-19 Most Infectious Around Symptom Onset

Individuals are most infectious in the two days before and three days after symptom onset

Screening Seniors for A-Fib Reduces Risk for Adverse Outcomes

Reduction seen in combined end point of stroke, systemic embolism, bleeding leading to hospitalization, death

Most Highly Allergic People Can Be Safely Immunized Against COVID-19

Algorithm enables immunization of most individuals, with 0.7 percent developing anaphylactic reaction after one BNT162b2 dose